The 1 Bitcoin Show- Lightning Network, top tier altcoins, exchanges, Alberta, Brhodium

October 8, 2019

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
July the 12th 2018 deferral of
gratification uncon for
cord offended by selling strong hand
okay check out the links below people
you can watch yesterday’s awesome video
from lake louise it was outside for all
you people who love scenery and
everything get your treasure or crypto
hwy let calm t-shirts i’m wearing a
special t-shirt from Julian’s company be
Bitcoin solutions in enmity and it’s
linked to below there’s guy named Adam
over there too I want to be speaking
over there at the Emmet in meetup what
look in two hours so I mean Edmonton
Alberta Canada beautiful it’s beautiful
so yeah it’s been a roller coaster four
days in a row of being at conferences or
events and talking to people and
speaking it’s just it I’m in motion baby
I’m all over the place Red Deer was
freaking awesome last night people 50
people freaking showed up there and they
had to turn people away that wanted to
come beforehand they said that word
didn’t have enough seats so I’m
enthusiastic about Alberta we’re gonna
get into that’s the province that I’m in
here in Canada so before let’s let us
say something I’ve been forgetting about
safe the guy who wrote the book a
Bitcoin standard he spoke on Monday at
the bitcoin rodeo what a great event but
someone in the chatter in my comments
they said safe is a Bitcoin Beast
dude that sums it up
they’re like him or hate him like his
approach just like his approach that
dude is the bitcoin beast safe and I
can’t pronounce his name correctly
so yeah his book
standard all right I haven’t read it yet
but dude he gives a good speech and I
you know from all of his social media
stuff I’ve learned a lot and I learned a
lot from uh talking them in person and
yeah we talked about a meat eating meat
you know we would be on Bitcoin town and
like button people check out Saturday
showbiz that’s the beyond Bitcoin show
all right something else that happen in
Calgary that just reinforces long-term
thinking you might remember it was I
think it was a Monday night I said hey
I’m about to hang out with the rest of
the crew there they invited me to go out
well they I didn’t know where we were
exactly going bTW cbenni maybe that was
Tuesday night I’d give him all confused
now BTC Betty was there with his wife
his lovely wife and she is lovely and it
was like a country music concert under
this huge tent in Calgary and it was so
loud there no no one could hear it was
Monday night no one could hear anyone
else but the Meister is all about
long-term thinking I always carry
earplugs in my pants pop those babies in
there I preserve this okay I preserve
the hearing I’m not gonna go to some
concert and get death because I’ve
listened to music that I don’t like no
I’m preparing for what I’m an old dude
my grandma can hardly hear a thing
anymore but she was around a lot a lot
loud noises I I for years when I used to
go out and drink with my friends even at
clubs you know it’s sonar in Baltimore
found that like button if you weren’t
sonar back in the day anyway I would
wear earplugs all the time people would
even mention it back then I can hear
better than all my friends all right so
that’s about but long-term feeding you
just don’t apply it the big point you
apply to every aspect of your freaking
about your air your freakin lions lives
all right so yeah we mentioned about red
beer I was there too 11 o’clock last
night at the at the event talking to
people so many people in motion there’s
a guy over there who had a presentation
he’s on Steve I like dude you’re all
steamed it some of your info so I’m
gonna send out his employee we were
talking about Mick towel stuff
afterwards to the Late Late crowd there
we actually talked about bench in Big
Town then she nicked out you were
freakin known in Red Deer Alberta in
Canada I mean this is unbelievable
so that advices though everyone’s down
here all the people that I associate
with online are known here BTC Betty
they were talking about tone days
everyone skin talked about here but then
shindig tell he’s you know he’s the
ultimate West Coast make town of course
so wow this show I’m talking about all
sorts of things I just have all this
stuff written down your guys are gonna
have to deal with it with the maestro
baby on fire learn live it love it what
else is going on here so yeah oh the
people who were there last night a lot
of them were gold and holders in other
words they were dudes who are used to
holding gold as a store of value and are
now transitioning into Bitcoin as a
store of value as gold 2.0 so they are
just used to that holding because all
you do with gold is just hold it in some
Bitcoin why not hold it on your Tresor
so it’s people that can easily
transition into that’s what a golden
holder is and why I scream gold and hold
so treat treat Bitcoin as gold as you
used to treat gold as andy hoffman used
to treat gold before he I mean that dude
evolved baby pound that like button for
andy hoffman we’re gonna talk about him
in a second and people were giving
shoutouts to andy hoffman chu I said how
many you know who Eddie Hoffman is
because I I knew the crowd was a golden
hole type crowd and they were all
raising their hands and everything
legend I love these legends baby these
YouTube crypto legends woo and yeah
thanks for everyone I mean the crew down
and red maple we drove up here today
they’re gonna be at the end in ten event
yeah and we’re gonna have a guest from
ret from des a red maple red maple is a
club in Baltimore a red deer is a city
here in Alberta red maple was a club in
Baltimore it closed down I used to
frequent that club was good it was a
good place in a state a lot of good
stories there from when I value my
wealth and women pound that anyway fork
drop I oh there’s
they’ll be here tonight they’re based
out of Edmonton want to give them a
shout out
I actually I link again I linked to the
Bitcoin solutions who have been great i
link to them below if you’re if you’re
and people came down from Edmonton last
night to go to to read read dear and
they’ll be here tonight to and again
come on over dudes he starts like 6:30 7
o’clock tonight there’s gonna be a
barbecue it’s just a few blocks from
where I am it’s linked to below so here
in uh at least in Alberta there are more
women in crypto than the usual five
percent I guess they’ve got they’re very
independent type of women libertarian
acting on their own its deaf deafened
like it might be like eight percent or
ten percent or so which is a big
difference from the usual five percent
that we get so that that’s an
interesting observation from women and
who knows what will be observed tonight
yeah and it’s Bitcoin and beers that’s
the name of the dudes actually in
Vancouver in Red Deer and they’re doing
something I think in Toronto just I mean
this is I’m giving all sorts of
shoutouts to the Alberta crew was a man
thing there have been really good to me
and yet someone spilled some beer on my
computer last night like it was huge
feeling it dropped my computer’s fine
everyone thanks for the people who were
very concerned about that it’s fine and
it was all good it’s all good baby
this laptop takes it kicking it keeps on
licking know it takes a look at it keep
so kicking got that one backwards no I
haven’t been getting my eight hours of
sleep the entire time I’m here tonight I
will and tomorrow is this week in
Bitcoin at 2 p.m. we are gonna Aaron
Vaughn we’re diamonds gonna be their
guest I guess from New York a guest from
read read from Alberta read dear I’ll
leave it all as a surprise
hopefully Aaron would show never know
he’s in Europe things happen world cup
happens yeah I’m sorry about that
England yeah really
anyone would have won the World Cup the
Bitcoin price would have gone up I
really will I think it would have made a
hey does that mean if France wins maybe
that all look that you see that’s how
crazy this is I mean it’s it’s just as
logical to say oh you know but
you worry about technical analysis and
then worry about what who wins the World
Cup what that means the Bitcoin is very
similar type of stuff
just hold your Bitcoin not to worry
about new world who owns the big who
wins the World Cup or who who what
technical analysis nonsense number six
six I think if you’re a trader or a
parley any of your traders they don’t
work the bottom lines don’t worry about
the Fiat price one big point equals one
big one okay what else do I have here oh
yeah this coin the big coin rodeo gave
this commemorative coin I just wanted to
show it to everyone thank you big coin
grip oh it’s upside down thank you big
coin rodeo people it is going to rock
next year we’re gonna return next year
I’m gonna bring a bigger posse next year
we’re gonna talk about it soon got to
email you guys I’m behind on a lot of
emails so many you do is trying to be in
motion but I’m too much in motion I had
so little time I can’t get back to you
again check out yesterday’s video if you
want to see about being in motion and
being in front of some of the most
beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen in my
Wow Wow Alberta the park was it a Banff
National Park it’s a really beautiful
place up here um I wouldn’t want to be
here during the winter but during the
summer it’s it’s really nice okay so a
we’ve got these Bitcoin ETF rumors again
what is this 2016 2017 everything is
cyclical I don’t know when that I don’t
know when the ETF is gonna happen dudes
I know it’s gonna happen eventually be
patient long-term thinking if you’re new
to this space we went through this rumor
cycle before we’ll probably go through
it again it’ll happen eventually the big
money is coming
don’t try to time it just like think
long term past the year 2020 2020 having
learned learn about it I was on fire
last night by the way I mean I was like
sweating I mean that room was packed it
was it was a good time ok speaking of
cyclical well Panda says tether appoints
former AML Quality Control Manager at
Bank of Montreal as chief compliance
officer let’s see what kind of tether
FUD will come next he says dude you are
so right whenever tether has
News tether flood is sure to follow
which translates into bitcoins it was
only is only where it is because of
tether this is cyclical also but yeah
get used to it newbies this tether thing
they’ll issue a press release then will
come the Fudd then we’ll come Bitcoin is
nothing because it’s only based on
tether or some insane nonsense so let’s
let’s get into another whale pan that
Street that it just I mean talks about
the danger of exchange is playing around
on the exchanges that you’re not
familiar with keeping any value at an
exchange is silly but some of these are
like bordering on really shady schemes
so he says jokingly new exchange model
create own token mine with transaction
mining allow zero zero fee trading
distribute fees to trade holders create
a lot of fake zero fee volume so you can
rank high on coin market cat a sky CEOs
for insane listed fees since you’re a
top-ranked exchange to keep the Ponzi
going alright first of all that’s
another reminder coin market cap do not
treat it as the Bible if you’re looking
in terms of like all if you’re looking
in terms of coins you know Bitcoin
dominance all this other stuff and if
you’re looking in terms of oh is this
exchange legitimate enough based on the
volume be careful we care you should
have been trading anyway people I mean
people I am not gonna I mean I know this
very well I can’t convince people to
hold many people to hold I think events
some but so many are just a dick they
just are addicted to trading I mean they
can be totally on my side with so many
other things and then they’ll just ask
me like what do you think about the
latest development in iota I mean didn’t
we just have a long conversation about
like holding and not trading and like I
like there are all these technical
aspects of all these alt coins and like
you know what I think based on this
technical development is supposed to
happen in August that the all coin will
pump then great I don’t
care about that develop I don’t it’s
nonsense to me do you value your wealth
in Bitcoin it’s all gambling you’re it’s
more likely that’s korietz on a bunch of
Koreans are gonna get a pump group
together and that will affect the price
of your precious altcoin did some real
technical thing that one smart dude is
doing that sounds kind of fancy
buzzwords but we’re of crypto buzzwords
pound that like button man you get the
straight talk from the bitcoinmeister
and again hear people out there like
he’s a de Maistre really your name yes
yes my real name is adam meister they’re
from baltimore there’s some jewish guys
they meister we’ve been there since 1904
1905 Versailles last thing was different
when we came over but they got to check
it was some Russian garbage battling who
knows what you know they anyway I’m not
gonna get into that name was probably
given us in over there
you know Jewish people the old days
didn’t have last names you were just the
son of whoever so yeah Mike but Meister
is my real last name of everyone that is
that is a yes it’s a German last yeah of
course it is a German last thing we’re
not German at all they just gave us
thank Hashem we got this they gave us is
awesome last name it’s it’s helped me a
lot in life
I got domain names I be coin Meister
they’re shocked when they see my
driver’s license I don’t show much well
anyway so let’s let’s go on let’s go
hunt gotta be careful what you show so
lightning Network Oh people been asking
me about lightning Network again they’re
getting pumped follow the lightning
Network statistics Twitter feed I link
to it below everything I talk about is
link to below
it’s Ln stats and their latest tweet is
a lightning network maintenance reached
60 Bitcoin capacity doubled since July
1st 2018 awesome so for all you
Lightning Network freaks out there
follow them like me Ellen stats and
speaking of Lightning Network the great
Nick back to you who is in motion who’s
like Adam you gotta want remind my
awesome medium
and I he sent me this a while a few days
ago and I haven’t I still haven’t read
it it is deep and this is the second one
the first one I read the second one is
also deep here
Bitcoin risk spectrum the Bitcoin risk
spectrum but here is a quote from it
people and people are talking about this
and this is an intriguing quote Bitcoin
state – lightning is the most unique
income-producing asset asset in all of
monetary history income with zero
counterparty risk the historical
implications of this on capital markets
are tremendous so that should get you
guys interested in all this check nick’s
article out list link to below Vinny’s
lingham tweet about Robin Hood Robin
Hood is continuing to add more cryptos
with a lot more plan for later this year
zero Commission trading for the u.s. is
game-changing okay that’s an interesting
opinion their weight the the Robin Hood
people do have a post out there i link
to that also below
litecoin and be cash are now on Robin
Hood crypto so Robin hood-like coinbase
is one of these players that helps
define whether you like it or not what
the top-tier altcoin who that who they
are what they are whatever the top-tier
all coins and yeah we’re getting closer
to where it’s gonna be obvious which all
coins are at the top tier ones and it’s
a you know who Tresor list who coin
based deals with Robin Hood deals with
whoever the next big seller of crypto in
United States is you know there’s
there’s all sorts of things but we’re
beginning the formation of top-tier
that the clear definition all right or
Andy Hoffman has he again I mention
Danny Hoffman has a tweet out there he’s
given his his opinion of be rhodium this
is Andy’s opinion when be rhodium washes
this summer its motto will be whether
this is true I guess it this is the I
believe this is this is not an opinion
we’ll be hold till you die and beyond
actually says hot hot Oh till you die
and Beyond unofficially of course as
this brand-new blockchain was created by
anonymous developers for anonymous
miners initial supply will be no more
than 750,000 with little more to come
ever so yet he likes that scarcity asset
aspect of it you guys know about that
check out Andy’s Twitter below of course
something I learned here there is a
little down in Colombia Colombia is near
Venezuela so many people are getting on
a Venezuela with Bitcoin apparently and
then they sell it immediately in
Colombia that the price of Bitcoin you
can buy it in a discount in Colombia
maybe it’s just that the people getting
out of Venezuela are just desperate for
some reason to sell their Bitcoin for
some reason or another I hadn’t had any
one form in as well to confirm this but
I did have someone in Columbus someone
who had been in Colombia say that yeah
you can buy it in near the Venezuelan
border with in Colombia you can get
Bitcoin for cheaper than United States
because these Venezuelans are selling it
they’re not offended by selling their
their Bitcoin or their i guess when they
cross the border they need Sofia
obviously not the Venezuelan Fiat I
guess dollars look into that for my bed
as well i crew give me some insight on
that sorry I didn’t ask you guys about
it but yeah and people in Colombia is it
true you can get it 10% 20% discount on
Bitcoin from people running in in from
Venezuela it has it affected the entire
Colombian market very interesting stuff
I’m learning here in Canada of all
places because people were in motion
people who came to the conference have
been to other places you guys gotta get
around see what’s really going on in the
crypto world in real life go to get out
of your little your state your city your
country yes a don’t just don’t go out to
eat for a while you’ll save enough money
to get them a plane and go somewhere
awesome again you send me your events
people I’ll talk about your events if
you’re in motion dude I appreciate all
the people that are in motion okay
oh by the way we had that litecoin story
here the other day about like cow
foundation being involved in a purchase
of a bank that story you heard it here
before you heard it on the mainstream
crypto outlets out there so hey man you
get unique stuff here people tuning in
here I love it I’m having a great time
bringing you guys the news and opinions
and just making your hands stronger
uncompensated we’ll remember
Bitcoin is uncomfortable nothing this is
a Bitcoin this is a Bitcoin keepsake
from the Bitcoin rodeo oh yeah okay what
do we have
yeah I R I said again red beer last
night was that Moxie’s that’s a pretty
good place thanks for setting that up
guys again and thanks for setting up
admin can catch every one there’s so
many people the fact that made this
possible me and I’m gonna be hanging
this is my event in Edmonton and then
I’m just chilling here until August a
second and yeah I’ll be meeting with the
crypto dudes – you know this Airbnb I’m
staying by the way the hotel that I
stayed the Sheraton in Red Deer I got
like the suite man it was awesome my
people hook me up
nice nice time but here this Airbnb is
pretty cool in Edmonton and the guy who
owns it I’m like come to the crypto
event tonight he was interested in
crypto he was one of those kind of guys
make some fixes and stuff like well you
know it was too expensive a solid drop
my friends told me to get into it he
because he’s a good guy though I be we
had a fight ah he’s a good guy
maybe he’ll get into it he trades other
things apparently so uh what else now
we’re not gonna talk about that
Philadelphia remember I’ll be there
August 18th is coming up soon with Ken
Bozak link to below crypto coin con-com
get in for $45 if you use the
bitcoinmeister 45 discount code below I
feel like I forgot something I probably
did but anyway i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister this rotmeister remember
to subscribe to this channel like this
video share this video check out the
links section below
it’ll be cool to hang out with some
Edmonton dudes tonight man it’s gonna be
a good event at the Edmonton not the
Edmonton meet up see you guys soon bye

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