This week in Bitcoin- 10-11-2019- Gabriel D. Vine talks IRS, Libra, Banks, BTC’s 2nd decade, WeWork

October 20, 2019

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okay because you do believe well I don’t
want to get into what you believe that’s
beyond the earth and whatnot we can talk
we disagree but now we’re gonna get into
something that for me it’s it’s beyond
my earth I wish this was off planet the
IRS why do they have to be off this
why do they have to be in this country
you know I I get I said I’m offended by
some Bitcoin I am offended by the IRS
and it’s crypto ignorance okay and what
they just came out with with the fort so
I’m gonna read you something by a Matt
Correll oh here and I want your take on
he says IRS please audit me claiming I
owe taxes on hard forks and air drops I
didn’t know about never could
practically legally convert to fungible
assets and never did receive I very much
love to bring this in front of a judge
so he’s talking about the recent
guidelines at the is it’s linked to
below and Gabriel Divine’s link to below
by the way to if you are checking out
that the IRS they were trying to clarify
things it wasn’t very clear what they
said about the the crypt of demons the
the forks and the
airdrops was in saying and I don’t think
they know what the heck they’re talking
about but what are you what’s your take
uh it’s ambiguous right so I mean every
law has some degree of ambiguity but tax
law has some of the worst and in this
case this is like an especially
egregious instance and specifically I’ve
noticed that a lot of people are
focusing on this verb receive and I’m
totally not a tax attorney I’m not an
accountant my knowledge is you know
layperson level when it comes to tax and
but you know it is interesting to think
about what receive means like Matt was
saying like I have no idea about Bitcoin
palladium you know I mean or what some
crap fork that somebody tried to scam
other people with and it’s like you know
did I just because I could use my
Bitcoin Keys to claim this shit fork
excuse my language
crap fork that is out there just because
I could doesn’t mean that I quote
unquote received it and what does
receive mean in this instance do I need
how do you how does the government prove
that I have taken possession of the
coins on and on a fork chain and that
really raises the question about enforce
ability in general that vortex was
talking about on Twitter which is can’t
enforce this it’s the same thing you
know it’s like it under the table job
right where are you like oh yeah I’ll
bartend for your one-off party and
you’re gonna kick me down 60 bucks you
know it they can’t really enforce that
now when you’re talking about digital
money and and then in crypto whatever
people are specific specifically using
cryptographic tools in order to hide the
activity so then the the enforceability
is called so seriously into question
that it’s becomes a joke
I don’t know if you think I’m beginning
to think that they just want to freak
people out so much that they want people
to self-report just telling themselves
basically I mean it it almost seems like
that’s why they lead this ambiguous or
that they just have no idea what they’re
talking yeah I would say that is their
mo in general like they want to scare
people into paying them I mean it’s
extortion right it’s classic extortion
if you don’t pay them we’re gonna lock
you in a cage we’re gonna hunt you down
men with guns will come after you if you
try to fight them back we’re just gonna
send like a huge platoon after you until
we overpower you and throw you in a box
and this is no different that’s their
general MO and it’s really just a in
this case such an egregious example of
overreach it’s totally retarded but
basically their idea is any money that
you make we own a bunch of it because
we’re providing the infrastructure and
the protection it’s basically a
protection scheme right the mafia comes
around to your store they say hey we’re
gonna protect you from the other Guido’s
that come around here so you got to pay
us 15% what a deal huh those cops ain’t
gonna protect us we got Vinny out here
it comes around every six weeks he’s
gonna check out your property you pay us
15% everything will be great you’ll be
you’ll be protected and you know with a
protection scheme you know ideally if
you run into problems of coercion and
violence you genuinely could go to them
whereas if you were into the police it
they’re going to be ineffectual whereas
a mafia guys I mean if they’re actually
running a legitimate protection scheme
they might actually be able to protect
you you know whereas but the may be you
know right with the US military in its
excursions around the world and stuff
it’s extremely questionable whether the
providing security or just extorting all
right classic protection scheme all
right pound that like button people if
you don’t like the RS and I know so
we’ll see how this progresses what what
other clarifying statements might come
out in the future if they pick on anyone
we shall see I am uh I’m not freaking
out about it I don’t think I clearly
think they’re trying to scare people in
mostly they don’t know what they’re
talking about and vortex again I said it
on Wednesday show vortex said it best
you know best best luck best of luck in
forcing this is okay moving on to
another government issue god again the
government likes to get involved in this
type of thing and hey specifically from
someone from California Maxine Waters
you you had spent some time in
California in your day so you you know
of Maxine Waters well she wants to have
a hearing in a couple weeks here it’s
gonna be called an examination of
Facebook and its impact on the financial
services and housing sectors okay
Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg would be the
only witness while details were sparse
in Wednesday’s press release noted that
committee chairwoman Maxine the wig
waters has drafted the heap big tech out
of Finance Act previously waters had
called for Facebook to halt development
of Libre until lawmakers concerns were
addressed the draft legislation
prohibits large platform utilities like
Facebook from becoming chartered
licensed licensed or registered as US
financial institutions okay she doesn’t
she’s scapegoating uh she’s playing
everything in the world on Facebook you
know Facebook that might not be the
greatest company in the world they might
spy on you et cetera et cetera I say
this is where the big boys play let them
print their own money
let them be their own financial
organizations there are there’s lots of
corrupt financial organizations why then
what she’s grandstanding I think she
does know what she’s talking about I’m
almost 100% sure what’s your take on is
this gonna be a big deal when Zuckerberg
testifies probably not because it’s kind
of like a one hearing in a long series
of kind of ups and downs and different
corporates sponsorships corporate
partnerships and government crackdowns
and partnerships and bribes huge bribes
behind the scenes but one thing that I’d
like to bring up that this really
reminds me of is mr. robot it’s a TV
show it’s in its fourth season now it
has a Sam Sol the producer has a lot of
issues stringing together a plot after
the first season
it’s a real problem but one of the
things that they did absolutely nail in
second or third season was the override
the giant Corp a corporation a Corp in
this show which is like a combo Google
Facebook Apple almost they launched
ecoan which is exactly as a centralized
you know digital thing and it wasn’t
working and then the CEO had dirt on
senator or some government of high
government official federal and
basically blackmailed him into allowing
Corp to create loans which is banking of
course right yes so I mean that’s those
are the two function of banking is
lending and you know securing and
holding right capital for other people
so they didn’t want to allow it like
Maxine Waters is saying now we’re gonna
disallow that you know oh you can’t have
a banking license or you can’t print
this you know this digital currency
international thing because we’re not
going to give you a banking license in
the States you know it’s funny because
banking licenses in general are
completely crony run the whole idea of
you can’t do this financial activity
unless the protection scheme guys let
you is totally coercive and
authoritarian so the idea of a banking
license in general where they’re like
trying to make trying to make fractional
reserves safer so that it doesn’t
actually work it’s only you know there’s
all these countries in the world where
they don’t have a giant military to you
know steal from everybody at will so if
there’s a bank run it just collapses and
this whole idea of oh well they had a
banking license and so it’s insured is
is BS because it’s there’s so much more
outstanding than if everybody wants to
pull their money out the good company
will immediately fail so it’s kind of
like you know lipstick on a pig all the
way down right it’s 26,000 lipstick on
and but it really doesn’t remind me
it really doesn’t run me of equine where
I’m you know unless Zuckerberg has
enough dirt from spying on Maxine Waters
his Facebook message messenger and
seeing about her lesbian pedophile
karma very or excuse me what’s a call
when you eat people cannibalism or
whatever you know some horrible dirt or
she can be like he can be like hey now
we are getting a biking license or your
careers done and I wouldn’t be surprised
if they pull something like that off it
has not much to do with Bitcoin just
like in mr. robot they handled it really
well where they way they must have
talked to a lot of hackers and got the
real story because that particular sort
of plot you know actually worked really
well cuz he had it was he was like
bitcoin is is reaching its maximum and
people can’t use it all the time because
there’s it was before like me now it was
right at 2017 they were writing well it
was really well done and then it was
like here’s our alternative we got a
issue bonds or loans and and we can loan
the US government and you guys will oh s
back interest and you’re gonna you’re
gonna go for this right now
and that’s exactly the kind of thing
that the corporate aqua see and Silicon
Valley technocratic with love so do you
think this is a two-part question here
do you think libro should exist I mean
and do you think they’ll let me bring
this should you know I try not to show
it on situations III think that they
should I I’d personally believe that
they should be free to create this scam
go for it and do I think that they will
succeed well so there’s this guy cliff
you see I let people talk about things I
don’t talk about telnet like Mike going
yeah cliff highs this guy and he’s
written some weird predictive software
where he analyzes everybody it’s very
woowoo he’s trying to analyze
everybody’s subconscious psychic
messages and compile them into
he’s got a pretty decent success rate
actually but it could just be him being
smart and putting together his data in a
smart way cuz he’s a smart guy you know
he’s a clever guy he’s maybe just doing
a good job parsing through some data and
seeing what people are talking about now
and just kind of drawing out some of the
things that he thinks they’re gonna
happen and you know he’s a pretty good
track record not necessarily with you
know any if you pluck any particular
prediction but he is something like 50
percent success rate historically which
is ridiculously good for just random
predictions about human society weather
you know everything anything you think a
Bitcoin price crap coin prices whatever
so um one of the interesting things that
did come up repeatedly in his reports
when he was still publishing them into
2018 was that the deep state would
attempt to create they would attempt
three times to create an international
currency and all three would flop and
the first one he specifically said is
the SDR right which is this thing that
does exist it’s not really getting a
whole lot of traction as far as I know
it’s a basket currency where they’re
popping together all the different
countries crap coins the you on the
dollar euro everything and they’re
trying to make a try to peg an
international currency which is exactly
what Facebook wants to do with Libra
right it’s exactly the same thing but
it’s just controlled by a corporation
instead of the IMF I think which is
behind this SDR Special Drawing rights
right so this is a basically a limited
currency only if you’re really good
friends with the jerks at the top so
that’s really interesting because they
did that CR and then there was there’s
been a few different attempts to create
these digital basically crap coins
token you know useless tokens there’s
the petrol right that was illuminated
not an international one but he
specifically you know did did say it was
one of those things that came up
repeatedly that there’s three times and
all will fail
Bitcoin will go on through the decades
so that’s kind of what I see I think
that Libra may be allowed to launch in
the next 10 years but it’s gonna have
limited user base in my opinion all
right now youyou did say when you were
talking about a coin comparing it can
forget the Libra I like that that it’s
not Bitcoin and we all know that it’s
not Bitcoin but it seems to me there are
a lot of people who are quite confused
about it and it’s it’s taken some of the
hits for Bitcoin too when when the vibe
toward Libra was when they thought it
was going to happen Bitcoin price took
now people been worried about Libra
Bitcoin price has been down so they’re
good people some people out there are
mixed up do you think this will be an
attack vector onto Bitcoin in the sense
that the government will shoot down
Facebook coin and then go for Bitcoin or
might it deflect some of the attacks hmm
okay so definitely no to the first
question whether it will deflect some of
the attacks
maybe deflect some of the attention at
least yes certainly it was it’s already
deflecting attention which is kind of
interesting which is really good but the
thing that’s you know it’s it’s very
clear and sort of direct why that is and
the main difference is it’s completely
and totally centralized and bitcoin is
decentralized and so they have somebody
to go after and pester about Libra and
there’s nobody to go after and pester
about Bitcoin because those in charge
and you can’t attack it and anytime you
do you will it will backfire in your
so yeah how has the connection right now
is it okay yeah yeah for a second it was
but it’s a convenient scapegoat Facebook
yeah that’s why I think yeah it could
actually deflect some attention because
once again as you pointed out the the
understanding is still nascent when it
comes to these assets and many people
could get confused so yeah it could
deflect some attention I think it kind
of already is
little bit I hope you know what you also
said I hadn’t even thought about it I
hope he does have some dirt on Maxine
and all the other people over there and
he implies to them nicely behind the
scenes you’re gonna let me have this
because I’ve got access to all your info
that would be great I think that way but
I think it should this is where the big
boys play I say let them create whatever
they want to create they should be able
to print their own money just like
United States can print its own money
just like Russia can print its own money
people have to get used to you know
we’re gonna talk about how this is the
second decade of Bitcoin people gotta
get used to this new paradigm where it’s
not just countries that print money it’s
not just countries that print money
that’s I’ve got I’ve got one word for
you Meister coin how that like button it
won’t be happen it all right so let’s uh
let’s move on to something we’re talking
about the financial systems the whole
worldwide financial system here let’s
let sherry tweet by the great liberty
Blitzkrieg Michael Krieger you retweeted
this and again follow Gabriel it’s
linked to below I know it doesn’t seem
like it yet
but central banks are very much losing
control of the narrative this will
become very clear over the next 12
months you agree with this yeah I do
very much so I really like Michael
Krieger Liberty Brett’s Krieg I think
he’s at Liberty blitz and he I would
consider him you know an acquaintance a
friend we just chatted if he’s been on
the show before I met him in person he’s
a great guy he’s a good guy super cool
super on the level really great guy I’m
probably way more out there than him but
he’s very he’s got his finger on the
pulse and I really like his perspective
although I’m also I’m also more what you
might call freedom like I’m more of a
freedom extremist but Mike has been
talking about banking for a long time
because his of his story he was a trader
2008 happened he was absolutely
flabbergasted that the Federal Reserve
was picking and choosing winners out of
the 2008 debacle and not letting
market let the chips fall where they may
and he was absolutely stunned that they
stepped in to save you know and they let
Lehman Brothers crash and they saved
everybody else and it was this whole
thing where he was like shocked and that
completely changed his career because he
realized oh my god this is like way more
corrupt than I realized
and we’re gonna and so he changed his
career and now it’s more of a
commentator he doesn’t doesn’t do you
know as much in large-scale trading he’s
not involved in the banking industry
directly anymore as far as I know and so
I think he and like I said he’s got his
finger on the pulse of financial people
financial industry and community social
environment culture let’s say finding a
finance right old fine I call it old
finance right um and he’s specifically
the word he used in that tweet is
narrative and that’s so important now
because people are attempting to
understand a rapidly shifting landscape
through the lens of stories through the
lens of you know everybody is everyone
has the stories that they tell
themselves about the world and these
stories are memes in themselves in other
words they spread and multiply and in
culture and they’re they’re shared and
and altered and share it again and they
explode like a virus in culture and
people dedicate mind space to these
stories and these these narratives right
it’s a framework or context with which
you can understand a series of events
that are happening that could be
unrelated this is what’s a mess my own
needs to figure out with his show mr.
robot like dude just because there are
events happened doesn’t make it a plot
or story so these events of the what the
Federal Reserve’s messaging the Federal
Reserve’s actions recently we had a
panic in the repo market which is the
overnight lending market between large
institutions and basically what’s
happening there is
it’s been happening for decades which is
that their financial izing their
rehypothecation and repackaging these
loans and selling them to each other and
then leveraging leveraging leveraging
leveraging and then when something moves
so that’s basically like oh cool you
know I can when something let’s say it
goes up one point cool I can actually
make ten points on them because I’ve
leveraged it ten X right but what
happens is if there’s an outsize move a
Black Swan as it were then boom
everybody gets liquidated right people
either win a ton or you know make they
say make but it’s really win it’s kind
of like gambling and or but really much
more common is their account immediately
gets liquidated to the bottom and a lot
of these let it’s because it’s lending
and the whole system is based on a
series of promises this is the debt
paradigm there’s an oftentimes only
promises at the base layer like there’s
no asset at the base it’s just it’s a
loan that they’re experiencing that you
know somebody will pay back so it’s
Promises Promises Promises and when that
goes away and the the bottom promised
this person says I’m not gonna I’m not
gonna pay back that loan then everything
collapses and vaporizes just like money
is created out of thin air by the Fed
debt is extinguished back into thin air
instantly and with these type of
situations with these debt markets
that’s what happens when there’s an
outside out sighs moons so the repo rate
shot up from two point three percent or
whatever to which is already high to
like ten and then people just in ten
millions and enter billions were lost
and nobody could get a loan hope for an
overnight thing so if the Fed hadn’t
have stepped in there would have been a
much larger chain reaction instead of
just the traders losing their bets about
on the debts it would have been a large
company billion dollar size companies
not able to meet their payments from one
day to the next cuz overnight lending
right so they wouldn’t they wouldn’t
have been able to pay and then there
would’ve been a huge spate of
bankruptcies and
the Fed considered its mandate it’s
completely illegal actually it’s an
unconstitutional situation entirely it’s
totally a big giant scam where if you’re
buddies you know if you’re golfing with
the guy then you’ll get the lungs so
feds defense like oh the repo market
means okay cool we’ve just got a button
here and this created sixty billion so
now you guys could play with this sixty
billion and everything’s cool because
that was the shortfall they’re just kind
of plugging the hole a hole in the dam
right so the dam is incredibly cracked
after 2008 and they’ve just been
basically trying to plug plug plug plug
plug and just and now really the cracks
are widening and Mike just pointed out
that the narrative of oh were the good
guys we’re trying to help and sustain
the economy and stuff so so many fewer
people believe that now that it’s be
it’s we’re heading toward a crisis in
the near term you know I I I think the
man average man on the street doesn’t
know about this stuff though
oh no he’s specifically talking about
the professionals who base their daily
decision-making in their day jobs on the
Federal Reserve’s actions if those
people you know ten years ago they
didn’t really question it that much then
there was the crisis and more and more
and more and more people have questioned
it and now it’s reaching maybe a crisis
or or on what you would call the what’s
that point called the tipping point
tipping point well it boils down to so
what he’s saying and what you might be
saying here I don’t put words your mouth
is that the the big financial players
are are gonna lose confidence in the
United States dollar I mean because I
mean the solutions to all the problems
for the last 11 years that’s just been
to print more money bail everybody out
it’s been working best for the narrative
everyone believes in that narrative I
don’t see people stop being believing in
that name in their eye
but you see that you see that in the
next year happening it’s they’re gonna
lose confidence in the DA I mean that’s
what it boils down to I think yeah I
think I think that’s going to start
happening so basically like it’s a I
think it’s like a domino effect a bit
first you lose confidence in the
officials at the Fed then you or you
lose confidence in a specific statement
then you lose confidence in the people
making the statement then you lose
confidence in the fact that there’s an
officer that’s even allowed to make that
decision then you lose confidence in the
system that they’ve created that that is
in crisis and panic and and then you
start basing your decisions on that and
you start buying say gold or whatever
and selling your dollars and only once
the dollar once the once these
realizations and the narrative shift has
already played out in the markets and
begun to affect prices jobs industries
and stuff then finally want then finally
it’ll trickle down to the man on the
street who’s like hey this orange used
to cost a dollar and now it’s a dollar
seventy five wow that’s terrible
I can’t feed my kid like that’s only
they’ll be the last in the last domino
right so well I agree with you but yeah
in the next year I think the narrative
shift will be really powerful and
available to see but it’s going to take
another say four or whatever five in for
the the echoes of that to play out for
me people been talking about this for so
I think they’ll keep on finding ways to
pull it off negative interest we haven’t
even gone into negative interest rates
yet they haven’t pulled that out of
their butts yet in America I think they
will and it’s I think Japan is a great
thing to look at is three lost decades
they basically took the socialist
approach of paper over the crisis with
as much debt as you can and just prevent
all of these zombie zaibatsu from going
out of business since I Basu is a large
industrial concern they call or it’s
like a conglomerate it’s you know
imagine you know 57 industrial companies
all under one umbrella is these large
zaibatsu in Japan and basically they all
they all were going belly-up in 1989 and
then that make it cheap and said oh well
we’re all Japanese and cool so let’s
just all be friends and
here’s you know a couple hundred billion
dollars worth a yen and just stay in
business and what happened was they
hollowed out the economy people work
three jobs the-the-the the economy
there’s absolutely bit in the toilet and
I’m and in in 1999 they called it the
Lost Decade in 2009 they called it the
last two decades and now they call it
the last three decades and that’s what I
think we will see except now we have
Bitcoin I don’t think there you’ve got
three decades I think they’ve got seven
nine years or something well I see we do
have a Bitcoin but who is we here I
think the people a Japan they loyal II
fuck they loyal II worship the yen still
they still buy buy buy buy buy over
there they’re still spending spending
sure they might not be creating all
these new innovative businesses as as
much as they would have if they would
have done the correct thing economically
but they’re still living their lives
it’s still pretty Pleasant place and
everything um but if the same situation
we’re happy to the United States I think
there were so many people that would
just go with the flow they’ve got their
big house they’ve got their big car
they’ve got that nice technology they
could buy a lot of nice clothes and
they’ll just do their thing but there
will be some of us that will know better
that will not want to work three jobs to
get that big house for three garages
that will opt in the Bitcoin so I never
and this is I guess a good question for
you I don’t see hyper Bitcoin ization
happening I don’t see the majority of
people ever getting into Bitcoin I think
the Fiat some form of the US dominated
fiat world will continue to exist but
the smart people will get into Bitcoin I
don’t think everyone will get into
Bitcoin yeah you know it makes me think
of something that oh gosh what was that
guy’s name there’s an author out there
you know I don’t I don’t recall his name
quite an interesting guy I’ve never any
of his books but I’ve seen speak a few
times and he’s talking about something
which was also mentioned in the
sovereign individual interesting book
from 22 years ago where they predicted a
lot of the stuff that’s already happened
in much more in the future too they were
speaking about a bit of a bit more
striation in
as a result of the empowerment of the
individual through computation and
networking technologies and so the idea
what it is is that what this other
author called it is the barista class
right we’re people who either aren’t
intelligent enough or not hardworking
enough not disciplined enough whatever
it is or unluck too unlucky and working
a more manual job or you know blue
collar yeah yeah baristas right so it’s
basically whatever robots haven’t been
able to get to yet they’re able to fill
in but it’s sort of bottom of the rung
work and then a large gap between the
barista class and a technocratic class
or tart or a technical technologically
savvy class and this is actually very
similar to how European society in
America to those younger country back
then but 18th century you look at the
18th century and you had gentlemen and
it wasn’t just a matter of birth right
it wasn’t just a matter to be a
gentleman and say English society in
1780 it wasn’t just a matter of you were
a nobleman you know like a son of a
baron or something like that you could
be the son of a rich merchant and still
be a gentleman the idea was that you had
been educated and that you you know you
had you were a man of means and you
would have a valet the valet would be
what we would call a barista class now
right this is somebody who maybe
couldn’t read and write but they could
lug your trunk around or you know what I
guess you call you a carriage and I
think that’s definitely the direction
we’re heading so basically I mean it’s
similar now it’s just that the haves are
gonna go from you know this tiny tiny
elite of say 300 families or whatever it
is and that that’s gonna explode and be
tens of millions but that’s still only
1% of the population you know maybe up
to 10% could be a hundred of several
hundred million but then you know every
other people might be left in the dust
just due to their natural abilities
however I do believe rising tide lifts
all boats and the burst of class will
live more comfortably then maybe
upper-middle-class of today nevertheless
I do see that gap reforming again
because in the 18th century he could
have a sword cane and a gun on you it
was really hard to you know attack like
there was this power was a lot less
centralized we all came of age in the
20th century when power really peaked in
the other authoritarians in the 70s it
was the peak of authoritarian power and
since then it’s been decentralizing and
bitcoin is an extremely individual
empowering technology and so we’re
heading more back into this paradigm of
its well really you know fiat is the
quote-unquote money of slaves it’s the
currency slaves silver is the money of
gentlemen and gold is the money of kings
it’s the same it’s it’s gonna be it’s it
is already now but it’s gonna be that
much more visible Bitcoin will be the
money of well I actually wrote a novel
six years ago
five years ago I finished my novel and
it takes it’s a science fiction novel
it’s called feedforward and it’s about
AI and marketing but it takes place in
the near future and I call them shakers
basically the idea is anybody with
enough get up and go and a bit of smarts
and a ability and a little luck okay can
become an entrepreneur and that’s
actually where we are now where you can
become a blogger and make a living by
anybody who’s a self-starter and really
going for it and trying to do their own
thing like Adam is what I call a shaker
in my book cuz like movers and shakers
right they’re the people who are really
doing stuff in society I call them
shakers and that’s this exact same thing
it’s the opposite of the barista class
it’s the entrepreneur class the people
with them with a little bit of means at
least and a lot of maybe natural talent
and certainly discipline so I want to
say you know it’s the future is really
bright for everybody but I definitely
see much greater amounts of what leftist
like to call inequality even though
everybody will have ax ax s the access
will be much more democratic than ever
before because people will be coming
online smartphones will be five bucks
you know all that stuff anyone
who has the desire and a a modicum or
enough ability to enter the world the
world marketplace will adopt Bitcoin and
become a shaker and the shaker and
shakers is not like businessmen and
entrepreneurs as we thought of them in
the 90s say it was kind of a special
thing like wow you’re an entrepreneur is
a little bit like rare now it’s already
kinda normal ish but it’s gonna be like
a actual serious class in the future
where this 15% or 22% of the populace
are 40 even are just are just
entrepreneurs and if you work for
somebody else I mean literally you’re a
slave and so if you’re smart and you
want to become a shaker you’re gonna be
saving in Bitcoin and then it’s at that
point you’re gonna be like hi thanks so
much for this opportunity I’ve really
enjoyed working for you I’m gonna go on
my own now that’s gonna be really normal
and so but we’re gonna see the striation
if you’re a little bit mentally disabled
whoever you’ll be a barista and but I’m
thinking that there’s gonna be some
amazing technological advances that will
make those people’s lives you know
comfortable to but they won’t have means
they won’t be able to start a lot of
stuff this is a beautiful golden age of
the 2020s is just starting out now what
you have tried the people from ER the
show know what he described as a shaker
I describe as people in motion they’re
in they’re not just sitting there they
are in motion this is the time to get in
motion this is the time to get into
Bitcoin there gonna be a lot of people
complaining to elizabeth warren in eight
years four years saying we didn’t know
it again the bitcoin bail us out take
their money anyone can get into Bitcoin
now anyone could be a shaker anyone can
be in motion but the majority of people
will ignore it and they will want
someone else to take care of them and
and live the but still as you say the
rising tide lifts all boats
they’re not going to know it but their
lives are gonna be so much better in
five years ten years then now because of
the technology that the shakers and the
people in motion it’s just the you know
in income inequality I don’t believe in
it either it’s is pure envy there’s
always gonna be inequality in a free
market system and you shouldn’t worry
about how much money Bill Gates has you
really should you should be trying to be
in motion be a shaker do your own thing
so you don’t so you’re not a slave these
end up being slaves to envy and then
they end up being slaves to target or
her or wherever they end up working it’s
just and this is just a great time to be
alive in this golden age where you
everyone’s got a chance everyone’s got a
chance to get into Bitcoin and to do
their own thing right now because of
Technology so you really you sum them so
beautifully what I what I try to say on
this show all the time
so you see pal that like button we’re
all the same we’re all the same page
this is good this is all right
let us let’s move on to well you you you
hit on up do you want to mention QE 5
you you you hit on it a little bit you
think there’s gonna be a QE 5 I mean
yeah it’s already started this repo
thing is QE 5 they’re trying not to name
it that it’s just more injection and
saving picking winners and losers so I
mean the losers are anybody that you
know you and me right in that situation
so luckily we have an excellent life
raft but um you know so no I we don’t
need to talk about it they’re there
let’s just say the expansion that you
know and the repair on the dam is now
long in the tooth sauce solid ten years
if not 11 and it’s it’s reaching a
breaking point soon I think next year
it’s gonna be a huge year of crazy
shifts we’re not gonna understand it as
much until the next year and then
through the 20s I don’t actually see the
20s as the golden age I’ve more see the
30s because the 20s is when everything
comes out and everyone gets excited but
it’s so new and crazy and it’s still
distributing that it’s just shock it’s
like the twenties it’s gonna be a
roaring 20s but there’s gonna be crazy
things happening in new incredibly new
things and then the 30s is when we’ll
have that base layer of technology to
lift those those boats now I think of
the 30s more as a golden age but we’ll
see it’s a good theory we’re gonna have
to we’re gonna have to play around with
these new technologies that are coming
out and some of them are gonna be
earth-shattering some are gonna are
gonna bust for a while – we’ll have some
some booms that that’s that’s a good way
of looking at it I will say you
mentioned before the show IPO implosion
we just had yeah are you referring to we
work yes
okay so we’ll still have in the next
decade we’ll still have people trying to
pull off these types of things to where
they say they’ve got some new Gregor
okay actually I think there will be less
because for a few different reasons one
of the reasons why these manias and
bubbles are enabled is Fiat right so
there’s all this new currency that’s
created and given to the chummy’s of the
people with their finger on the on the
trigger at the Fed and you know the
banks give it to their buddies and golf
etc so what I see happening in the 20s
is a mass vaporization of bezel
now bezel is a back-formation word from
embezzlement it’s not it I don’t it’s
funny how that happens with with words
in languages you know English for sure
and bezel there wasn’t actually a bezel
word before that as far as I know but um
it’s a back formation it’s the idea of
the portion of the economy which is
derived from fraud essentially this is a
term I believe Mir ship a pesky we might
have come up with it well maybe he
borrowed it and just that’s where I
found it but um bezel is feoh all of the
fiat all the debt the stuff that I’ve
mentioned before which is created a thin
air and extinguishes back into thin air
that’s bezel bezels all the extra hot
air in the economy that’s not based on
anything real now you can take bezel and
do real work and create some wealth with
it and use it as a leg up like Amazon or
even though Amazon is still fueled by a
lot of bezel but there’s this portion of
the economy which is fraudulent
all those ICO projects is bezel but
really the Fed and traditional central
banking is like a bezel machine and that
is a key concept to understand because I
believe that is the main financial
ahead in the next decade is mass
distinguishment bezel and people
becoming hyper allergic to bezel and
just having no patience for anymore so
IPOs are a perfect example the Silicon
Valley bubbles and stocks that is a
perfect example of bezel basically the
central banks create a bunch of currency
and give it out to their buddies and the
buddies are like let’s put this into
something that we can try to make a
return on and stocks are the number one
you know method to do that so there’s a
you know you have to do is go back to
this classic sketch that everybody knows
now from 1912 right before they created
the Federal Reserve you know some
intelligent editor at a magazine in the
states had their illustrator drawed
picture of a giant octopus with big
sharp teeth sucking coins out of all the
institutions and barfing them out into
Wall Street into the stock market and
that’s exactly what you know it goes on
with bezel and they blow up these giant
buzz bubbles full of hot air and then it
just extinguishes we’re gonna see mass
extinguishment and mass vaporization of
bezel and frauds over the next 10 years
it’s going to be a huge shift societally
and culturally where people will be so
skeptical of these things and there
won’t be the gambling because because
there won’t be as much fiha out there
for them to spend on it because the fiat
will be depreciating so fast but they
won’t even like the whole fiat machine
will be in the process of collapsing and
people will become you know investors
will become far more conservative and so
the malinvestment crisis that has been
building for a hundred and six years
will vaporize and the entire culture
will shift not on a dime but over just a
few short years the entire culture will
be different and all the young Jen’s II
will be real confused by everything that
came before and it will seem normal to
but Millennials and everybody older it’s
gonna be a massive cultural shift it’s a
very logical a scenario that you put out
there not that I necessarily agree with
every point of it but it is it makes no
sense what I was thinking though is that
we will enter such new there’ll be so
many new technologies that
nanotechnology all sorts of that the
investors won’t even understand what
some of this stuff is and some of them
will be so excited about it and there’ll
be all these little companies popping up
that are going to be doing the nanotech
you and the self-driving cars doing is
that people will be throwing money at
them but if there’s not as much money
out there then that won’t happen so
that’s that’s that’s your your take no I
would I would say that they’re not the
two those two sort of patterns of
behavior or actions are not mutually
exclusive you can have tons and tons of
speculation but just have a generally
more careful level of inspection you
know the we work prospectus for their
IPO was absolutely retarded and anybody
who would look into know what number was
ready yes a lot of people read it but
soft excuse me
soft Bank did not read it so now they’re
five billion in the hole because I think
they did read it and they were just like
you know what nobody else is gonna read
this and they’re just gonna pour money
this free money because they don’t know
what to do with it and then the tide
went out and they were the naked ones so
I think that you’re gonna have
situations where you’re not gonna have
unicorns like that you’re gonna have
scrappy startups like you were
describing where it’s like hey we just
did our you know technology demo in
Pasadena and we’ve got nuclear it’s you
know low low nuclear reaction or you
know whatever new technology you got it
totally works we’ve got it so you know
jump on board and I think we will see
more icos
but there it’s going to be a bit more
tempered certainly bitcoiners you know
won’t be sending out their big
going to somebody else’s address easily
like in 27 as easily as 2017 but there
still will be plenty of speculation and
plenty of investment going on but it
won’t be fueled by that debt underneath
it you know Silicon Valley VC companies
love to say we don’t we don’t really do
that much debt
mostly invest in proceeds and capital
that we’ve developed but it’s like okay
dude you know hmm a lot of the companies
that you’re investing in had access to
debt and that they won’t have they would
never have had that in 1915 they would
never been able to get a loan for a
bridge loan for six million for the year
just to get them across until they have
another million users that they wouldn’t
have they just wouldn’t have gotten it
so I think that we’re gonna get into a
place where there will be plenty of
speculation but there will be the but
lending and interest rates will be far
higher so your idea must meet a much
higher bar and sooner people are not
going to have maybe quite as much
patience for a you know an Amazon to
take 18 years to reach breakeven they’re
not going to have that be able to borrow
that much debt to do it well speaking of
the tide going out and revealing
Softbank tell us about the cruise you’re
on the Bitcoin cruise from in Southern
California tell what happened who was on
it well I got to hang out with Thomas
from you know mad bitcoins for the Royal
crypto Network but the very first time I
really chose with him yeah well I’ve
never been to Bitcoin conference just a
couple of meetups I had spoken that Neal
would fines meet up in northern England
right at the peak of the bubble in 2017
in December right around Christmas I
went to his meet up in New Castle it was
really fun but I had never been to a
Bitcoin conference before this was my
first one and the ugly old Bitcoin goat
was very kind enough to invite me to
speak I spoke about the Bitcoin meme
that was the title of my talk and I talk
about memes and culture the general word
not just image means but
of general word of Nimes which is sort
of any viral idea in culture and but it
was very special because I got to hang
out with Thomas with whom I’ve been
doing shows for five years and we had an
amazing time we really connected I was
up there with a buddy of mine we had a
great time and just to meet everybody
the conference was amazing people were
so cool it was a really intimate like
the rest of the cruise there were
non-conference people so that was really
strange you know to be around a bunch of
straight stuck on a boat with strangers
that I wasn’t a big fan of that although
the food that was pretty good and I
really loved the conference attendees so
everybody that I met out there I love
you guys Wow so the conference was on a
boat that had people that were
non-conference on it it was it was not
just it was a giant cruise ship there
must have been 4,000 of us or 2,000
2,000 front there’s a lot it seemed like
zillions and there was there was not
there was just a few dozen of us in the
conference did you get any of the non
the normies in the Bitcoin did you get
any of those cruisers yeah I did
actually I have a couple conversations
and they were so receptive they’re like
yeah you have my nephew is but you know
cuz there’s enough people into it now
where everybody knows somebody and it’s
it’s the boy is it a ripe like field out
there when you plant a seed or whatever
it’s just so fertile well you know right
now who is buying bitcoins people it
doesn’t appear the regular retail
investor the regular guy he’s buying it
right now yet the price is written
pretty well it since January is going up
quite a bit not that I care about the
Fiat price one Bitcoin equals one
Bitcoin remember that found that like
button but uh what do you who do you
think’s buying this now or is anyone buy
it what do you think about the retail
market and newbies coming in certainly
people are buying it I mean on average
at this price if it stays flat that
means you know 15 million 16 million
dollars a day is actually being injected
into the Bitcoin economy because of the
you know inflation rate the minor
subsidy is creating eighteen hundred
bitcoins a day right now not that
they’re selling them all on the market
right away but on average you know
you’ve got to have you know about twelve
million bucks coming in new money new
brand new capital being invested
directly into in bitcoins not not the
company’s not stocks not anything that
actually big people actually purchasing
it from other people new money coming in
so that’s actually pretty impressive I
mean you look at a month and you know
that’s whatever five hundred million
bucks a half a billion coming in flowing
into the ecosystem every month that’s
pretty impressive even if it’s the price
stays flat so I think it’s everybody I
think that actually there are retail
investors and people are just quiet
about it
like they should be that’s that they
should be definitely but again it’s more
close it’s an institutional and
everybody there’s anecdotal evidence out
there that you know people who are
involved in businesses that deal with
Bitcoin people that I know that sell uh
you know hardware wallets they have note
that their business has dropped off a
cliff so it does to them it appears
there are not a lot of retail people
just common Joes and Janes that are
coming in as much as that we’re coming
in back in in 2017 and stuff you know
there’s there’s well I think I mean yes
there was obviously a large influx at
that time as shown because there’s a
little a little liquidity if a lot of
people flood in the price will go up
disproportionately but if you as far as
the hard word just remember that every
new person is coming in and yes the
resources are better so they can learn
faster but still they’re on a path of
learning it’s not like when we came in
five six years ago and we had to really
do a lot of research ourselves in order
to become versed in it now you can read
some books that are very well-written
that describe the economics technology
but it still takes a solid year to like
get up to speed on like what do I do
with this thing that’s on coinbase you
know or whatever like how do I really
secure my legacy and make sure that my
nephew can my son can get you know have
it if I die and it’s come it’s a complex
thing and it takes time maybe even for
us oldsters you know old coiners you
know there’s a little there’s always new
security things always new things to
learn and intense stuff that’s happening
and more and more always
you know and each new person has that at
least like a year or whatever of
learning and they’re all staggered at
different times so you way of speaking
about in newness we’re at we were in
Bitcoin second decade you wanted to talk
about Bitcoin second decade yeah
actually this is a good segue you know
we’re talking about how many people out
there are coming in and how many have it
and there’s a big that nobody knows and
nobody killed no but it’s certainly
bitcoins price and adoption curve
metrics you know transactions all that
stuff follows you know it’s it’s
obviously geometric or exponential or
you know it’s it obviously follows a
mathematical adoption curve
I actually am there was a recent article
said remember who did it but it’s like
it was like a square root chart of the
of the of the price prices that you
never were seen again you know when the
last time we saw five dollars last time
it’s a hundred dollars but it’s all
within this narrow band because it’s a
it’s an adoption curve right where
there’s a certain amount of people
coming in and the more there are the
more come you know on a numeric level if
you got a hundred to go to a hundred and
fifty is fifty percent if you got a
billion people go to you know you’re
adding five hundred million in that that
same proportion so it’s a proportional
thing where it’s going up by a
percentage a relatively consistent
percentage the number of users so
there’s a lot of you know argumentation
some people say that there’s five
million three million users out there
people who have owned any amount of
Bitcoin and some people are saying it’s
70 million
well 70 million is 1% of the world’s
population and on an exponential chart
and a classic adoption curve 1% is
halfway along the curve so if we are
talking about a decade for the first
half conceivably if we went at the exact
same pace we would reach full adoption
of all of humanity after another ten
now obviously the rate could change and
all this different stuff it’s just a
prediction and things like that but it
is interesting to know that particular
fact that we’re a pro
probably approach at some point we will
hit 1% of the world’s population for
sure we’ve got a hit 70 million at some
point and I wouldn’t be surprised if it
happens very soon if we’ve already or if
we’re already approximately a 50 or 70
million I don’t think we’re it’s 70 yet
but that is an excellent point about
when we hit 70 when we hit 1% that’s
halfway on that on that chart so that is
I never thought of it that way that is
learned something every day people
that’s why I got this dude on the show
all right let us saw we got some other
let’s go a little beyond Bitcoin here
you have anything to say about Hong Kong
hmm yes Hong Kong Paris Venezuela
Argentina and what’s the Oh Catalonia
Turkey is there mass demonstrations in
Turkey – no no demonstrations ok mass
demonstration no there’s there’s
definitely enough swing in consistent
mass demonstrations it’s not like oh you
know a hundred thousand people came to
the main square it was a big deal and
and the game for the authorities the
jitter no this is every Saturday I mean
look at look at France the yellow vest
movement is not going anywhere they are
very angry and they’re speaking out it’s
a it’s it’s a real problem from the
ground the people getting harder to
govern and control China is having is
gonna have so many more issues on their
hands they already have been cracking
down on huge demonstrations for decades
I mean they have so much unrest that we
just don’t hear anything about and they
don’t even hear about it if they’re not
nearby because obviously there’s a media
blackout and they have so much control
but I wouldn’t be surprised well Hong
Kong is a bit of a canary in the coal
mine for China I think we’re
see this trend continued in any
jurisdiction that is dreaming its
populace which is nearly all of them
I think this trend is going to be on the
rise and what you’re gonna see is
capitulation the people have understood
their power and you they’ll never forget
it I don’t believe that these
demonstrations can be pacified and I
don’t believe that they can be cracked
down on because of cellphones
everybody filming everything one second
can you hear me again yeah yeah no it
was fine just crack a little everything
can be captured and shared with millions
and millions and millions of people
within minutes of it happening you can’t
get away with it there’s no delay there
anymore before if you wanted to run an
authoritarian dictatorship safe 60s
right if you’re in the third world in
the 60s man nobody’s got any tech to
stop you there’s no reporters there
there’s maybe one and you just kill him
no problem or or maybe there’s an
article in The Wall Street Journal about
this you know Uganda or something
nowadays you’ve got 4G I mean China is
trying to utilize the technologies in
order to increase their power and use
and create a surveillance state and it’s
it’s turning out to be a lot more
difficult maybe than they predicted
because human beings tend to think for
themselves if they’re given the tools
and so I think we’re gonna see a huge
amount of capitulation in the near term
then in the next five years we’re gonna
see some huge shifts and we’re gonna see
countries breaking apart or we’re gonna
see blocks and political alliances
dissolving and reforming in different
formations these are all the Canaries in
the coal mine good and Hong Kong is a
big one definitely it’s not going to
stop it’s gonna get worse and worse and
worse until finally China backs off they
will the people are gonna win that one
Wow Wow there’s a lot of people are
seeing the opposite that China will
smack them
down and Dave oh they will but oh no
they’re gonna try they’re gonna try it’s
gonna get really ugly and they’re gonna
but that’s gonna that’s going to be the
worst press that’s gonna be terrible
marketing that’s terrible marketing for
China the threats are horrible marketing
everyone’s gonna hate your guts Wow
so that the people will not capitulate
it will be eventually the government’s
that capitulate you say it’s not even a
very like not even eventually it’s like
soonish around the corner soon as five
years within five years the next five
years are gonna see mass capitulation I
would love that
I I would I I keep that I keep the faith
I keep the hope we shall see what
happens I think next year there’s going
to be some some high-level meetings
there panicking
you know these guys in Davos and the
Bilderberg those people have lost
control once again the narrative people
they can’t they can’t get away with
their lives and their coercion and their
fraud anymore and they’re floundering
they’re maybe not getting lynched in the
street quite yet but I think that there
are gonna be negotiating with some other
people and next year I think we’re gonna
see some big shifts even out of the top
echelon so it won’t only be you know the
Pope coming from the people in the
street they’ll be both alright where we
are getting toward the end of the show
here I want to see if there are any
other topics I have where I did you want
to say anything about the gab article
that I sent you how they are I mean
they’re trying to go in a different
direction than these other social media
companies free speech money yeah they’re
using Bitcoin they are they’re promoting
Bitcoin they want defiance instead of
compliance and again you’re you’ve said
you think defiance is going to win out I
see you everybody I see so many people
willing to comply I see so many
corporations will include course light
yeah that’s the norm right now but yes
it will flip gab is on the is on the
cutting edge of it and yet that there
once again like a like a canary in the
coal mine right there
they tried to deflect the platform this
company and I think more and more
shakers are gonna stand up for
themselves by claiming their power and
saying you know what no I don’t agree
with that these tools exist
in order to create Liberty among among
humanity and so we’re just going to use
them and fuck you excuse my language but
that’s it’s it’s that’s a very specific
usage of that it’s it’s a there’s a term
fuck you money right this is Nicholas
Taleb right he’s talking about having
the freedom to say no and that this this
is what I believe is going to be a huge
movement and it’s gonna freak out the
people holding the reins so much that
they’re gonna start capitulating all
over the place in different ways
different levels yeah but they’re
against our people they’re never gonna
have fu money I think it’s just I think
it’s the 20/80 rule baby this is what I
always talk about I think it’s gonna be
the 20 percenters that are gonna over
time wake up say you know we don’t want
to be part of this matrix anymore we’re
opting into the Bitcoin overlay where
we’re not gonna be part of the Machine
you you guys can have your fun with
Facebook coin with being monitored with
all the called convenience we’ll go our
own way we’ll be so many people their
whole definition of life is they must
work for someone else
they must have someone else take care of
them and I just think there’s certain
people that will never want to leave
that comfortable womb of yeah yeah I
think 2080 is probably a good
conservative estimate of that yeah say a
couple billion shakers which is a huge
and I mean the amount of wealth that you
can creative about with to 2 billion
self-starters and you know maybe 6
billion people who are just kicking it
and you know just watch this in TV and
some popcorn making some espressos and
it’s all good
there we go that’s that’s that’s gonna
be our world very soon all right any
precautionary thoughts anything that was
left out you wanted to add anything
interesting going on yeah I kind of want
to touch back on my talk on the cruise
yeah yeah I was talking about memes and
I was talking about something called a
haul our key
which is a idea of a natural hierarchy
that which each piece has sort of an
echo of the whole like a fractal but
it’s maybe a different type of hole so
it’s kind of these related ideas that
form a hierarchy of some type and if
there’s a there’s the structure of the
ideas is very important so keep looking
very closely at the narrative that is
underlies people’s statements look at
the context what are people saying you
know what’s the meta level right I was
talking to some guys on Twitter today
about I was trying to emphasize that
Trump part of the reason in fact
possibly the main reason why he won and
why he’s able to be to grab the
zeitgeist right now is his ability to
tweet so effectively he’s an incredible
tweeter and his tweets are are really
defined like as defining their narrative
defining he uses the tweets very
specifically to to advance his narrative
and unless you can do that in this day
and age you’ll never succeed as a
politician in the West in the developed
countries you have to be an amazing
tweeter or you’ll never succeed and you
know people were saying well a lot of
Americans don’t like that and on Twitter
they were responding to me they don’t
like that and they they’re not on
Twitter and I’m I was trying to
emphasize that both of those points are
so completely irrelevant number one if
you’re not on Twitter you’ll still see
those tweets the tweet because the
mainstream media are now way behind the
curve and they are reporting on tweets
which are statements by individuals that
cannot be spun right that’s why it’s so
powerful the the the field the landscape
political landscape and the the media
landscape when I say media I mean the
communications landscape among mass
humanity has changed
absolutely flipped on its head it’s so
different now than it was 10 years ago
because we have because any individual
who gets any spotlight on them which of
course is always politicians but anybody
to you and me Adam on Twitter on Twitter
you have a nearly you know censorship
free platform obviously there’s it’s not
quite like that and eventually will will
be 100% free with things decentralized
alternative the next step beyond gap
but even with Twitter it’s so incredibly
powerful this micro blogging platform
where I am making the statement and you
can try to spin it in your article but
anyone can easily instantly like you
know in a second go and see the source
statement that I made and nobody can
change that is totally different from
how the 20th century was and people love
to fight it and they want their old
institutions that they they want the
trust that they had they want the
comfort that they used to have in those
old institutions and that’s never coming
back the world has changed forever it
will never go back to that short of an
epochal you know like a mess situation
where everything gets the infrastructure
gets destroyed we’re never going back to
that trusted media intermediary anymore
now everyone has their own voice and
you’re gonna have to judge their
positions in there and what they’re
doing based on the words that they
project out into the world times have
so when you are looking at those
statements that people make consider the
context consider the meta levels what is
the narrative that they’re trying to
advance and what is the context from
which they’re trying to express
something and what is the demographic
that they’re trying to reach what’s the
target demographic who are they trying
to trigger right Trump is great at
appeasing his base and triggering his
detractors so he’s got this great
balance of troll and whatever hero so
and that that’s what kind of a lot of
people are trying to do with their
personal marketing so really look
carefully and really look to identify
any fallacious elements in that
where it’s like oh well you’ve made the
statement but actually it relies on two
totally contradicting concepts so I
highly recommend that people who want to
know more about that in relation to
Bitcoin especially go and check out my
talk on YouTube or try to get the link
to that yes I was gonna ask you that
question man you just maybe as some very
powerful stuff you just said I want to
watch your speech now so is it has it
been uploaded is it somewhere um
definitely the full uh everything was
uploaded in one video I believe and the
separate videos are either on the way or
just went up I need to check Arriva so
you’ll send me the full link I’ll link
to the full cruise you guys can find it
in there I’ll try to like say what time
it was on at and everything was it this
is a very interesting stuff I love it I
think that’s a great way to end the show
get everybody enthused about washing
that all right Gabriel Devine thank you
for your time today he his Twitter’s
link to below he tweets out a lot of
good stuff yeah he goes way beyond me he
goes way beyond Michael Krieger also but
everyone’s a unique beast in their own
way and some people really love that
stuff that I don’t talk about here but
he definitely talks about it so again
that’s this week of Bitcoin we bring you
the best guest in the frickin space like
Gabriel Devine every Friday you can
catch this show who knows what time it
comes on it depends on where I am I’ll
be in Australia next week so who knows
what’s but anyway i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister i do
a new show here every day saturday is
the beyond bitcoin show every other day
in the week is just the one Bitcoin show
you never know what you’re gonna get
here remember subscribe his channel like
this video share this video check out
all the links below pound that like
button bang the bell button click on the
squares shabbat shalom
we will see tomorrow next week whenever
you come back thank you all see you
later bye bye

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    My understanding from my accountant is that in order to be considered to “receive” a fork or airdrop requires the owner to take steps to claim them. Until you claim the asset it will not count as income. The scope of the ruling is in line with the handling of stock options and land contract sales. Uncle Sam gets his cut upfront. The only good thing with this announcement is it may motivate more people to demand the end of the income tax system. Transaction tax anyone?

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    Thanks for the shout out guys!

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    I’ve seen many of Clif High’s predictions come true in mind blowing ways. He is wrong A LOT and will admit to it. His premise is based on the idea that all humans are psychic to one degree or another (which is true… that’s why you can think of someone and they call you). I myself have experienced premonitions. Law of attraction is real. The narratives that we hold deep down within us are self-fulfilling prophecies unless we learn to change the narrative. Sometimes easier said than done. Pounded that like button.

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    Meistercoin is the next Bitcoin.

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    again – grand slam show

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    Adam doesn't even use Bitcoin for payments:

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