Trump Administration Defends Chinese Muslims?

October 1, 2019

Trump Administration Defends Chinese Muslims?
Why This Navy SEAL Fears China
How China’s Leaders Plan to Live Forever
And President Trump’s Defense of Chinese
That and more on this week’s China Uncensored.
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This week’s China news headlines!
Navy SEALS are some of the toughest guys in
the world.
And retired Admiral William McRaven is probably
one of the top.
He oversaw the raid that got Osama bin Laden
in 2011.
So when something scares Admiral McRaven,
you…should be terrified.
Well, at a Council on Foreing Relations meeting
this week,
McRaven said China and the Chinese Communist
Party’s military
is catching up—and in some cases surpassing—the
It’s what he called a holy…something…
well I’m not sure what since someone
seems to have lost part of the word.
But it’s a serious moment for the US.
The Chinese Communist Party is closing the
with the US on the technological battlefront.
According to a new report by the Council on
Foreign Relations,
even though China is not a match for the US
across the board,
China could soon rival the US in fields like
robotics, 5G, and possibly biotechnology.
I think I know where this is headed.
When they say “president for life”,
they mean, for life.
And in that vein, an ad for Beijing’s 301
the top rated hospital in China,
where all the Communist leaders go—
says they’re working on a health project
that will help leaders live to 150.
The ad, which was taken down after a public
backlash in China,
bragged about organ function regeneration.
It’s a new technology where they give healthy
organs to rich people,
by taking them from Chinese dissidents who
don’t need them anymore.
Donald Trump—defender of the world’s Muslims.
Yep, that’s no mistake.
The Trump Administration
is planning to confront China at a UN meeting
next week
over the Communist Party’s persecution
of the mostly Muslim Uighur ethnic minority.
Ok, so Trump himself won’t be doing it.
But definitely the people he’s appointed
And this wouldn’t be new for the Trump Administration.
Vice President Mike Pence has specifically
called out
the internment camps in China
where more than a million Chinese Muslims
endure around the clock brainwashing.
And yet, no matter how much Chinese authorities
try to whitewash the issue,
according to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo,
the persecution of Uighurs is the “stain
of the century.”
As opposed to the stain of the last century,
which involved Bill Clinton…
getting China into the WTO.
Getting the UN to move against China’s wishes
is not easy.
China holds a permanent seat on the UN Security
That gives it tremendous potential veto power.
This week, however, the UN overcame that veto
to renew a UN political mission in Afghanistan.
China was upset there was no mention
of the Belt and Road Initiative.
That’s China’s giant global infrastructure
investment plan
that basically gives China tremendous political
over whatever country it invests in.
And for the past three years,
the UN Afghanistan mission
basically sang the praises of the Belt and
Coincidentally, that also coincides with China
expanding its footprint in Afghanistan.
Officially, the relationship is for
mineral and energy exploration.
But also, there’s military cooperation.
So no wonder other UN council members
wanted to take the Belt and Road
out of the UN’s political mission in Afghanistan.
A speech last week from a US State Department
called out Chinese Tech giants for being
de facto tools of the Chinese Communist Party.
Christopher Ford, the assistant secretary
of state
for international security and non-proliferation
“The Chinese technology giants are not purely
private actors,
but instead function as at least de facto
of the Chinese Communist Party when it matters
He specifically mentioned Baidu,
Alibaba, Huawei, ZTE, and Tencent.
The Chinese Communist Party has created new
to aid what they call civil military fusion.
That basically forces even privately owned
Chinese companies
to cooperate with the government and Party.
“Firms such as Huawei, Tencent, ZTE, Alibaba,
and Baidu
have no meaningful ability to tell the Chinese
Communist Party ‘no’
if officials decide to ask for their assistance.”
So much for no means no.
Huawei is also running into more and more
as countries around the world begin
full or partial bans on Huawei equipment,
usually over national security concerns.
The latest country is Estonia, located,
uhhh, right…there.
Estonia is restricting government use of Huawei
over national security concerns.
A Chinese couple has been accused of stealing
trade secrets
from a US Children’s Hospital.
Authorities say the couple set up their own
company in China
using stolen treatments for things like child
liver cancer.
Nothing like profiting off the misery of children.
Just like mall Santas.
Bad news for Taiwan.
China has managed to poach yet another one
the few remaining countries that recognized
the island nation:
The Solomon Islands.
Now there are only 16 countries left that
still have
official diplomatic ties with Taiwan.
Now, the US is reconsidering aid to Solomon
And according to Reuters,
Mike Pence has called off a meeting
with the country’s prime minister.
Not that the US officially recognizes Taiwan,
But the US does sell weapons to Taiwan.
Lots of weapons.
And at the end of the day,
isn’t that the truest form of recognition?
Behold, the Lotus Tower,
the tallest building in Sri Lanka.
Truly a magnificent sight.
Also magnificent:
How the Chinese state-owned contractor that
built it
managed to steal 11 million dollars
of Sri Lankan state money through graft.
That’s at least according to the current
Sri Lankan president.
He blames the previous president,
who was in power when the theft allegedly
Of course, that previous president
called the accusations a horrendous insult…to
Yeah, how dare people ask where the money
And if you’re wondering—
didn’t the Chinese Communist Party
ever learn than stealing was wrong?
Well, obviously the answer is no.
But now we know why.
According to Fox News,
the Communist Party has been replacing the
10 Commandments
with quotes from Chinese leader Xi Jinping.
It’s not longer just the Good Book.
It’s the Party Mandated book.
And that’s it for this week’s China news
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Ah, good question.
In the 1950s,
the Chinese government made a push to have
a single official romanized system for Chinese
There have been several romanized systems
of Chinese
over the centuries.
But the Communist Party revived a specific
one called Pinyin.
That’s why the name Peking
was officially changed to Beijing in English—
even though the Chinese pronunciation didn’t
Pinyin is what most people use these days
to pronounce Chinese names and places.
It makes it easier.
But it’s still not easy.
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