What is Ransomware & How to Protect Your Business

December 22, 2019

Hi! I’m Alex with CrashPlan for Small
Business and welcome back to our series on “Demystifying Data Security”. Our goal
for this series is to help you become more aware of your cybersecurity risks
and identify steps you should take to protect your business from data loss. If
you missed our first video on password best practices check it out at the link
below. In this video though we’re going to talk about ransomware. You may have
heard about ransomware attacks in the news and their crippling effects on
small businesses. But what exactly is a ransomware attack and how can you
protect your business in the event that you’re targeted? Ransomware attacks happen when a piece of malicious software, known as malware, installs itself on your
computer and locks all your files so you can’t use them. A screen usually pops up
asking you to call a number or click a link to pay a ransom in order to unlock
your data. Ransomware usually gets into an organization when someone gets an
email and clicks on a malicious link or opens a malicious attachment. The most
common way this happens is through a technique called phishing. Phishing is
where cyber attackers send an email pretending to be someone you know in
order to trick you in to clicking the link or opening the attachment with that
malware in it. Because ransomware is one of the main causes of small business
data loss, it’s important to educate yourself and your employees on how to
identify phishing attempts and prevent ransomware from infecting your company. For more information check out our article about phishing linked below. One
way to protect your small business from ransomware, always back up your important data. This way you can go back to a previous version of your data, just
before the ransomware attack occurred, retrieve that data,
and you’re back in business. If CrashPlan for Small Business is already protecting
your important user data, you can rest easy knowing that your files are
continuously protected and easy to restore. And if you’re not protected yet
it’s not too late. Click the link below to get unlimited
automatic cloud-based data loss protection and your first 30 days are
free. I’m Alex and thanks for watching.

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