The 1 Bitcoin Show- BTC billionaires, Bprivate on HitBTC, Bcash event, MoneroV

September 16, 2019

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
April the 30th 2018 gold and hold long
term thinking strong hand
alright everyone my last night in Denver
in less than 24 hours I will be in
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North Korea and be cash at the same time
alright so quit here Polonius has an
announcement and I link to it below we
have received some questions on the
upcoming mineiro hard fork at block one
five six four nine sixty five we plan to
pause Manero deposits and withdrawals
starting at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on
April 29th which was yesterday and
reenable once the network stabilizes we
do not plan the support Minero V at
it’s time but you can choose to moon it
move your Mineiro to an exchange that
supports multiple in there of forks stay
tuned for more information on how we
plan to approach listings fork swaps and
air drops on Polonia X going forward
okay so pelota X is about to develop a
policy toward crypto dividends airdrops
whatever you want to call them Forks but
it is interesting they’re shutting down
Manero for this for this manera v fork
which is going to either happen on May
2nd or May the 3rd and I’m fascinated by
this because it appears this is going to
be the biggest non bitcoin fork ever I
mean so far excuse me excuse me so far
because I mean Polonia axe is shutting
down Manero for this so that’s pretty
big if they’re they’re gonna do that
will the price of Manero pump in the
next few days with people trying to own
Manero at the time of the fork so they
get their free Manero v we shall see
won’t we
it is this will be interesting because
there’s been it’s been controversial but
good luck to the Monaro V people they’ve
been they’ve been polite you know they
they’ve reached out to me they’ve
answered my questions when I have
contacted them and they’ve received
their share of food out there but we’ll
see mate may 2nd or 3rd and wait found
that like button everyone check out the
links below subscribe to the channel go
over to tech ball on twitter
bitcoinmeister on steam it alright so I
stumbled upon a link to a be cash
conference in Hong Kong on May the 18th
yes it’s linked to below when you can
see all the speakers and that’s I saw my
cell mate 18th that’s three days after
their May the 15th hard fork which
people are apparently looking forward to
and we’re pumping the price because of
anyway when you’ve got when it’s
centralized like that you can plan
things like this and that the conference
very professional obviously so I mean
maybe the conference’s be it’s not a
coincidence that’s being held right
after the hard fork date they know how
to pump their coin over there and good
luck to them it’s the usual suspect
speaking I mean it’s like the same top
four people can you name them I bet you
king of the trolls Rocketman whoo
fake Satoshi and then the guy who makes
the site that’s a copy of steamin I’m
not even gonna say the name of his site
yeah those four got and again raka man
who is respected in Asia okay we’ve been
through this before I’ve had people tell
me this from Korea he people when he
gets behind something day they don’t in
Asia in Korea and Japan wherever China
Hong Kong they don’t have the same you
know in our english-speaking crypto
space there’s a lot of be cache hate and
you know there’s some real no fan of
king of the trolls obviously I don’t say
his name but over there it’s a different
world they have respect for rocket man
woo because I well partially because
he’s Asian there I mean Asian people
they don’t have Asian guilt you know
there’s in Western society there’s his
white guilt thing you can’t like of hurt
you know in Asia we hope it they bond
you know he’s a fellow he’s a Chinese
guy I’m Chinese I like him let’s go
let’s do this you know
so whatever deal with it so but but
again he there’s a different different
feelings over there so when you if
you’re shocked you know and again in in
the english-speaking crypto space right
now there’s a lot of talk about suing
aspects of be cash well you know be cast
adjust all the Sun just focus everything
on Asia if they want to and age is
pretty darn big and maybe they are
already are to tell you truth II they’ve
had other events out there hey man they
can be totally successful if they just
focus on Asia and abandon all the
english-speaking people I mean it’s not
wouldn’t be that it would probably be
good for them I don’t want to give them
an advice or anything like that
I mean king of the trolls lives in Japan
so he’s already out there now there is a
fifth speaker I know there’s a lot
there’s a fifth eye who I think might be
the number five guy and be cash now and
he’s a guy I like he’s a guy I respect
he’s a guy I know Laurie and gamma Roth
is speaking there also and he is a
friend of mine of course and he’s been
on the show before so I bring him up and
maybe he’s not the fit was popular guy
in B cash and he’s listed prominently
there he’s doing some good things with
his company sent B now you can look him
up and everything I mean again you go to
link below where you see speaking at uh
but anyway that’s why I say you know
Laureen is one of the reasons I say I
know good people that are involved with
this they’re not all gangsters are doing
this out of sinister I mean he really
believes in this thing I mean and to eat
if he wants to secede from Bitcoin and
he thinks that’s the way I mean I have
no problem with that he’s still my
friend everything I was hacked he I mean
he got me to South Africa man I mean I
was I was there side by side with him at
the event back in the in March and you
know again and if someone tries to rip
on him and say well I’m suspicious
because he likes be cash I mean I’m I’m
gonna have an argument with you dude
because I’ve been side by side with that
man on the streets of Harare on the
streets of your house for her on the
streets of Baku – and I don’t think
hardly any of you even bid all those
streets let alone understand what that
even means that that’s a true friend
there so anyway I went off a little
tangent but I I think that’s a good
example of how we can reach across the
aisle or whatever you want to say you
could be friends with people that you
don’t 100% agree with and just because
someone is not doesn’t believe that
Bitcoin is necessary the rock and maybe
he does believe the truth bitcoin is the
rock but he thinks that’s Bitcoin anyway
not everyone I have met other people who
like be cash who are nice people who
again if you treat it just as another
altcoin and yeah and the person is not
like preaching this is the real Bitcoin
then you know let them be it’s just
another all coin all right that that
tangent went on a little longer than I
thought but again he’s my Laureen has a
filmer show for a while I gotta getting
back on the show
and you know check out the archives
check out his links he’s a smart guy
so here’s it’s all cyclical Bowman and
this is another be cash thing
well panda has a tweet out there who
says that
Gemini might list be cash in June
there’s a rumor now I don’t know if this
rumor is true but I thought about it and
you know what eventually Gemini is gonna
is gonna list be cash and it’s gonna
pump because Gemini is gonna list it so
it’s just a reminder to all the people
that say you know be cash is dead now B
it’s all cyclical it will pump again
they’ll be a reason for a theory of the
pump again they’ll be a reason for
litecoin to pump again they’ll be a
reason from a narrative pumpkin it might
be miss for coming up it’s all cyclical
with these all coins they do they do
pump they the top tier ones whether
you’d like to admit their top tier or
not they they’ll go away and so that I
don’t know if that rumor is true I did
it did spark my thought process they’re
not because it’s going to happen in June
necessarily but it is going to happen
one day and that’s just something that
people blow out of proportion and it
pumps on and maybe they’ll coordinate it
with another conference maybe if they’ll
have it happen on May 18th I don’t know
there would be a better time for it to
happen actually where there have the
conference when they’re after its forked
alright so here is a value your wealth
in Bitcoin tweet from Aztec BTC that
brings that remember I had a friend of
mine used to have a nickname asked Aztec
nine he called himself that was his DJ
name after you know like a tec-9 Aztec
nine and no he wasn’t even Mexican his
girlfriend was though alright so here is
the seven Habits of Highly successful
people one by big coin to make some more
big point three make lots more big point
for keep buying big coin five make even
more big coin six don’t stop making
Bitcoin seven repeat steps one through
six is to say this is one to seven
anyway value your wealth in Bitcoin
that’s the ultimate example right there
a guy named Richard Sabo or
my my chat from Friday’s this week a
Bitcoin and that’s linked to below check
out the archives link below of Friday
show Saturday’s show and Sunday’s show
all very good shows I’d say he says
people my age and I guess he’s his fists
police have seen technolon + might be
his 60s actually have seen technological
changes over the last 30 years to not
appreciate that is crazy
not long ago people wouldn’t use credit
cards on the internet today no one
thinks twice so their hardest point was
is that you know I I was saying it or
some of us were saying that a senior
citizen or not well people in their 60s
50s are gonna have are gonna be stubborn
about adopting Bitcoin but he has a
point there was a time of people were
scared they were no I won’t you put my
credit card on the internet and now
everyone does and that includes quite a
few people who are actually in their 70s
so let’s let’s have bitcoin have its
Netscape moment where it’s easier to use
okay it’s still not there yet I think
once it’s easier to use yeah then then
we will see it it will be district
distributed a little bit more evenly
among the over 60 crowd so very
interesting that you I like that you
reminded us of that Richard that things
do change fast you know it wasn’t that
long ago people won’t put their credit
cards information on the Internet not
the banks that say from hell all right
so hit BTC is an exchange and it appears
the day there was a lot of a dumping of
all sorts of coins were going down in
fiat value and including bad you know
and I don’t care because I value my
wealth the big point I still have the
same amount of Bitcoin as I did
yesterday but hippies TCI link to this
below is now listing be private and be
privates price surged in in terms of the
Bitcoin which is how you should value
wealth because bitcoin was going down it
went up it was it was the only thing
going up today and that’s because it was
listed on hit BTC which again shows that
if you’re a crypto dividend if you’re an
altcoin that these exchanges are still
the kingmakers and you gotta have it
lined up before your debut to beat to
get onto these exchanges now I believe
in their Avia’s already scheduled to be
on hit BTC so that’s pretty good and uh
in the be private read it someone left
this funny joke and I don’t think they
meant it as a joke ret leaves and good
things happen laugh out loud
coincidence and the next person says I
think you have made a very good point
I’ll leave it at that it is it is a
little odd that the listing happens at
two days or a day after the guy leaves I
mean again people are saying it was that
some of these exchanges had issues with
him I don’t know they shouldn’t have had
a figurehead and exchanges should not
have thought they had a figurehead I’ve
interacted with plenty of dudes over
there there’s plenty of guys working on
be private over there and Giuseppe has
been on this show before helped me on
the show again maybe I’ll get them on
this week or next week okay there’s a
guy named Jose Bitcoin in my chat and he
and a bad way if you’re watching this
live you can do this super channel I
answer your questions
jose bitcoin says in the chat it tall
the second-largest brazilian bank is los
launching a exchange via its subsidiary
XP investiment those that is super new
information for you Adam okay so I
didn’t if you google XP investiment
those Bitcoin it does come up you know
is show some rumors back in October and
now they’re talking it’s all in
Portuguese and now they’re talking about
it again in March and April I don’t know
III don’t know how exclusive this
information is it if it’s really
happening it seems like it’s getting
closer to happening I mean that’s
interesting in a Bitcoin exchange by
that’s associated with the second
largest bank in Brazil all right by the
way dudes I’ve been the REO before it
was there in November of 2015 just
thought I’d point that out and yes it’s
harder for an American to get into
Brazil dan Uruguay
Chile and Argentina and that is Brazil’s
fought they make you get a visa not a
good idea Brazil
hey I like but I do but I do have a kind
of easy to go to Brazil now because I
there’s a reason I had to go there
anyway and it was it was interesting I
sorry man I prefer not that guys I
prefer when the country makes it easy
you know you you start out with a bad
taste in your mouth when you’re in a
country and Rio is very crowded it’s
very yeah it’s kind of dirty I yeah
Buenos Aires in Montevideo but hey again
I’ll return to Brazil if you want me to
check out another city
all right enough for his ill talk but no
I presume has horrible financial
problems every five years every ten
years their leaders are corrupt so I
won’t be I want to do and I’ve got I
love the Portuguese culture man I love
Portugal i Mozambique I’ve been to and
of course Brazil I’ve been to and I want
everyone in all three of those countries
to take advantage of a Bitcoin
especially in Mozambique and Brazil
where it’s just horrible financial
policies and and the P if you get a hold
of Bitcoin in Brazil your and especially
in Mozambique you’re gonna become elite
real fast over there real fast all right
and it’s clear you’re a twenty percent
if you can if you can manage to get your
hands on Brazil and be a citizen of one
of those countries get your hands off
Bitcoin and be be a citizen of one of
those countries and yeah man I’d want to
get a piece of Brazil too if I valued my
wealth and women still okay so very
welcome Bitcoin Bitcoin here is a tweet
from a Jose also says Bitcoin is the
foundation of the skyscraper I’d like
Jose I like that a lot you should create
Bitcoin sayings there is this dude from
Baltimore with spiky black hair he
creates all these bitcoins sayings I
really liked to watch that dudes Channel
I mean he really is loyal to the Orioles
to my god that guy who Hey okay so
the Tresor just added a feature so you
can check your seed without needing to
wipe the device there and I have known
many a paranoid person who want to make
sure their recovery seed is really their
recovery seed but it hasn’t been easy to
do so in the past now
they have a feature I link to that below
traceur you are the best dude town that
like button alright
Alistair Milne has a tweet do you agree
with this tweet it made me think quite a
bit Bitcoin will probably create more
billionaires than the internet did I
don’t know I think it I think it will
but what do you mean by the internet by
the dot-com boom definitely it’ll create
more than the dot-com boom did now we’ve
got a lot of guys who maybe who got
wealthy from the internet I know what no
no Alistair is correct
Alistair is correct ice bitcoin will
probably create more billionaires than
the internet did because bitcoin is
going to create the world’s first
trillionaire pound that like butter
alright there is a guy that is in motion
who’s got t-shirts he’s got a
set up he’s been in contact with me a
lot i link to it below he said solid one
big point t-shirt give him some props
man he’s in motion he got in touch with
me I’ve been touch with him about quite
a few things he asked me questions you
know he’s a good guy so check out a
month I don’t have a shirt but check it
out you can see his shirt he sells it on oh right did I cover
everything I was supposed to cover on
today’s show it feels like I skipped
something I’m not alright i’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember to subscribe this
channel like this video share this video
to check out the notes section below i
will say hello to all the people who are
in the chat right now

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