What is the Next Bitcoin Buy Zone? | Eric Krown and Charlie Burton

February 25, 2020

If I put 20 percent of my assets in Bitcoin
and it fell down to 5000. How am I going to feel? Traditional markets. They’re trading in very
small percentages. Bitcoin can trade in multiple percentage points per day on like a on like
a boring day. And then there will be a false move that will
come and a lot of people will say, oh, my God, why was I not on that move?
And they’ve already missed it. What’s up, guys? Welcome to our weekly crypto
market updates today with us. Two very cool traders, Eric Crown and Charlie Burton. Welcome,
guys. Regarding the bitcoin price, last Sunday, we saw an abrupt drop in the bitcoin price
from above 9000 to the mid low 8 thousands. How did you explain how did you explain this
sudden drop in the bitcoin price, guys, first. Eric. Yes. So if I can share my screen really quick
right here. OK. Very cool. Yeah. Bitcoin hit a pretty major, pretty major area right here.
The 200 simple on the daily. Always gonna be a classic pullback area, you know, on your
first pass and also hitting a very long term trend line as well. So actually, we let me
just throw it in right here maybe. Yeah. There we go. All kind of coinciding that same, you
know, lower nine thousand dollar region. So Bitcoin likely to pull back off a region like
that and now consolidate at a higher level, which I do think, you know, as long as we
hold especially eighty three hundred more or less. Okay. You know, the resiliency within
this region is actually very reminiscent to me of the of what we were dealing with about
a year ago. Actually, a year ago to date almost right over here on this area. Everyone was
talking about the 50 simple moving average on the weekly coming in right around about
fifty five hundred. And Bitcoin, you know, tested it a few times, pulled back. Everyone
got really, really scared, saying, we’re gonna go back down because that’s what rejected
in 2014, 2015. Little, you know, little do people remember that any time you you know,
you grind out a major area like this typically is bullish. So I do think that as long as
Bitcoin kind of stays in this region right here between and just kind of hovering and
putting another potentially higher low as it stands right now in the mid 8 thousands
more or less OK, and probably get another test back up to that 200 simple moving average
somewhere around low, nine thousand upper 8 thousand ish region. So, Charlie, what’s your take of this? What’s
your take on the situation? Did you follow the Bitcoin latest price movements like the
drop on Sunday? Do you agree with the Erics’s analysis? What what’s your take? I don’t think that I think those sorts of
drops are just a natural phenomena within any any price market, actually, and any market
when it’s having a sharp move like we’ve just seen in Bitcoin. Can I show my screen now?
Okay. So any market that’s going to have a good
run like Bitcoin’s had over just the last few the first few weeks of January, they’re
going to be flush outs. And that’s the main point that the market is constantly trying
to flush out weak hands. That’s just something that happens across any market where there’s
equities, forex, cryptocurrencies, whatever it might be. So I don’t see anything in that.
It’s just a way of just stopping some people, some traders out in the shorts, short term
traders. But in the longer term, like I just said, interestingly, Eric, in your, your trend
line on your chart, it’s shown that your it’s bashing its head against that trend line whereas
on mine we’ve already got a break out there on my charts. Must be a speed difference between the the
I would guess that you’re probably using Wix rather than bodies says it looks like. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. And so. So it’s just the way the technical analysis
is and different people look at things differently. So when I see this market, I was looking at
this often enough. The last time I was on here, we were talking about this weekly chart
here. This is the Bitcoin futures chart, by the way. It’s why there’s only so much data
here. There on the weekly chart here, we pulled back to the weekly fifty. Oh, good, good.
Two months ago now. And last time I think I was on your program, I was talking about
the fact that this should be a decent support area. And it took a long time to get going,
but it’s finally getting going. So I think we can talk about that more in a moment. But
in the short term, those sorts of moves are just ways to cut out the short term players
and get them stocked out as far as I’m concerned. So, Erik, what do you think? Do you agree
with the fact that this is just the weak hands being shaken out? Yeah, it’s no secret that this market is very
immature and it’s very overleveraged at times we have 100x leverage. I mean, even up to
one hundred twenty five ex-leverage now on Binance. So people are getting a little bit
frothy at the mouth after a nice. What, like two thousand dollar run off the lows likely
to get shaken out, you know, on those positions. I think it’s pretty damn classic and very,
you know, par for the course for bitcoin. I don’t really see anything too much out of
the ordinary here. I don’t really get even medium term a little bit shaky on Bitcoin
as long as it’s above about eighty two to eighty three hundred ish region and maintains
that’s that daily uptrend that we’re looking at right now. Can you maybe briefly underline what is your
outlook for the medium term. Erik. For the medium term, yes. Yeah, medium term. I mean we kind of just
touched on it a second ago. I’m looking for bitcoin to kind of consolidate a higher level
as long again, as long as it holds its eighty five hundred ish level, puts it another high
or low in the daily right here. I think that it’s going to actually give a nice breakout
above that 200 simple and test likely around the next weekly high which is ninety five
hundred. That’s where things actually get really interesting for me though, because
Bitcoin’s weekly chart, Bitcoin’s weekly trend in general has been has been your best friend.
Really? Anytime that we’d had a reversal, a confirm reversal on the weekly. Those are
massive moves, the upside and to the downside in this case, right now, we’re technically
still in a downturn on the weekly, which does accurately represent the macro for Bitcoin.
So, you know, if we can get the next leg up, then I would be looking for a pretty a pretty
strong outlook for at least the beginning half of twenty twenty, or whatever year that
we’re in right now. As that would probably open up the doors for a move back up into
the five digits. And well, from there we’ll have to come back in and reassess. But that
would be more or less good. And really setting the macro trend to the upside. Okay. Charlie, what do you think? What’s your
take it for the for the medium term? I’ll just put my charts up back up again.
So, yeah, on the weekly chart here, I’m happy to use a weekly chart if you want to know
the the general trend. I’m in agreement generally with Eric. But
for me, this isn’t actually in a bear -. You can call this a bear trend since last
summer, but for me, this is just a pullback. I see this as just a pullback, as a pullback
to typically to that weekly 50 moving average. It’s held up weekly 50. And I do see the potential
for this to run back up to 12000 area. However, I think I said this last time, I don’t necessarily
think that we’re going to just keep going powering on from there. I still see the next
year to 18 months. There’s just too many retail traders out there getting too excited, especially
after last year or the early part of last year about bitcoin. And I think he probably
needs to form a range, a longer term range on the weekly chart. So just bore some of
those investors out there and just so that it just again, shakes those investors off.
So the way that I see this is that, yes, I do see some more upside coming over the coming
weeks and months. But generally speaking, I think we’ll have upside and then we’ll have
downside again. And just to the point where a number of players
will just get bored and move on and then and then there will be a fast move that will come.
And a lot of people will say, oh, my God, why was I not on that move and they’ve already
missed it. So. But I still think this is this has got a long time to play out from a sentiment
perspective. And the market has done a good job of shaking out a load of people, obviously
in 2000 and into 2018 and 2019. But I think there’s probably a different type of shakeout
now. I think this is a good accumulation phase with people who can just sit on it as investors,
I think is a great time to do that. But as traders, you’ve got to have a longer term
view because otherwise you will just get shaken out. So as far as I understand, you both agree
with with what Peter Brown said in our last video. I don’t think it’s time. They all now want
to sit and buy a break at back to 6000 or 5000 and they missed the bottom. And during
that bottom, I think you had a lot of people accumulate who were strong hands. The weak
hands are out. The strong hands own it. Yeah. So I can show a couple of fundamentals
on this one. Actually, that’s speaks to that point. So, yeah, one of the things that really
stands out to me here from a fundamental perspective is the is the hash ribbons, which we’ve been
following and my channel quite frequently for the last the last like month or two. And
any time that we’ve gotten a buy signal on these babies — Bitcoin, while it’s not a
good timing of momentum. It’s actually pretty terrible timing momentum. It does accurately
over the over the 9, 10 year history of Bitcoin always suggest not always suggest, but always
imply that the low had already been put in prior. And on a daily closing basis, bitcoin
does not violate that prior low. And just just kind of like, you know, go back and verify
this. You know, you get the buy signal right here. The low from from prior was in thirty
one. You know what? Again, terrible, terrible timing signal. But you know, the momentum
afterwards does you know, it does continue upwards and onwards. Same thing right on over
here. This one actually happened to be a pretty damn good timer. Now this one over here again
low was in, you know, from prior over here. But as far as time goes, terrible. Same thing
with this one. Even worse timing and same thing with this one. But again, the low is
in. Bitcoin does not close lower on on a daily
closing basis. Same thing over here, actually. Pretty good timer. These ones decent as well
over here. And this guy running over here. So we did get a buy signal on after the sixty
four hundred low was put in. What was it like a month ago now. I think there was a middle
of December. Yeah. A little bit more than a month ago now. And I would think that that
does you know, that does hold true. I mean we’re talking about a piece of edge here that
has, you know, nine, 10 iterations now and that’s, you know, as a trader. I mean, that’s
that’s that’s good enough for me. Doesn’t mean that we can’t come back down. And in
fact, to Charlie’s point, what he was speaking about earlier, you know, to be create a range
that’s just absolutely devastating to day traders and just people in general and bore,
bores the shit out of people. Very possible. You know, because we could come back down
to the prior lows, but I wouldn’t expect Bitcoin to close below the prior lows just based upon
that. And I do think that people got essentially
front ran here. I know that there is a lot of clout on like crypto Twitter and whatnot.
People talking about, you know, six thousand, five thousand. And I I think it would be very
poetic if this markets if this market didn’t give it to them. Charlie, do you have anything to add? Do you
think that we actually touched the bottom? So, again, coming back to the weekly chart
and I’ll go back down to the daily chart as well. But on the weekly, there’s a couple
of areas of caution. I think that anyone calling for price to go back down below 6000 when
it’s already done a key test of a key level to me, technical level. If it was to come
back down and breach that six and a half thousand, I’d be quite concerned for the certainly for
the medium term of bitcoin that it could then start to set out at 5000 below. But I’m not
necessarily expecting that. One thing I will say is that if you can see on my chart this
blue moving average. I’ve just got a few moving averages on a chart, I trade very simply,
I’ve got a MACV down the bottom and some moving averages and then just technical analysis
goes on top of that. And this 20 moving average that I have on
here is still facing down. And quite often when you’ve got price moving in one direction,
but a 20 moving average still facing down, then it’s just a sign that the market could
pull back a little bit. That’s all I’m talking about in the short term here, because it’s
a weekly chart. So until that weekly 20 can flatten off, there
is the risk that Bitcoin could just do another bit of a pullback. So we go back down to that
daily chart there. Then there is the scope for a bit more of a pullback on the daily
chart. But generally speaking, the way I look at bitcoin here, technically since coming
down is that weekly 50 zone, I see no reason why it has to go back down there. So for me,
if I was if I was technically trading Bitcoin right now and I wanted to be in, then I would
just be looking at any little pullbacks as opportunities to get long. So that’s how I see it. Certainly in the short term, looking at that
weekly chart. There is the potential for a bit of a pullback, but only that would only
be a pullback into, again, if I go back down to the daily charts, well, I can pullback anywhere down to what,
8000 area easily even into the upper 7 thousands, actually, because I’d still be above its 50
day moving average here. So that’s still technically bullish as far as I’m concerned. So any pullback
in that whole zone would be, in my view, a buy zone anyway. So I have no issues with
that. Peter Brand also said that for everyone who
is interested in trading bitcoin, they should have at least 10 to 20 percent of an ownership
position into Bitcoin. Is it pretty much what you, do you agree with this analysis, Eric? I’d have to understand specifics of what he’s
saying. Does this incorporate all different types of trading markets or is he just talking
about cryptocurrencies in general? I’ve a strong amount of respect for Peter Brandt.
So I’d imagine he’s probably talking about all different markets, which I’d more or less
agree with. Yep. Bitcoin Bitcoin’s an extremely volatile asset to begin with, so you don’t
need all that much in it. Traditional markets are are very tradable right now. Forex is
extremely tradable right now. You know, 10 to 20 percent is even if you even would seem
a little bit high on the on the higher end to myself. Yeah, agreed. I would say 5 percent, but rather
than ten to twenty Five percent? Yeah. Yeah. As an investor, Bitcoin is still — the potential
upside gains are huge in it. So you don’t actually have to have 20 percent in something.
If you if there are big upside gains, 5 percent, you would still do very well. If we’re talking
about from an investment perspective to saying we’ve traditionally people have always looked
to invest into lots of precious metals and gold and yet they don’t put 20 percent into
gold. You put 5 percent of your entire portfolio maybe into gold. You don’t ever go too heavy.
So for me, 5 to 10 percent, Max. But that’s again, I think for most people, investing
is a very personal journey. And you have to be able to say to yourself, if I put 20 percent
of my assets into Bitcoin and it doesn’t work out for me, how am I going to feel about that?
And if you ask yourself these key questions, sometimes the the natural response, the natural
answer will present itself and say, well, actually, no, because if I put 20 percent
of my assets into Bitcoin and it fell down to 5000, how am I going to feel? Oh, actually,
no. But if I had 5 percent, actually I’d be okay. I’d probably still be able to write
that out. But 20 percent, maybe I’d start to get panicky. There’s your answer. Mm hmm. Eric, do you have anything to add
to what Charlie just said? I’d more or less agree. Even 10 to 20 percent.
Like, I like like like Charlie said, it’s a little bit on the higher side of my opinion.
I mean, if you truly believe in Bitcoin and and what its kind of setting out to do. You
know, you really don’t need all that much in it. And it seems to me a more more risk
than anything else. So I think, you know, I think any any anything around 10 percent
is probably fine. Recently, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
released its own options contract for Bitcoin, which have doubled in terms of trading volume
in the first week after launching. So which is quite remarkable. Do you guys trade the
Bitcoin options? And if so, what role do these options play in your every day trading activity?
Eric Yeah. So I have been testing out options on OKEX.
I’ve traded options on on other exchanges before and I used to be a market maker in
equity options. So with regards to bitcoin options, they’re very interesting because
there’s actually a ton of a ton of opportunity in them because really. And I’m thinking from
the perspective of a market maker, there’s really not a good model to price these things
right now. So as a retailer trader, you know, you actually have. You actually probably one
of the more decent advantages in these guys right now. So, you know, for myself, it’s
not a huge part of my trading right now because I’m not really I’m not really sold on exchange.
I don’t really think that there’s any really great options. In fact, CMES seems to be like
the only the only the only good option that you can really trust. So what I’d say about
that is, you know, ideally it would be. Ideally it would be because I’d like to manage my
risk with options. You know, if I need a cover position, I’d much rather do it with options
than just like, you know, trading a futures position or having like some sort of a static
stop loss. It seems very elementary to me. But, you know, if I if I could. Yes, absolute.
I would. And I’ve you know, I imagine it’s just a matter of time before most exchanges
kind of get their get their things together. And it becomes a, you know, a much bigger
thing and much more widely available. So at that point, you know, maybe in like a year
or two, I’ll probably fully into it. Mm hmm. So basically, you’re saying that right
now there are not enough options for trading options for you to get fully into it well
just exchanges, aren’t that — I want to give CME some time to kind of figure
there, you know, get you know, get some more people on and get some more. It’s still really,
really small is what it is. That’s my point. You know, you want to give it a little bit
of time to kind of prove itself. And as far as the other exchanges, like the OKEXs, the
DERIBITS, the God forbid, anything outside of that maybe. You know, that like operates
off a web browser. It’s it’s always a trust issue. Ideally, one day we’ll have we’ll have
like American style options for, for Bitcoin. That would be a massive advantage. Right now,
it seems to me that all of the options are settled, European style. So that’s a little
bit less enticing to me as well. But, you know, I think is just a matter of time before
we see these listed on all major exchanges. And that’s really when I think I’m going to
feel much more comfortable getting involved in something like that. Charlie, do you trade Bitcoin options? Yeah, I’m not gonna have much to answer this
because I don’t trade options anyway. One thing I would say for retail traders out there. Do they really need to be using options on
something which is a fairly volatile at times market anyway and then adding further volatility
to it because the average retail trader doesn’t necessarily use options in a hedging way.
They’ll use them. They’re just buying straight calls or puts or whatever. So they’re taking
a lot take from lot of risk there. So for me, I think it’s it’s probably not the right
thing for most retail traders anyway. They’re just gonna — it’s just a faster way to block
their accounts. So you’re saying that now you’re talking about
unsophisticated traders that are not able to handle this kind of sophisticated financial
product or? I mean, unfortunately, most investors out
there are what I would call unsophisticated and have no business going anywhere near some
of the more sophisticated products. Don’t get me wrong for people who know what they’re
doing. Yes, absolutely fine. But there’s a lot of people out there thinking, oh, great,
I can get more bang for my buck. I’m just gonna put a call option on Bitcoin here. And
then Bitcoin goes and dumps 800 points very quickly and then they just get wiped out. So for the average person, I would say, it’s
probably not the right place to be in that market. They don’t need to be then averaging
adding that extra leverage on that. So I would say probably not worth it. What’s your take on this, Eric? Since when
you started handling these very sophisticated financial products? Talking about your own
career as a trader? Yeah, we had a great saying on the floor of
ARCA and it was options were created to be sold. And the thing is that most retailers
look at options exactly as Charlie just said, it’s like, oh, extra leverage for a lower
price. You know, they treat it as a lottery ticket. And, you know, I think there’s also
a great statistic that like 80% of options expire worthless. I think that kind of answers
a question for most retailers. Most retailers are only buying options to begin with. They’re
not selling them. They’re not using it to cover, which in that case, if you do spend,
you know, even just like a few months learning options, they become the way to cover, at
least in my opinion. There’s no better way using both time and also decay on your side.
That’s a huge advantage that you can have. But the problem is that, as Charlie said,
most people don’t really see it in that same vein. They see it as like an extra way to
get, you know, eke out even more leverage, which is not really necessary on an asset
that already has 100x spot trading and trades, you know, as of multiple hundred dollars sometimes
per day. You don’t really need that. So in the past few weeks, an altcoin BitcoinSV
has been pumping quite remarkably, doubling its price. Then it fell down again very abruptly.
Now it’s pumping again a bit. It’s all seems to be connected with the lawsuit involving
Dr. Craig Wright and his claims to be the original inventor of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto
and his claim to have access to a big fortune of Bitcoin. Have you been following this issue?
What do you think about SV market movements, Eric? I think for myself, it’s more of a distraction
than anything. I’m not interested in trading SV. I’m not interested in the, I’m not interested
in it as an asset. I’m not interested in the Craig Wright debacle. It seems like it’s just
another piece of drama of news to follow. You know, if you want to busy your day with
stuff that probably isn’t all that relevant, at least to me, you know, if SV does for whatever
reason happened to be the real Bitcoin as they say, then I’ll just happily go into trading
that. But I’m not really an investor. I’m not really a hodler myself. So, you know,
I’m happy to just trade whatever is trading the most. And right now, BitcoinSV is not
trade the most, does not have the most trading volume. And I’m not interested in trading
some that’s not very liquid and doesn’t even trade on very good exchanges to begin with.
So I figured that one’s just going to you know, that one’s going to sort itself out. I would have my doubts as far as its legitimacy,
as far as the name of it. I would think that if it was legitimate Bitcoin, my biggest problem
is the name of it. You know, they need to, they need to really figure that one out. You
know, Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision that doesn’t really not roll off the tongue if you world
domination. So for me right now, man, it’s a non-event. Not really interested in it.
And you know, if it does happen to be something, well, I’ll go into trading that instead of
Bitcoin. Charlie, what do you think about all this
issue? Have you been following it? No, I haven’t. So I’ve got nothing to say
on. So must move on to the next one, though. Nothing to say on that. How crucial is margin trading in your day
to day daily trading activity? And what’s the main difference between margin trading
crypto and margin trading other more traditional kinds of assets? Eric? Margin tradings imperative to my day to day
trading. I mean, if you’re not trading on margin, you can’t, well, you obviously can’t
short and you won’t be able to play derivative products like futures, like options. So that
would just destroy my model for trading right now. And what was your other question? How
is it different from traditional markets? Yeah, exactly. Margin trading on bitcoin is
a little bit different from traditional markets because you get this insane amount of leverage
which creates these insane swings as people get shaken out left, right and center from
these overleveraged positions, there is absolutely zero reason why Bitcoin needs 100x leverage.
In fact, it doesn’t need, it really doesn’t need any leverage at most maybe needs like
4x. When I was a trader in traditional markets, we had up to 4x leverage essentially on our
equity. And even that was considered kind of crazy, especially when you’re trading options
on top of that. Of course, because, you know, it just goes it a little bit more, more, more
up. But you have to realize that traditional markets, they are trading in very small percentages.
Bitcoin can trade in multiple percentage points per day on like a boring day. You know, we’re
just looking at it over this past week, oh sorry, over the past 2, 3 days, where Bitcoin’s
pretty much been in a straight line. But in that straight line, if you actually if you
actually zoom in, there is about a 4% range right there when Bitcoin is pretty much asleep.
You know, during this, if someone’s listening to this in future it was just the holiday,
Martin Luther King Jr. Day yesterday, sorry, two days ago. And so not all that much action
going on. So in my opinion, the leverage is different because it’s like a birthday cake
that you don’t need. You can get fat off of it anyways. Charlie, what’s your take about this? Do you
consider margin trading like an important part of your day to day trading activity,
and what’s your take about the difference between margin trading Bitcoin and in general
crypto and margin trading traditional types of assets? Yeah, I mean, as you know, I mostly trade
FX products, futures products. And so margin for me is important. I don’t have to take
on a huge amount of margin. And we’ve seen in the FX markets over here in Europe with
the new ESMA rules, the margin requirements have come right down, but they’re still author
at least 30 times leverage. But that’s fine in the FX world and the FX
space. And I’ve always said to people, well, you know, you don’t need 100 times or 300
times leverage even in FX. Like Eric correctly said, FX might move 0.3 of 1 percent in a
day or half a percent in a day on a decent day, whereas Bitcoin can move in much bigger
multiples. So people in the FX world might need a bit
more margin requirement, but still not 100 times, even though they’re offered it. And
it’s funny, you see people going to all sorts of different brokers all around the world
just to get 300 times margin. You think what are you doing? You’ll never get your payout
anyway because they’re probably in some weird jurisdiction and you know, they’re just a
scammer in many regards. But, so margin is important for a lot of people. Just give them
a little bit more bang for their buck, if they’ve got $10,000 in a trading account,
then at least they can get a little bit more bang for their buck on their trading. But when it comes to trading Bitcoin alikes,
then you don’t need that. You don’t need all that extra margin. You’ve got a market which
swings around enough as it is. But I see this is exactly the same as I remember
back in the 2010-2011 when the gold market was really frothy and everyone was trading
gold back then because gold was super exciting and they would try to trading gold on loads
of margin. And of course for periods some people were making a lot of money. But of course as soon as gold topped out in
2011 started coming back, people started having their hats handed to them. So, as always,
you have to respect margin and don’t overleverage. You overleverage – it’s only a matter of time
before you lose. That was a very cool discussion, guys. Thanks
for being with us. Yeah, thanks for having me on. It’s been an
absolute pleasure meeting Charlie over here and a massive amount of respect, very cool. Likewise, yeah, I really enjoyed it and could
listen to your views, that’s one as well. So yeah, really interesting as well, thank
you very much. Here with us today, Eric Crown and Charlie
Burton. Thank you, everyone, for watching. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel
for more exciting content.

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    Please bring Eric on some more. His TA is amazing. Ive followed so many like Tone etc in the past, no one gets it smack perfect with the probabilities of upside or downside and to the exact level, like Eric does. Ive traded for 10 years, traditional markets, but since I discovered Eric's youtube channel only 2 months ago, Ive started watching each new updated video TWICE a day. I even take notes, just to make sure what he says actually happens and it does. His focus on CME futures and options re: BTC is making me highly interested in his new analysis as the price seems to follow it perfectly.

  • Reply Leonard Gonzalez January 24, 2020 at 4:36 am

    I think Krown's hair did a Bart Simpson pattern.

  • Reply Drake Wheeler January 24, 2020 at 7:02 am

    We will see 6k before bull run continues. Dont fomo in

  • Reply DDsmokey January 24, 2020 at 11:01 am

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    HairCone on ConeBase โ—๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ’ฅ

  • Reply January 24, 2020 at 11:43 am

    HairCone on ConeBase โ—๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ’ฅ

  • Reply Martin K. January 24, 2020 at 11:59 am

    My goal is to have 3 BTC.

  • Reply Renรฉ Bijloo January 24, 2020 at 12:42 pm

    Everybody is waiting for the halving, but we still have some time until then, so for now there are drops due to traders still seeking for short term profit. Normally the expectation should bring in more buyers progressively weeks before the event.

  • Reply 198ano5 January 24, 2020 at 12:50 pm

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    One day Bitcoin 2 will be trading for over $10k ea and you will say why did I not invest more into BTC2 when it was under $2.00ea.

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    Portfolio allocation is very personal but also age related. 5-10% seems very conservative but makes sense when you consider that you accumulate more wealth as you get older. For anyone who is younger and has less to lose, I think a much higher allocation is worth the risk-reward (talking 25%). (eg someone with 1 million in savings puts 50-100K in but someone with 100K savings could put in 25K)

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    Eric tried to fix his toaster just before this stream. He fucked up

  • Reply tom guy January 25, 2020 at 7:53 pm

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    as Krownโ€™s hair trolls the fucking interwebs. Well done, sir ๐Ÿ‘

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    I like Eric's analysis.

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    Ultimately . . . Tax on Cryptocurrency Commerce Purchases holds back the Market .

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