Uncirculated Nigerian 1967 pound banknotes

December 30, 2019

so hello people are you going today
today of the slot of five Nigerian one-pound banknotes issued in the
Nigerian central bank says 1965 so I’m a reference book seized 1967 I’m gave the
Central Bank of Nigeria and saying this issue in 1965 and there are the old
pre-decimal currencies and you know it is 73 these were changed to near notes
which are similar to this one here and now this would have been baited Tunis
thought to nearer and this one was withdrawn in 1968 you know if you don’t
know anything about Nigerian history there is a war they call it even the
Nigerian civil war order by Ephraim more because there was a war between Nigeria
19 study 1967 and ended in 1917 and the other side was by Afra which was a state
in the Delta region and wonders who succeed from Nigeria anyway so in 1967
these bank notes for the been in circulation Nigeria succeeded and to
prevent oy4 succeeded shall say and to prevent these banknotes from being used
a withdrawn from circulation so Wi-Fi could not use them to buy weapons or
anything else for a motive effect so anyway on the side of the banknote he
has this central bank building as it existed at a time and as far as I know
this no longer exists same it’s being replaced by a much taller billing you
have about beautiful patterns for the one pound then you for signatures one
for the governor and for directors in a zoom this is this denomination in
Hawass ax which is a language that they speak in the northern part of Nigeria in
order most dominant language in northern part Nigeria India I hope you dolly very
bit tired predominantly Muslim people so here we have the coat of arms and we
have the serial number on the reverse we just have someone harvesting dates so
steak palms here persons cutting up date palms so can extract the dates and the
watermark is a lion and as you can see as security fred and line which are
pretty standard security features as well as this patination here the swirls
and all that of the time period so i quite like this banknote beautiful you
have a denominations in the series are the 5 and 10 shilling and the 5 pound
and this banknote design is pretty much the same as they used in west african
states which included ganon Sierra Leone and the Gambia
so thank you very much for watching and I hope you love this awesome thank 9
because it’s really really just cute cool ok so what these banknotes please
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