The 1 Bitcoin Show- Private key control brings elite status, Schiff brings doom! Brhodium, Zim

August 14, 2019

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
May the 24th 2018 strong hand long-term
thinking on confiscate able deferral of
welcome to the show people hey South
Florida get prepared it looks like I am
going to have an event down there if all
goes well around May around June the
12th so be patient you’ll hear more
about it soon also of course check out
the dates below for when I’m going to be
yet the Calgary Bitcoin rodeo on July
9th and the 10th 9th and 10th
then the 11th in Red Deer then the 12th
in Edmonton and then I’m just gonna
chill out in Edmonton I’ll be living in
Edmonton from July the 12th until August
the 2nd so check out the links below
always for everything that I talk about
in this show and everything that I just
talked about my schedule
and yet on this Tuesday in Bergen Norway
we’re doing the meetup that I didn’t
link to that below it’s linked to in
yesterday’s show I’ll link to it again
don’t worry you can check out
yesterday’s show if you want to see that
link I forgot to put it into this show I
just realized it all right so to Shire
Jane he said in his tweet he says to
everyone who says I like blockchain but
not Bitcoin you were describing a
database databases are valuable tech but
blockchain without the token is an extra
I can’t say that word s bad database
Bitcoin itself is the breakthrough it
allows the database to self-finance
its security slack
chickens I’ll repeat that it allows the
database to self-finance
its security / existence I thought that
was great all right we got another tweet
format of gal here and it’s just a
reminder and I mentioned this the other
day why you want to control your own
private key you’re gonna truly be elite
even in the cryptocurrency world if you
control your private key if you use my
affiliate link down listed below and get
your Tresor put your Bitcoin your
litecoin whatever on your Tresor also
you get t-shirts linked to below
um but here we go because it’s a huge
step in becoming elite it’s just
controlling your private key okay
you know your really elite when you get
one Bitcoin right that’s that’s the
first step that one Bitcoin B’s this is
the one Bitcoin show that’s your first
gold one but according to and then five
and ten so on and so on but even before
you get one Bitcoin control your own
door perfect private key because if you
got your big coin at coinbase you don’t
really own your Bitcoin if you got it on
the exchange and you’re playing games if
that you don’t really own your Bitcoin
um so here we go Matt says I have a
feeling this will unfortunately become
much more common worldwide we already
see circle and robin hood opting for the
full custodial route without any option
to withdraw your Bitcoin to a wallet new
control plan accordingly and he was
commenting on this from ie I you could
pend love it seems that the Russian Duma
is passing a law that allows Russian
citizens to trade cryptocurrencies on
exchanges but these exchange offices
will not provide access to private keys
so again you can own your in Russia are
gonna be able to own your cryptocurrency
on an exchange but you don’t really own
it because you know I’m your private key
so again Matt Matt is I see this coming
– there’s going to be I mean another
influx into cryptocurrency obviously the
the baby boomers the millionaire’s who
just want one Bitcoin but don’t want to
learn about the technicalities behind it
they’ll they don’t fill up for these
custodial companies that’ll just
or their Bitcoin for them but when they
want to get their Bitcoin out they’re
not gonna be they’re gonna have to sell
you cannot withdraw he says you can’t
withdraw from a circle or Robin Hood
you can only withdraw your Fiat from
there you have to sell that’s not cool
you a who cares about Fiat do you want
to control your own Bitcoin one Bitcoin
equals one Bitcoin you want it in your
so you’re able to go wherever with it
and if there’s a lot you really own it
if you don’t have your private key yeah
I was about to say there’s a lot more
freedom when you control your private
key of course there’s there’s no freedom
without your Bitcoin if you don’t really
own your big way you don’t have the
freedom the Bitcoin provides so Pam that
like button everybody check out the
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check out the tech ball te CH b LTE on
twitter and bitcoinmeister on steam it
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oh my god oh I learned a speaking of
twitter and i retweeted this and this is
just how why you should be following me
on twitter why you should be encrypted
twitter to begin with and just studying
it learning it what it’s a great use of
your time actually reading smart people
seeing what they’re retweeting on
Twitter because you just learn all about
that the cryptocurrency space and you
get all these great ideas and you’re in
frickin motion and let me tell you what
happened to me so I see this this post
about this by this guy Steve barber barb
or and I see the guy actually follows me
and he’s in Alberta coincidentally and
here’s his tweet and he has a picture of
this okay what mining bit you gotta
check this out and it’s linked to below
what mining Bitcoin on an oil well using
AC natural gas looks like and he shows a
picture it looks like it’s on some cold
Prairie somewhere and old well being
used to uh to to mine Bitcoin apparently
and then there’s another quote he shares
bitcoin is the best machine for energy
energy optimization ever built and he’s
quoting a guy and Wilcox there he says
Hoss Jen pictured I guess that’s what he
called it cause that contraption that
has Jen pictured is an embodiment of
this truth people may not realize it but
Bitcoin mining is going to transform the
oil and gas industry dramatically
reducing wasted emissions so he’s using
waste and natural gas to fuel this
Bitcoin miner and should check out this
entire thread that this dude has Steve
barber so I and in here I also linked to
his uh the company upstream data Inc i
link to their twitter also and i
deemed him and he actually is going to
be at the bitcoin rodeo in attendance i
hope he can i said you should get you
should speak at this event you’ve got
such an awesome idea so i’m gonna meet
this dude at the bitcoin rodeo in
calgary I hope to see all of you they
are all you people in Alberta there’s
gonna be a great event
Bitcoin Ben he’s gonna be speaking their
vortex is gonna be speaking there
francis Pulos gonna be speaking there
Who am I forgetting what’s his face from
Toronto is gonna be speaking there I
can’t think of his name now but but you
know where where was I going with this
so yeah in motion this dude he’s got a
great idea
and hopefully I’ll get him on the show
too ok so there’s also a tweet out there
by Alistair Milne sharp shown the photo
of Dubai in 1991 when it was just
basically a desert and now was got all
these huge skyscraper scribe scrapers in
it and he says the discovery of
commodity reserves oil minerals etc
change the fortunes of nation-states
forever which countries will be first
use Bitcoin to do the same ie mining /
buying it and so the basic question is
which country will be the Dubai of
Bitcoin and I phrased it that way and I
never really had heard it that way
but um you know I’ve said over the years
you know how Binney lingham always said
you know there’s going to be some
country that it’s going to buy up a
bunch of it
for anybody else and it’s going to start
a war not a war a battle between
countries who can get the most bitcoin
and whoever does it first and gets the
most of it I mean they’re going to
become a Dubai of Bitcoin they’re going
to be able to transform and maybe
they’ll be its to them maybe one will be
able to do it by becoming the mining
country of Bitcoin also but they’re
gonna they’re gonna look like a freaking
desert or maybe they’re gonna look like
a snowy Prairie right now but it was
that was the difference between nineteen
ninety million in 27 years probably less
than that in 20 years they they might
look like Dubai not it’s a powerful
picture that’s tweeted out there by
Alister Melanie alright buddy from
tawanda kimbos crew in Zimbabwe copied
put my name out in a tweet and there was
a picture of all of Towanda and his
buddies standing in front of some
government type of building where they
must have just testified or who knows in
Zimbabwe and it the guy says the Royal
Bank of Zimbabwe ban on Kryptos is
lifted by the High Court so that’s good
to know that um now be you know the
country of Zimbabwe is not known for
their wise political decisions and when
Mugabe was still in charge
they said cryptos were illegal or
basically said it well now they’ve
clarified that the ban on kryptos is
lifted by the High Court and right after
I got that notification from I wanted
you know those all those guys are all
some of it I’ve met them all I met some
in South Africa I met someone Zimbabwe
after I got the notification on Twitter
I see that there’s an article about it i
link to that also i don’t know how
reliable that source is but hey whatever
if you want to read more about it and
you know we all on this channel since
we’ve got guys on the ground in Zimbabwe
since we’ve got to Wanda all of you are
familiar with Wanda Campbell your
longtime visitors and viewers of the
channel hopefully you’ll be back on you
know that we’re very proud to have on
the ground people in this country to
tell what’s really going on and we all
have an interest in Zimbabwe here and
they III obviously have a personal I’ve
been the Zimbabwe
was good was a good experience that I’ll
never forget
and and it’s countries like this we hear
about that you know where bitcoins gonna
be so big oh it’s gonna be huge well
it’s it’s not that best of a process all
the time sometimes you know you got a
you’ve got a deal with the government
but today the government made it an okay
move so that’s uh that’s nice to know
the guys at B rhodium contacted me with
a little update
they say for those eager is the follow
be rhodium Germany to meet to the launch
pad we have decided to share our
platform issues list so that you can see
real progress being made every day okay
so I link to that below you can see that
so thanks for being open B rhodium dude
you’re a creep of Givaudan of a Bitcoin
that a lot of us signed up for the air
drop a few months ago and so we’re we’re
looking forward to it because we’re
gonna get it for free and we wanted to
do well we want to know about your
progress take your time don’t have any
drama like some of these crypto
dividends have fallen into oh my god but
they’re doing a good job not having any
drama so that’s that’s good enough and
they’re being open so that’s awesome
also so I’m watching stefan molyneux
today and I hesitated because he had
Peter chef on and I haven’t watched
Peter Schiff in a while to tell you the
truth because he it was just a had
become a broken record and it just I
wasn’t learning anything anymore it was
pointless and he’d really become a
Bitcoin hater and you know he keeps on
saying that the dollar is going to
totally collapse hyperinflation gold is
gonna take over I mean he’s been saying
it for so long
so Molyneux has it Malu has him on the
show today
some like okay maybe this will be a
little bit different now I didn’t talk
about Bitcoin he did not mention Bitcoin
and well in his show and then would have
been strategic because he knows that
Molyneux has a lot of Bitcoin I I’m
gonna be shining Peter Schiff is not a
it’s not a foolish man it’s a smart man
and he’s strategic and Peter Schiff even
said you know CNN and Fox don’t even let
me on their shows anymore so I think
he’s trying to be nice to someone like
Mullen who’s got a really big big and
attentive audience
but of course
you know Melanie also has a lot of doom
and gloom errs in his audience too so
first thing I notice is in the comment
section I might as well be looking at
some comment section from 2015 I mean
it’s the same type of comments like
bitcoin is dead because it crashed when
the internet turns off it won’t matter
you’ll need gold I mean okay so the
peter schiff didn’t say that it’s just
those are the commentators and was just
a reminder about how many people are
stuck in the doom and gloom the doom pío
are an as as I say I mean they’re just
they they don’t want to progress they
don’t wanna be in motion and Peter
Schiff is not a person as in motion
either he stuck he stuck and stubborn on
this gold thing and of course it
it’s very profit I mean it’s his but
it’s his business he doesn’t want to
change he’s had the opportunity he could
change he’s a wealthy man he structured
his wealth properly he lives in Puerto
he could investigate Bitcoin he could
become a big he couldn’t I mean Andy
Hoffman used to be huge into gold and he
became huge in the Bitcoin Peter Schiff
easily could have done the same thing he
did he does not do the same thing he’s
not in motion he’s very stubborn and now
what want in one of the comments that
just really I could sums up Peter Schiff
fans and and Peter Schiff and the whole
doom all the doom people in this comment
I read I pray for a giant crash every
day the only way out of this Oh awful
postmodern neoliberal system is to crash
the global economy with no survivors
prepare accordingly okay I mean that is
such doom that is just like a dude
wanting the worst thing possible to
happen what no that is not what is
necessary get bit yet if you wanna a
giant crash is it gonna end all this if
you want to better yourself get into
Bitcoin you want to bring everybody out
of your own depressed level you want you
want all the people you see living it up
off of government money you want them
all punished you want everything to fall
apart I’m not gonna do anything to
change your own life to make it better
you just want the whole doom for the
whole world to bring down
to your level because it’s not fair well
guess what life isn’t there but you can
take personal responsibility that’s the
new counterculture not the end of the
frickin world take personal
responsibility learn about Bitcoin get
in the Bitcoin get into cryptocurrency
get away from this depressing mindset
where you’re praying for a catastrophe
and getting these guys that pray for the
catastrophe they wouldn’t surf they
wouldn’t survive it at all they’re
probably they haven’t how have they
prepared physically if they can’t can
they run a mile can’t are they healthy
what if they couldn’t go to their doctor
anymore would they be able to stay alive
without the drugs that they’re
prescribed who knows who knows this is
the thing the welfare dollar is going to
its sustainable it because people out
there and out in the United States of
America they don’t mind being on welfare
they don’t mind it on food stamps they
don’t mind living off the government you
know what and that supports the dollar
that is like the basis of people say
it’s the oil and I’ve done shows about
this before people say it’s the petro
dollar no it’s the welfare dollar and
it’s working fine I know again it’s a
it’s not good it’s not it’s not there
that people are stealing from me through
taxes and inflation to to support these
welfare moms limited up and again it’s
you know single mother of families head
by oh a woman they don’t get they don’t
kick them on the pride of wanting a job
right and they’re totally satisfied get
in their dollars they don’t care you
know playing away you don’t have to be
in that world though dudes you don’t
have to be you can be bitter and be in
that world where did he just get in the
Bitcoin world into the overlay as I say
on my Saturday shows go to my Saturday
shows I talk more about this on the
Saturday on the Saturday shows but again
you can get caught up in the doom in the
bad mindset or you can take personal
responsibility and just change yourself
get in the Bitcoin get away don’t stop
watching Peter yeah stop watching Greg
hunter and just the people there saying
it’s all in the end when it has an end
and you’ve just been wait I mean what’s
gonna happen in ten years you’ve waited
for the end and you haven’t better stuff
your soul in same situation as we were
20 years ago now that’s it a lot of us
we watch these kind of shows four five
years ago and we’re like okay so how do
we change it’s how do we avoid bad
things happen us let’s get into Bitcoin
we practice what we preach and now we’re
happy we have our Bitcoin and this is
just such a revolution I mean look at
what I talked about earlier in the show
a dude and frickin the me the plains of
Alberta mining Bitcoin off of wasted gas
it’s just it’s it’s everything’s
changing out there so you can be stuck
in the gold complainers world or you can
be here to come to the new world I mean
it’s your choice personal responsibility
I’m just saying that you know watching
Peter Schiff is just a reminder they’re
always doing me so many people that are
gonna be in his mindset and much much
worse than him because again Peter
Schiff he makes money off of his mindset
at this point he’s already wealthy he is
a very smart man he has planned
accordingly he lives in Puerto Rico he
can complain all he wants if he gets
paid to complain now basically all those
followers who file who were waiting
who’ve been white waiting for the
hyperinflation for 20 years they’re
they’re not as well off as him and if
they keep on waiting and do nothing and
aren’t in motion
they’re gonna be in well they’re gonna
have to deal with the consequences okay
all right and then maybe I mean some
people don’t like having happy lives
I like having happy less I like
innovation I like being in motion I’ve
got a lot of energy and I encourage
other people to be healthy like that
also I think it’s very healthy all right
so what here is a reddit the be private
be private had a chat the other day I
think of 24 hours ago or less than 24
hours ago yeah I’m doing this show
earlier than I usually – is this great
I’m getting this out of the way because
remember tomorrow well remember tomorrow
Eastern Time 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time
tomorrow is this weekend Bitcoin we’re
gonna get to that in a second but be
private I linked to their update they
had a chat it explains some of the drama
I guess I didn’t have time to watch it
all I had another guy summarize it for
you know I’m not I’m not keen on any of
this drama stuff but I know a lot of
don’t waste your time too much but they
explain a lot of things in it probably
now speaking about drama there’s a lot
of mention about McAfee John McAfee
however you say his name he has been
posting positive tweets about be private
apparently I don’t follow a guy actually
when I see his name I just try to ignore
anything that’s after it but I keep on
seeing it mentioned with be private so
I’ve dug a little bit and he keeps on
saying things about it and I think he
might have said something that even pump
the price today in terms of dollars and
you know that’s he’s free to be a fan of
anything he wants to but then I see
people were like well you should get bit
McAfee should be only official be
private team or he should control be
private well let me tell you something
to get him on the official be private
team isn’t free
it is not free I think he’s got to get
paid and it’s not free of collateral
damage either okay my advice to anyone
who wants in part of the team or wants
him in charge and it’s a few steps too
many there let him be the world’s
biggest be private fan out there but
they get to get him involved in and
being part of management are two
completely different things I wouldn’t
want that guy to be a part of your
management okay it does not seem like
there might be a temporary reward but
the long term it might be pretty bad you
gotta think long-term people but having
him as the world’s biggest fan let him
be the world’s biggest fan and you know
what he wants to do but going again so
going back to cryptic dividends and be
private what I really like about it are
the smart developers they get to get
involved in these projects sometimes not
all the time sometimes and this guy
Chris is gonna be on the show only this
week in Bitcoin show tomorrow along with
Ken Bozak and JW weathermen okay they’re
gonna be on 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time
right here on this channel and know
Chris is I mean I’ll ask him some be
private questions just he’s the guy
who’s tried to
create technical ways to get you to be
able to store your be private entrees or
and leisure nano which are huge steps I
mean maybe he’s even working on a
splitting tool I don’t know he’s a smart
dude no drama with this dude and that’s
what I like that’s what I want when I’m
talking about eat private or any of
these I don’t want Lee talking about we
he said this she said this they said
this this person’s gonna serve this
person lie this now come on we’re
grown-ups here this is we’re talking
about value and money we want serious
developers and we want serious progress
so Chris is gonna be on the show
tomorrow and maybe you guys can ask
questions in the chat and everything
anyway I’m looking forward to it I will
see all of you at 11:00 a.m. on this
channel 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time what is
that 4:00 p.m. in London yes it is 4:00
p.m. in London 5:00 p.m. here in Norway
and in Spain and Italy I believe so I’m
adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister remember to subscribe
this channel like this video share this
video check out the notes section below
pound that like button and i’ll say hi
to you guys in the chat right now

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    Keep up the good work!

  • Reply john Chesterfield May 25, 2018 at 12:50 am

    Peter Shiff correctly predicted the 2008 financial crisis. Sometimes, gloom and doom predictions are right. Martin Armstrong predicted the crash of 1987 to very day. He is not Cliff High! I am a big fan of him.

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    The Welfare Dollar will only be good in the USA when the Petro Dollar is dumped.

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