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March 5, 2020

Today on Answers with Bayless Conley: Ladies, you’re intriguing. You’re fascinating. You’re mysterious. You’re unfathomable. You are the pinnacle of God’s creation, the
finest example of His artistic genius. You have influence, so let your light shine. We need you! There are many questions you are faced with
every day. We are all searching for answers that will
make a real difference in our lives. It’s hard to imagine that these answers
might be right in front of us. Get ready to discover answers in the Bible
with Bayless Conley. Hi there, I’m Bayless Conley. I want to welcome you to the broadcast today. We are so delighted to be able to bring God’s
Word to you because it’s through the Word that we grow. It’s through the Word that we change. It’s through the Word that we discover. And you know God is busy about the business
of reaching the lost. Jesus came to seek and to save that which
was lost. And He wants us to be His vessels. But our perspectives need to change. Stay tuned at the end of the program today
for a special inspirational thought from Bayless. All right, Luke chapter 15, verse 1, it says, Then all the tax collectors and the sinners
drew near to Him to hear Him. And the Pharisees and scribes complained,
saying, “This Man receives sinners and eats with them.” Now, the tax collectors were hated by the
Jews. They were looked upon as collaborators with
Rome and oppressors of their own people. The term “sinners” is a bit of a … just
a generic term for nonreligious people, but it also included all of those that didn’t
live up to keeping the law in the way that the Pharisees and the doctors of the law and
the scribes deemed that you should, which basically was everyone that wasn’t them. Nobody measured up to what they thought people
should measure up to. They murmured because Jesus welcomed these
people, and He hung out with them. Jesus welcomed the tax collectors and the
sinners. He spent time with them. And then it says in verse 3, So He spoke this parable to them, saying: Now, “to them” means to the Pharisees
and to the scribes that were murmuring, but it also includes the tax collectors and the
sinners that had drawn near to hear Him speak. And I want you to notice, it said, “He spoke
this parable to them.” It’s singular. Then He goes into the three different parts
of the parable. They’re actually not separate parables in
this chapter. They’re like three different panels of the
same parable, three different phases, three different parts of the same parable if you
would, and we need all of them. The first one deals with the lost sheep, the
second the lost silver, and the third part deals with the lost son. Now, you know, the sheep and the coin did
nothing to aid in their retrieval or in their rescue. It was the shepherd that went after the lost
sheep and found; that actually the sheep didn’t even walk back He carried it back. It was the woman that went after the lost
coin. They did nothing to help in their rescue. That reveals to us the sovereignty of God
in salvation. But with the lost son, the father waited,
and it was the son who came seeking the father, revealing man’s free will in salvation. Salvation is the result of both the sovereignty
of God and man, by his free will, responding to what God offers. And if we just take the first part, or the
first and second part of the parable, and not the third part, we don’t get the whole
picture. If we just take the third part, about the
prodigal son, and we leave out the first two parts, we don’t get the whole picture. They’re all connected together. Now, the shepherd that goes after the lost
sheep shows the work of Jesus in salvation. He is the Good Shepherd that came to seek
and to save that which was lost. The woman that lights the lamp and searches
after the coin in her home shows the work of the Holy Spirit in salvation, for it is
the Holy Spirit that brings illumination. The father, of course, shows the work of the
Father in salvation. The Trinity, all involved in reaching the
lost, in fact, it is Their paramount issue and work, and it is Their highest joy, reaching
lost people. So let’s look at the part of the parable that
deals with the lost coin. Verse 8, “Or what woman, having ten silver coins,
if she loses one coin, does not light a lamp, sweep the house, and search carefully until
she finds it? And when she has found it, she calls her friends
and neighbors together, saying, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found the piece which
I lost!’ Likewise, I say to you, there is joy in the
presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” I just want to share with you seven thoughts
about this part of the parable, dealing with the lost coin, seven thoughts. Number one: The coin had no awareness of being
lost. Now, the son was lost willfully, deliberately,
and consciously; the prodigal son. The sheep, though sheep, as Joel talked about
last time, are pretty stupid animals. The sheep most likely knew it was lost. It would’ve had a vague idea that it was without
the companionship of the flock and the care of the shepherd. But the coin, being without life, had no consciousness,
no sense of being lost, and it felt no anxiety concerning its lost state. Some people … They’re like the lost son. Other people … They’re like the lost sheep. Then there’s some people that are like the
lost coin. They have no awareness of their lost state;
no anxiety over the fact that they are lost to God or their impending future when they
step into eternity. Yet, in the story, God is diligently and carefully
working to bring even the lost coin people to salvation. “How is He doing that?” you ask. He’s doing it by the Holy Spirit working through
His Church, which is represented by the woman, searching for the coin in the house. As she searches for this lost coin, this woman
that represents the Spirit working through God’s people … She does two things. Everybody say, “Two things.” Number one: She sweeps with a broom. That broom represents the gospel. God uses the gospel to awaken people’s conscience. The Scripture says this in Romans 1:16. For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ,
for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes The Bible says in Romans 10:14, How then shall they call on Him in whom they
have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom
they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? Then it says in verse 17 of that same chapter, So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing
by the word of God. Another translation says, “Faith is awakened
by hearing the Word.” Another translation says, “Faith is birthed
by hearing the Word.” God uses the message to awaken people’s conscience. It is the power of God to salvation, but if
they don’t hear the message, they cannot believe. I remember a guy. He was a new Christian. He got saved. He and his wife were coming to the church,
and he brought an old friend of his. I think it was on an Easter Sunday. This is many, many years ago to the church. His old friend was a bit of a rough character. He was an ex-rodeo rider and bar fighter. That pretty much summed up his life. Just to give you an idea of the type of character
this guy was, he was doing the rodeo and fell, and somehow the horse tripped and fell on
him, broke his shoulder, and it was a compound fracture. He had a big, sharp bone sticking out of his
shoulder. You know what he did? Well, of course, he just put his arm in a
sling and went to the bar and drank whiskey with his friends for the next few hours, with
a bone sticking out of his shoulder, and eventually, that evening went to the doctor. That’s just the type of guy this guy was. To me, he was sort of a lost coin type person,
not really concerned about his spiritual life. In fact, he used to pick out the biggest guy
in the bar and just pick a fight with whoever the biggest guy in the bar was. Anyway, he comes. It’s an Easter morning. I’m preaching on the resurrection, preaching
on the cross; the resurrection of Christ, give an invitation. A number of people come up. He comes up. It’s the first time he’s been there, or maybe
it was the second time, but he comes up. He’s crying and crying, and he looks at me
and says, “Pastor, I did it.” I said, “You did what?” He says, “I put Him on the cross.” He said, “It was my sins that put the nails
in His hands, and He didn’t do anything. I did it.” He said, “It was my sin that put the nail
in His feet.” He said, “Pastor, I did it. I did it,” and he cried and he cried, and
he cried. I prayed with him, and he gave his heart to
Christ. And I’ll tell you what he was radically
changed. He became one of the kindest, most faithful,
most generous Christians that I have ever known in my life. But it was the gospel that awakened his conscience
to: number one, the fact that he was lost and needed a Savior. I mean, the first time the gospel broom came
into my life was when that 12-year-old kid told me about Jesus in the park. I was messed up on drugs, all sorts of problems. And you know, in less than a year, after a
number of months that gospel broom had swept away all the wrong thinking and all the lies
that I had believed, and it brought me into a relationship with Christ. We need to use the gospel broom. We need to preach the gospel. How can they believe in Him in whom they’ve
not heard? How can they hear without a preacher? Faith is awakened. Faith comes alive by hearing, and hearing
by the Word. But, you know, this woman, before she used
the broom before she swept, she did something else. This is the second thing. She lit the lamp. That symbolizes illumination from the Holy
Spirit, and that comes when we pray. Before we sweep, we should light the lamp. Before we share, we should pray. We should talk to God about men before we
talk to men about God. Ephesians 1:18, Paul prayed that the eyes
of people’s understanding would be enlightened. I think it’s important that we pray God will
reveal Himself to people, that the truth of the gospel would dawn upon them. I’ll guarantee you; there are specific people
in your personal world that you should be praying such a prayer for, people that you
work with, some colleagues in the office, or on the construction site, or in the school,
or wherever you work, maybe neighbors you have, maybe relatives. You and I should be earnestly praying, “God,
open their eyes. Let them see who You are. Let the reality of who You are dawn upon them.” Pray that illumination will come to them,
and then we can use the broom, and we can sweep. You know, I think we should also pray that
the Holy Spirit would illuminate us and guide us concerning direction in our search, where
we should be searching, and how we should be using the broom, for that matter. Her lighting the lamp, yes, it’s illumination
for others, but it’s for us, as well. “God, where do I go? Who do I speak to? How do I use the broom?” Some people need to be hit over the head with
the broom. Other people, you’ve got to sweep ever so
gently, and there’s some people you need to sweep vigorously if you’re going to reach
them. And the Spirit wants to teach us and lead
us in all of those things. I’ve been praying, “God, guide me. Give me an opportunity to share with someone.” And this is probably; I’m going to say, 25-26
years ago. I’m at the Westminster Mall. I’ve got our twins with us that are about
four, walking in the mall. There was a whole group of these Goth kids
there. You know, they had dog collars with spikes
on them on their necks, and black paint under their eyes, and their hair all spiked, and
rude things written on their shirts. They were just making a scene in the mall,
and they were bullying people. I watched them, and they’d walk up. People would be walking, and they’d walk right
in front of people and knock them with their shoulder, and make people get out of the way. They were just being really loud and really
rude, and people were giving them a wide berth, and I felt like the Holy Spirit said, “Here’s
your opportunity.” You pray for illumination, you’re going to
get it. I said, “Okay.” I said, “Come on, kids.” We walked over, and they were really surprised
that I walked up to them because everyone else was walking away from them. I just was blunt. I said, “Hey, I was standing over there,
and I saw you. God spoke to me and told me that I should
come talk to you.” Two or three of them started to laugh at me
and mock me, but the other two or three intently listened to what I had to say. I shared my testimony with them, and we had
a real God moment there in the mall with these young kids. The Holy Spirit touched their hearts. He does want to guide us. I had an old friend, George Stormont. He’s been in heaven for a long time. He was friends with an old English preacher
named Smith Wigglesworth. He said he and Smith were together one day,
and Smith said, “Let’s go to the park.” They went to the park, and, as I recall, he
said, “We sat down on a big rock.” It wasn’t … I don’t think it was a bench. They sat on a big rock. George was thinking, “What are we doing?”
Smith said, “Just wait.” After a little while, another man came and
sat near them. Smith shared the gospel with the man and prayed
with him. Smith looked at my friend and said, “Okay,
let’s go. We’re done.” They went back home. That’s being led by the Holy Spirit, and He
wants to guide us. You know, there’s needs all around us, all
the time. I guarantee there are people in your world,
at your office, on your street, that you might never guess it. They’re at their wits’ end. They’re at the end of their rope, and they’re
saying, “God, if You’re real, show me. If You’re real, help me.” God’s looking for someone to be an answer
to that prayer. Let me read a text message that was sent to
me by a member of the church, a friend of mine, named John, last month. He said, “Pastor, you came up in conversation
last night. The outreach team was in Long Beach last night. As I stood on a street corner, God spoke to
me about a man I saw across the street, and He was going to deliver him. “I crossed the street and asked the man
if he wanted prayer. He accepted. I shared what God put on my heart and prayed
for him. The Holy Spirit moved and touched him, as
only He can. The man was homeless and asked if we could
call his sister. We called his sister, who was thankful and
told him to call mom. We called his mom, who lived in Chandler,
Arizona. She was so happy to hear from her son. I prayed with her as well. She asked where I went to church, and I told
her Cottonwood. She said, ‘Bayless Conley,’ and she was familiar
with your testimony, and how you had a similar story to her son,” and went on, just said,
“talked about what God has done in your life.” Now, you think about what a Holy Spirit setup
that is. He goes and talks to this guy, calls his sister. He calls the mom, who happens to know about
Cottonwood Church and is familiar with my story, how God delivered me when I was so
messed up and had so many issues, not that I don’t have a few, still. Just ask my wife. No, actually, don’t. You don’t have time. Just … God wants to do things like that. Alright, the second thought I want to share
with you is this. We’ll call it engaging the women. You know, Jesus … He made this switch from
a lost sheep to a lost coin, and He did that to engage the women. He started talking about a shepherd and lost
sheep. That was men’s work in that day and that culture. Women were not shepherdesses. I mean, when He talked about this guy that
leaves the 99 sheep and traipses around in the wilderness, no woman would’ve been doing
that, wandering around in the wilderness by herself. That was something that a man did in that
culture. But suddenly, Jesus switches and starts talking
about a coin that’s lost in the house, and every woman there would have immediately related
to the story. The fact that, in the parable, the Spirit
is using a woman to light the lamp and to sweep, shows God’s desire to use the girls. Women, listen. We need you. We are at a huge disadvantage without you,
if you don’t play your part in God’s master plan. God wants to use the girls. Psalm 68 and verse 11 says, The Lord gives the command;
The women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host:
Another translation says, “The Lord gave the command, and many women carried the news.” All right, why women? Because God has given you an incredible ability
to influence and to persuade, and you can do it without trying to act like a man. Think about the woman of Samaria that Jesus
met at the well. With just a few words, she persuaded an entire
city to consider Jesus, which resulted in their wholesale conversion a short time later. Now, listen. This is speaking strictly from a male perspective. Ladies, you’re intriguing. You’re fascinating. You’re mysterious. You’re unfathomable. You’re hard not to look at. You’re magnetic. You’re motivating. You have influence. You are wondrous. You’re attractive. You’re appealing. You’re capable. You’re significant. You’re persuasive. You’re engaging. You’re frightening. You’re adorable. You’re captivating. You have influence. You’re amazing. You’re enchanting. You’re remarkable. You’re extraordinary. You’re puzzling. You’re habit-forming. You have influence. You’re astonishing. You’re beautiful. You’re mind-blowing. You’re unique. You’re baffling, and you’re spellbinding. You have influence. You are the pinnacle of God’s creation, the
finest example of His artistic genius. You have influence, so let your light shine. We need you! You can change the world if you become a carrier
and a conduit of the Good News. God wants to use the girls. Jesus engaged the women in His story. Alright, the third thought about this is that
the coin was lost in the house. It was lost in the house. Now, the prodigal son was lost in a far country. The sheep was lost in the wilderness. But, the coin was lost in the house. We need to travel far and reach out in areas
that are not our native land, but we also need to reach out to the lost who are nearest
to us, where we live and where we labor. Maybe you’re … Tonight, maybe you’re the
lost coin in the house, near physically, but far off from God spiritually. Somebody says, “What are you doing, Pastor?” “Just sweeping, just trying to use the broom.” You see, you can attend church regularly and
be lost. Church attendance does not make you a Christian. You can be sincere, and you can be lost. You can be religious, and you can be lost. Jesus said, “You must be born again.” If you’re in the house, and you’re lost, my
friend, there is salvation for you. I remember when we … The early years of
the church, we were in a little office building right here on Katella Avenue. One of our musicians brought a friend of his
to church, and I really liked this guy, because he was always so encouraging. I remember the first time after he came, he
shook my hand and says, “Man, Pastor Bayless that was a great message. That really spoke to me.” I said, “Thank you.” This guy was there every time the doors opened,
for like six months. If you speak publicly, you know. Some people look like they’re about ready
to fall asleep. Some people in the audience look like they’re
mad at you. Some people are shaking their head, like,
“No, don’t agree with that.” But, there’s other people, their faces are
just beaming, and they’re drinking in everything you say. If you ever need encouragement while you’re
preaching a message, you always look at them. This was one of those guys. He’s always beaming, always got a smile on
his face, always leaning out, sitting on the edge of his chair. He’d been coming six months. One Sunday morning, I give an invitation,
and he comes up in the altar call and prays with everyone to get saved. I was baffled. After service got done, I went over and talked
to him. I said, “Look, why did you come forward?” He says, “Well, I wanted to get saved.” I said, “You weren’t a Christian?” He says, “Oh, no.” I said, “You’re kidding. You’ve been coming for six months. I’ve talked to you so many times.” He said, “Well, I’ve just been checking
you out, and I’ve been considering whether this whole thing is real or not. I’ve been weighing things out, and I came
to the conclusion that, yes, it’s real. Jesus is the Savior, and I need Him.” He was in the house, but he was lost. And yeah, we’ve got people that are lost in
a far country, and we need to go to them. Jesus said, “Go to the outermost parts of
the earth.” There are people that are lost in the wilderness. We need to go to our Samaria. But, there’s also people lost in the house,
our Jerusalem, and we need to reach them, as well, and not overlook them. Thank you for watching Answers with Bayless
Conley. Bayless will continue with part two of his
message next week. Hey friend, I hope that you were blessed by
the broadcast today. And you know what, we didn’t have time to
put the entire message into one program. So you are going to have to join us next time
to get part 2 when we talk about the lost coin. And I just feel like God gave me some rich,
rich things to share with you. So you are not going to want to miss it. And hey, stay tuned I’ve got a final thought
to share with you that I believe is going to bless your life. And now here’s Bayless with an inspirational
thought you can apply today. You know the first commandment with a promise
out of the Ten Commandments is this: Honor your father and mother. It will be well with you. You’ll live a long time on the earth. Honor your father and mother. It means to show them respect; to show them
regard. And you know you may no longer have to obey
your parents once you grow up and leave the home and you’re out on your own. But we must always honor our parents. Whether we are living under their roof or
not God looks for a heart of honor. And friend, there are blessings tied to that
commandment. Not a suggestion but a commandment to honor
our father and to honor our mother. It will be well with us. It’s not well with some people because they
have a dishonoring heart. It says they’ll live a long time on the
earth those that honor their parents. It’s a promise of a long life; a good life;
a full life. You know I think we need to look for ways
to honor our parents. I remember … now both of my parents are
gone I’ve lost them both in the last year and a half … but when they were still alive
I remember I sat down, in particular, at my dad’s feet and I came up with a list of
things. I spent a couple of days telling all of the
things that I was grateful for in his life. That he taught me to be honest. That he stuck it out with my mom and they
stayed married. And just a bunch of other things through life
that I had noticed about him. I said, “Dad, sit down. I want to tell you this.” I didn’t want to wait to talk about those
things at his eulogy. I wanted to honor him with that when he was
still alive. And I know there may be somebody listening
to me right now you’re thinking, “All right, that’s great Pastor. Maybe you had a great dad. But my dad was abusive. He was not a good man. He ditched me. He ditched our mother. And he wasn’t there for us.” Well, if that’s the case just look for something
positive. Even if it’s the fact that he brought you
into this world. Or maybe you had a very abusive mother. Just be thankful for the fact that she brought
you into this world and now you have a chance to embrace Christ and to step into an eternity
with God. Even if it’s the littlest thing find something
to honor them for. Find a starting place and God will bless you
for it. Let’s honor our father and our mother. It will be well with us. We’ll live a long time on the earth. Thank you for watching Answers with Bayless
Conley. For more information and inspiration visit

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