What to do with old ‘Houblon’ £50 notes

December 1, 2019

After the 30th of April, £50 notes featuring
Sir John Houblon, the first governor of the Bank of England, will have their legal tender
status withdrawn. We are doing this to make sure that people are using the most up-to-date
version of the note with the best security features. This means that the Houblon notes
aren’t likely to be accepted by retailers. Instead, you should be using the new £50
note featuring Matthew Boulton and James Watt, the entrepreneur and the engineer who helped
to forge the Industrial Revolution. If you have any Houblon £50 notes, it’s best
to spend, deposit, or exchange them before the 30th of April. If you are unable to do
this, most banks and building societies will continue to exchange them for their customers
for a few months after that. In addition, Barclays, NatWest, the Royal
Bank of Scotland, Ulster Bank, and the Post Office have agreed to exchange notes up to
the value of £200 for customers and for non customers. They’ve agreed to do this until
the 30th of October. And, of course, you can always exchange your notes here at the Bank
of England. If you would like more details, please look
on the website.

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