TOP 5 CUBA TRAVEL TIPS | *Traducción en Español* Cuban CURRENCIES Explained, WI-FI and MORE!

December 4, 2019

hello everyone and welcome back to
another sweltering hot day in Havana Cuba so I’ve been here for about a week
now so I thought it’d be a good time to do a bit of a tips and advice video
particularly for those of you that are coming to Havana for the first time or
indeed Cuba as a whole I just like to clarify or get started that many of
these points in this video I named budget backpackers or long-term
travellers not so much holidaymakers going to a resort all-inclusive that
kind of thing however saying that a lot of these points do apply to everyone so
on that note let’s get going and if you’ve seen some of my other videos
you’ll notice that I’ve had a bit of a roller coaster over the last seven days
sometimes it’s been a bit frustrating it’s been a bit rocky it’s been a bit
emotional by thing when you go over that and when you embrace the differences in
Cuba then you will find that Havana is one of the most amazing places you could
ever visit so point number one is about your arrival when you get to the airport
in Havana now pretty much the only way that I’ve found of getting into Havana City
is by getting a taxi when you walk out of the airport you will see a lot of
buses but generally these are like tour buses or taking people to other areas of
Cuba there’s no actual tourist bus that goes into the van I may be completely
wrong but everyone I’ve spoken to has had to get a taxi so on the subject of
taxis when you walk out of the airport so I’ll tell you my story I walked over
the road there’s like a food place one guy said to me oh it cost 25 CUC you see
or Cuban convertible peso more on currencies in the next point however I
went back to get the taxi it turned out that it was 30 and obviously it will
depend on where you’re going in Havana potentially and you know some people
have I know have been charged 25 some have been 30 some have been 40 so it
very much depends obviously the the thing overall that you have to be aware
of and this is gonna be obvious you know you need to confirm the price with the
taxi drivers before you get in to avoid getting scammed what number two is about
currency or should I say currencies yes you’ve heard it right there are two
currencies in Cuba similar to Cambodia if you’ve been there it works it’s quite
similar so the first one which goes by many names you see the CUC
the Cuban convertible peso or the tourist currency
there’s probably other names and I will show you one moment here are five pesos
in the Cuban convertible peso okay and the way you identify this compared to
the other one is that they have buildings on all monuments if you like
okay and I’ll show you the only one in a moment so the best way to think about
the Cuban convertible peso is just think of it as US dollars because the exchange
rate is exactly the same so it’s probably easier especially if you’re
from America maybe just think of it as the US dollar is quite simple and
generally you’ll use this one for most of your purchases tourists are kind of
expected to use this currency so if you’re paying for a tour or paying for a
hotel or paying for something in a supermarket generally you’ll pay in the
CUC Cuban convertible peso the problem with this is that because it is in
effectively US dollars everything will be in say u.s. prices
okay so I’ve given an example which I’ll come back to in a minute cigarettes okay
these are a local brand sometimes when you go to a shop you may be charged in
CUC which will be about four four to five pesos which is a ridiculous price
to be honest with you on to the second currency which is the CUP the cUP or
the Cuban peso or the national currency or the local currency see what I mean
about lots of different names and I’ll show you one here so as I said the
previous one you can identify that with buildings or monuments these ones or
have people on them okay they do look quite similar but just identify it with
the people or monuments okay and you know what this currency is like a
godsend it’s like pot luck it’s like winning the lottery it’s like the
jackpot all those words okay because it’s what the locals use basically to
pay for things like for local food in local shops things
like that drinks on the street that kind of stuff and in terms of value for money
the CEP is the difference is astronomical so back to the cigarette so
generally this would be about five times less the price if I paid in these
roughly okay so potentially just using that as an example you could save
huge amount of money if you use the CUP so how do you get hold of it and many
people often say that it’s frowned upon if tourists use the CUP and yeah
sometimes it is in terms of getting it there are some places where you can
exchange your CUC in to see you people okay but there are few and far between I
have not been able to find one so how did I get them so generally when I go to
somewhere to get some to eat for example there’s a place opposite the Capitol
building which I showed you in another video that is we can get burger for
eight Cuban pesos the local currency which is pretty much 30 cents in u.s.
okay and generally if you pay in CUC at one of those sorts of places normally
okay seventy percent of the time like I said it’s potluck you will get change in
CEP and it’s like winning the lottery so once the other day I’ve got something
I’ve got 50 peso notes in change and I felt like all my Christmases had come at
once but then I bought something else and I’ve got change back in CUC run in
and just in terms of the coins that the silver ones are so you see the gold type
ones which I think do a bit older are the local currency okay you just have to
try your luck with currencies and if your Spanish is particularly good
sometimes you’ll get away with it and you know for example I’ve been to one
place to buy something one day they’ve been fine giving me the change accepting
money in CUP the next day I went back it was a different person that
serve me they refused quite point-blank okay so there is no hard and fast rule
in terms of currencies you just have to wing it basically okay on to the next
point number three which is about Wi-Fi you may have heard there is no Wi-Fi in
Cuba but that is incorrect because there is Wi-Fi in Cuba at the time the filming
which is June 2018 many hostels many hotels do have their own free Wi-Fi okay
but generally ninety percent of the time you will have to pay for it so you can
get a card which I’m going to put a picture one up on the screen there are
places where you can actually buy them at different durations like one hour
five hours that kind of thing but to be honest with you again these are few and
far between in my experience it’s been difficult to find one so how do you get
one so and this might sound a bit dodgy you
go to basically a Wi-Fi hotspot area plus that’s where I could use to
describe it it might be like a park or something or a hotel and I’m gonna put a
couple of locations down the bottom where you can use Wi-Fi where you can
get a Wi-Fi card things like that and basically there will be locals there
usually young guys or young women who are selling Wi-Fi cards and I’ll say in
English Wi-Fi card amigo that kind of thing the only thing is with these is
that you will pay double so you’ll only do not the one hour one and you’ll pay
two pesos for that so yeah you might say it’s a bit of a ripoff but end of the
day it’s not the end of the world and and it allows you to get on the internet
however just because you’re in a Wi-Fi hotspot area doesn’t mean that the Wi-Fi
is going to work it will be intermittent at best the place that I put down in the
bottom of the screen before the hotel by the sea it’s a big blue tall building
but Wi-Fi works fantastically they also have actual computers in there which you
can put your code into to use the Wi-Fi there and it works an absolute treat
obviously you know the mistake I made was I didn’t plan things for my future
travels before I came to Cuba I was expected to be able to do with the Wi-Fi
I didn’t expect it to be so intermittent so try and plan before you get to Havana
point number four is about Jineteros okay it’s locals basically and to
be always well I haven’t had the huge problem with this there has been a
couple of instances where basically particularly if you’re in a tourist area
like Capitol building or old Havana or something like that in a plaza people
locals may come up to you and spark up a conversation or where you from that kind
of thing and you can tell if what they’re doing they’ll start to tell you
information about the area or try and give you advice about places to go that
sort of thing basically they’re just doing it because they want to charge you
they want to get money out of you for it and I’ve had a couple of incidents where
I’ve sensed this has started to happen but I just politely say no and I saw
that I need to go or something like that and and I get away from them and you
know I understand why they’re doing it end of that day they need to make money
somehow but as a tourist it’s just not what you want it can may give you a
negative experience I guess of Cuban people but and actually on the whole
Cuban people absolutely amazing don’t get me wrong they’re
absolutely fantastic i’ve had very minimal issues with those sorts
of people and the last point point number five I’m gonna lump four things
together food water restaurants and tipping so firstly with food and more in
terms of convenience stores anything that you might expect about things like
7-elevens or Family Mart things like that there are none okay for obvious
reasons you know American chains they wouldn’t be operating in Cuba okay so in
terms of getting your basics like food and more it can be a struggle at least I
found it to be like that so you know sometimes you might have to walk quite a
while to find someone that actually sells water and most of the time they
will only sell like Coke or orangeade or something like that you do very much
have to shop at local places but actually this is a good thing in my
opinion because it means that you can use or get the CUP as change meaning
you can save money that way in terms of supermarkets there are some supermarkets
but I would more call them like slightly larger mini marts if you know I mean the
range isn’t fantastic the other thing about these places is that all the
prices will be in cuc and also CUP but in terms of value for money they’re very
much I guess Western prices if you know what I mean
so you wouldn’t be able to get you know something for a ridiculous bargain in a
supermarket another thing about supermarkets is that
and again you would expect this is that you convenience is just not a thing in
Cuba so you wouldn’t find a shop where you can buy your health and beauty
products your fruit and veg your wine except you like that in one place
generally you have to go to all sorts of different places for example your health
and beauty stuff like shampoo some supermarkets or places will have a
separate section where everything is behind glass cabinets things like that
you’ll find shops which are specifically for health and beauty products things
like that so you know it does take a bit again use – especially for use –
convenience that kind of thing and on to restaurants and tipping so especially if
you are eating out a lot which realistically probably are considering
there isn’t many options in terms of cooking for yourself if you a budget
backpack and that sort of thing restaurants a bit hit-and-miss
in terms of authentic Cuban food I’ve not really seen many places in the air
I’m staying probably in more tourist areas there are generally four proper
Cuban food I found like local places on the street there were small places you
just put your head in and say can I have this kind of that but the restaurants
that I’ve eaten in and I’m gonna put one down the bottom which is very close to
where I’m staying it was awesome so but the thing is you
have things like pizzas lasagna that kind of stuff but in terms of quality it
was fantastic and in terms of tipping in restaurants and places like that it can
be a bit sometimes you think should I touch or go no and actually some places
do specifically say that the service charge 10% is included in the total
price of the meal but to be honest most places that’s not the case so you didn’t
have to remember to give your 10% tip when you pay okay so those have been my
five tips based on my experience of my seven days in Havana I hope you have
found these useful if you do have any questions or anything like that you can
write them in the comments below and message me on Instagram wherever you
like and I’ll do my best to answer them okay don’t forget to Like comment and
subscribe and if you’d like to see more from Cuba I’m gonna link the playlist to
my Cuba videos by the up above on a card and also in the description below so you
can check out a couple of videos one from Old Havana one from new Havana and
a couple of videos about my experience if you like in Havana thanks for
watching if you’re coming to a band I hope you have an awesome time I
certainly have I cannot I’m not exaggerating when I say Havana is one of
the best places I’ve been to you’ll have a great time if you come there thanks
for watching I’ll catch you later

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