August 23, 2019

what is going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video tape
another killer video for you guys full
of information we’re gonna be talking
about Tron we’re gonna be talking about
card da no we’re gonna be talking about
nano as well as a ton of awesome news in
the cryptocurrency space guys before we
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without further ado let’s jump right
into the awesome news guys first off is
some blockchain adoption news so major
UAE Bank implements blockchain
technology to prevent check fraud so
something really awesome another one I
just want to go really quick through
this but this is a good sign for
adoption blockchain being used in
positive ways to make a positive impact
and you know change things for the
better I think we’re gonna see more and
more companies do this now I do have to
mention it guys this is not any specific
cryptocurrency this is just blockchain
technology but this is a start and I
think this is something I’m gonna keep
emphasizing every time I see more news
articles about this several big
companies and banks are gonna start to
get on board and we’re gonna be seeing
some huge huge names we already have
we’re gonna continue to see some pretty
huge names second piece of news is
something I actually talked about so
crypto ad ban is temporary according to
LinkedIn’s co-founder this is something
I talked to you guys about when there
was the whole fun about crypto ads being
been both like all Facebook Instagram
Facebook Instagram owns his own by
Facebook Twitter YouTube and Google they
are all badnik cryptocurrency ads and I
told you guys this to me looks temporary
it looks like they’re trying to
understand things and see how everything
shapes out first before they allow ads
and they’re doing this in order to be
able to control the news be able to stay
in control first of all but obviously I
also think they’re trying to help people
out to not get scammed by the many many
ICO scans that are out there but I like
to see that the LinkedIn co-founder
agrees with me and is also saying that
this is temporary so it was all fun that
you know that’s what helped bring the
market down
so hopefully now this type of news will
continue to bring the market up now
let’s take a look at the overall
cryptocurrency market though we did look
we look like we just broke over 400
billion dollars 401 billion dollars with
Bitcoin dominance continuing to drop
which is a good thing we talked about a
few videos back where Bitcoin – all in
comparison as long as out as long as all
coins are doing better than Bitcoin then
it looks like we’re gonna be entering a
bull market that’s a positive sign for a
bull run when Bitcoin outperforms all
coins usually looks a more like a bull
trap or when the overall market is
jumping which we’ve been seeing since
January Bitcoin has been outperforming
it’s a good place to hold your money
where it will lose less value some all
coins loss up to 80% of their value
Bitcoin did not do that so now that we
enter a bull run maybe it’s time to look
into investing in some all coins which
will give you higher returns and we
talked about plenty on this channel but
the ones I want to talk about today
actually before we do let’s take a look
so everything’s looking more green than
red although it does look like the
market doesn’t know what direction it’s
gonna be headed at and that is going to
be explained when it comes to the
technical analysis at the end of the
video we are still holding on to a
resistance we are actually trying to
break above that so this could be huge
news for tomorrow need to stay
up-to-date in tomorrow’s video we’re
gonna have a more concrete answer but
we’ll talk about that at the end of this
video let’s go ahead and jump into Nano
first of all Nano is releasing a new
version it also has a possibility of
being added to the ledger Hardware
wallet now they did submit their
application you guys see right here
additionally at the xrb asset may soon
be added to the ledger Hardware walls as
the team has submitted the asset for
review now this is not confirmed news
yet but this is awesome to see that it
is a possibility you guys can see
they’re also making moves and gaining
confidence in what most now see as the
new out coin appreciation cycle which to
us we know is referring to a possible
bull cycle the Nano project recently
announced the release of its new version
so you guys can go and check that out it
didn’t jump to much in price you can see
it’s up a little bit it went from
basically seven dollars to now seven
point three four dollars not a bad
increase but also I think
out of its all-time high of 34 dollars
it is one of the all coins that took No
a very very big hits jumped under a
billion dollars and that’s for several
reasons there was the the hack of an
exchange and obviously the overall
markets been down but nano definitely
something to keep an eye out on it does
have a lot of potential we’ve talked
about it previously it does have real
use case and it does look really cool
and especially it looks undervalued and
that’s honestly something that I’m
probably most bullish on in all coins is
the ones that I think are the most
undervalued plenty of them are
undervalued right now but I’m looking
for the ones I think you’re gonna give
them old returns and nano is definitely
something I’m going to keep an eye out
on because it is down significantly from
its all-time high which could mean a
higher return later another one I want
to talk about is card da no you guys
know cardano’s Tesla is coming up I want
to keep emphasizing this because it is
today the 23rd of April and the test
nurse should be coming out around the
30th seven point five billion dollar
market cap on a coin that doesn’t or a
crypto price that doesn’t even have it’s
testing it out yet is absolutely insane
now ranked them for seventh you guys
know I’ve talked about it it’s more
established it’s bigger already
obviously it’s gonna take more for card
Donald to double then it worth more than
it would for Bobby to double for example
while B being only at 50 million 50
million to 100 million market cap is
easier than a 7.5 billion to a 15
billion but Cardinal as a several-year
hold so in my opinion could probably be
one of the ones that pay off the most
because you guys know talking 5 to 10
years down the line everyone said this
most cryptocurrencies will not exist
it’s about finding the perfect projects
that will be around in the long run and
I honestly do think Cardinal is one of
those that is going to be around and I
think at these prices even it probably
will continue to see some gains leading
up to the test net release and then
obviously if you’re in this for the long
run like I am in cryptocurrency for the
long run like I am I’m going to try and
continue building a position a big
position in Cardno and I will let you
guys know the progress of that
throughout you guys know I’m big on Neil
but I’m gonna also try and build a
pretty big position in cart Donnell
because five years down the line like
I said I think Neil’s gonna be around
but I also think cardona’s gonna be
around and the more and more I look at
it the more and more bullish I get now
for the moment you guys have probably
been waiting for is Tron you guys know I
talked about Tron is not going to be an
e rc 20 token a lot of people are scared
about what they should do and how they
should handle the situation now Tron
dance actually answer several questions
in there frequently asked questions on
on on medium you guys can go ahead and
check that out it’s on their Twitter you
can find a link this and just read
through it see if there’s any question
that you guys want answered the one I’m
most interested in sharing with you guys
cuz I promised I would keep you guys up
to date is tr X’s er C 20 token
migration so what happens if TRX is not
transferred to exchanges in a timely
what losses will it cause so now you
don’t need to worry about this according
to them there will be in exchange that
supports TRX migrations forever so users
who do not transfer TRX before the
migration in June can wait for the
regular migration after the completion
of the forever supportive exchange
without incurring losses now so
apparently there’s gonna be an exchange
it’s gonna be doing this forever and
you’re gonna be able to change it
whenever even if you do miss the moment
in June now why does TRX only support
exchange migration is there any other
way the Tron foundation decides the TRX
only supports migrations exchanges for
the sake of this exchange for the sake
of the safety of users assets and hopes
that this allows ordinary users to avoid
the risk of losing assets just for
missing the snapshot time and the
mapping snapshot mode now I haven’t
heard specifically which exchanges are
gonna do this but I’m expecting either
Tron’s going to come out with their own
support which is gonna be their own
forever exchange that they were talking
about up here it is possible that Tron
is going to create an exchange that does
this migration forever which would be an
again huge for Tron to do then start
moving into the exchange room that’d be
very interesting but also you know
leading up I’m assuming big exchanges
like by Nan’s bit tricks coup point are
going to be supporting this so if you
guys if you guys don’t know Tron is
going to basically not become an ER c20
token in June so you do I still have
some time and I think more bye
more exchanges like finance are going to
be coming out with information on if
they’re gonna support it and stuff
leading up to the day but for now the
easiest way you guys can stay safe is
number one research the exact date
obviously make sure you have the days in
your calendar and you know the events
you know make sure you’re following
Toronto on Twitter so that way you can
stay up to date with all the information
but also keeping your tron on an
exchange right now would probably be the
safest way to do it now I know a lot of
people don’t like leaving money on
exchanges and that’s why I’m not
financial advisor and I’m not telling
you guys what to do I personally would
keep it in exchange like finance which
has had a reputation for being more
secure than a lot of other exchanges out
there because obviously you don’t want
to get hacked and you don’t want to go
into all the issue you know yeah if in
exchange gets hacked and you lose your
money make sure you’re on the actual
finance website not a phishing site but
other than that you should be fine now
they do answer plenty of other questions
on here as well which you guys can go
ahead and read and figure out now for
the token itself you guys can see it’s
actually up 4.3% pretty good a three
point five billion dollar market cap I’m
currently at five point six cents now
all you guys have been asking why does
Chon’s why does Chon not look like it’s
gone up as much as let’s say the market
maybe Bitcoin maybe another all point
why is Tron going up slower than other
all points and what I’ve said what I
believe the case is is that Tron has so
many things coming up that they’re going
to start you know the price will start
increasing leading up to those days so
that being one the where the main that
launches beta launches stuff like that
when they stop becoming a are c20 token
I think those big events are coming up
for Tron and so many people are
therefore waiting and holding on to what
they have and waiting to see what
actually happens how things are released
and the overall situation over at that
time which is kind of what we saw when
the test it was on we saw an increase in
price leading up to the test net and
then now I think that’s something we’re
gonna see again leading up to the main s
so I don’t think it’s time to panic
if Tron doesn’t have the same moves as
let’s say another I’ll quit out there
like one chain or dragon chain or
whatever it is substrate up maybe Tron
goes up less but rank number 13 3.5
billion dollar mark and not only is it a
more established cryptocurrency but I
think there’s so much stuff coming out
for it later that now is not the right
time for it to be mooning a
quote-unquote mooning as everyone likes
to say it’s not the right time for Tron
to be mooning I think we need to get
closer to the actual big important days
and that’s when we’re gonna see some
nice price action for Tron now taking a
look at the technical analysis for
Bitcoin and kind of seeing where we’re
at so today looks like we have a green
candle we ended yesterday with the red
candle today it looks like we have a
green candle and that again it’s not
anything major it is trading roughly at
the resistance line right here Bitcoin
currently at eight thousand nine hundred
so it’s basically trading at the
resistance of eight thousand eight
hundred nine thousand dollars what the
big thing we’re looking for we have
actually broken over nine thousand a few
times never buy too much only thing I
don’t but looks if it doesn’t look like
we actually at nine thousand nine
thousand one hundred we but we broke up
a little bit and one thing I’m looking
for you you guys know is I need in order
for me to be confident that we’re moving
up to the twelve thousand dollar range I
need to see Bitcoin break not just one
day but I need another if we end green
today I need another day where we have a
green candle upwards and that to me is
gonna be the symbol that hey it looks
like we are making a move to twelve
thousand dollars otherwise very possible
that we do come back down to the eight
thousand dollar range which you guys
know I’m a positive person who comes to
cryptocurrency I’m in this for the long
run if it drops I’m just going to be
buying more and honestly even though I’m
not a financial adviser and I can’t tell
you guys what to do with your money I
would definitely recommend doing the
same I know a lot of people panic when
you know things go down and a lot of
people think the worst but this is the
perfect opportunity if you’re in this
for the long run into in to make
long-term wealth and not just you know
well in the next couple of months but
you’re in this for the
like I said in the long run like I am
you look at dips as buying opportunities
because overall you are not concerned in
the direct so you know where the market
is going to end up obviously we don’t
know for sure but you have a feeling
where the mark is gonna end in five
years and that’s what I’m excited for
not this nothing not this month not six
months not one year I’m excited for
what’s gonna happen five ten years down
the line but guys hope you enjoyed this
video if you guys did don’t forget to
leave a thumbs up as well as they
comment down below saying something
related to the video and be subscribed
with notifications turned on in order to
win bad guys hopefully you did enjoy
this video thank guys so much for
watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for
another video

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    Good to know that we won’t lose tokens if we miss the swap for tron, thanks for the daily videos Patrick nice little community we’ve built


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    i think your right about TRON price increase being slower than the rest of the market, alot of people like myself are waiting for the mainnet it can either go all the way up or begin to drop depending on the success of mainnet

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    Your point on blocked ads makes perfect sense. This is a new environment and companies don’t want to get blasted by regulators or media for “pushing” this new tech. It’s only a phase.

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    Thanks for the update Patrick.
    ADA and NANO goods tips, thank you!
    BTC powering on today and markets have hit $424B in no time.
    Looking very good!!

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    where do you see ADA in value and price once the test net is out and what is after the test net for ADA your opinion

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    someone told me that STEEM is already doing what trx is? Ill read up on it later but its just a thought.

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    Project seems solid what do you think ? Would love your feedback

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    nice vedio

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