What is a promissory note?

March 5, 2020

hey I forgot to tell you about the rest
of the Bandera house what happened way out there in the middle of nowhere
hank can do what he wants to do right so free tip pools are not as
difficult as you think first all you gotta do is get some green algaecide
follow the directions and then shock the hell out of it it was kind of funny so I
bought the house for $16,000 it was a little two-bedroom one-bath please don’t
play in the green pool I’m gonna finance it I want to do something called hole
tailing a thing sold within about two days allright so now that I’ve created a
promissory note he promises to pay me back i said hey mr. bank man can I please
borrow some money and use this as collateral make sure get a warranty d
vendors lien you get a promissory note you go leverage that it was so easy
Charlotte can do it Charlotte could you do it

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