The 1 Bitcoin Show- Bprivate, Ethereum, the future Coinbase of Lightning Network, India

August 8, 2019

Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
January the 29th 2018 strong hand value
your wealth in Bitcoin buy an old
Bitcoin be patient
alright check out the links section
below and get a cryptography T t-shirt
crypto a chihuahua comm ledger nano Trez
or stores devices galore I gotta jump
right into this in a big rush I’m going
to read basically my notes because I
haven’t even reviewed them since I you
know jotted them down for the last few
hours here but again the Taipei Meetup
I’m in Taipei Thursday at 7 p.m. that
link is below
okay see classic let’s talk about there
that people talk about be private Z
classic out there and in the Twitter
world and they’re implying that Z
classic is a tricky player and all of
this and I’ve said it before and I’m
gonna say it again
the Z classic price should drop
incredibly in theory after the fork once
it Forks in to be private in this
irrational world though 80 percenters
may keep it up in some way but it will
have you know I’ll have like no
developers or very few developers this
fork is a way of morphing Z classic into
something Bitcoin II so all Z classic
holders are getting this for free you’re
ending up with something more valuable
it’s nothing to complain about
and let unless you keep it an exchange
and then the exchange doesn’t you know
I’m hoping these exchanges do credit
people with the be private if they’re
holding Z classic
you know it’ll be a very good PR move if
they do so so if they don’t and it’ll be
a bad a bad PR mood for the exchanges it
won’t be good for be private it’ll be
another lesson why you have to control
your private key but there are a lot of
people who have gotten into Z classic
they have no idea how to hold their Z
classic on what wall it’s what’s safe so
they’re just keeping it on exchanges now
and yeah hopefully we’re gonna put
pressure on the two main exchanges the
credit people be private that have Z
classic now on there but anyway it’s
it’s no secret that you know what’s
going to happen the Z classic after the
fork I mean no one’s trying to make it
seem like Z classic is gonna be the Z
incredible valuable incredibly valuable
commodity after it Forks into be private
and again and people are saying yo it’s
it’s it’s don’t buy a $150 Z classic now
in order to get be private yeah I mean
who 20 percenters first of all they
don’t go buying $150 all coins that were
like worth 10 bucks four weeks ago
okay buy and hold Bitcoin this channel
is about buying Bitcoin so I don’t I
don’t see the problem out there of Z of
you know people are complaining about Z
classic but I think it’s it’s a bunch of
fun it’s you know the the truth is out
you um you you know if you feel like
here it is the bottom line if you think
be private is going to be worth more
than the current price of Z classic then
buying Z classic is not the worst is not
the worst thing in the world I’m not
saying you do that I’m never saying to
do that I’m just saying there is logic
behind all this it’s it’s not some
there’s not sinister intentions but 80
percenters are gonna get confused no
matter what
if your need percenter don’t even mess
with this just hold on to your Bitcoin
you’re going to get your crypto dividend
eventually again speaking of be private
crypto Jake who is like a marketing dude
over there he says and I linked to this
tweet below and this is something people
are wondering about I mentioned it a
little bit yesterday we do not have
plans to implement segments at this time
however we have implemented a workaround
to allow individuals with Bitcoin and
sequitur dresses to obtain their be
private okay that clears it up he also
says that it’s not going to be a right
away thing or you’re gonna have to wait
if you’ve got it in a segment address
and by the way in the end of the day
this delay to reward segment address
holders is going to create a second mini
round of distribution that could add
more to the hype of a be private it it
no doubt is another factor in the future
price and by the way people who ask me
Adam what do you think the price is
going to be I don’t know what the
praises god I mean yeah I was just
hoping hoping as a Bitcoin holder that
it’s it’s more than more than the be
gold I mean I originally I thought you
know it would be 1% all these are ending
up 1% of the price of Bitcoin I’ll be
happy with 1% I mean already the Z
classic price has gone up to 1% so one
has to assume that the be private price
is going to be over 1% alright let us
let us move on to other topics remember
you can follow me on twitter at tech
te CH p alt if you’re in the chat you
want to do a super chat I’ll answer your
question and of course its steam it I am
bitcoinmeister so we talked a little bit
about visa
aetherium flipping thawed and I’ve
called it I called it myth
and for so far it has been just the myth
in terms of the market cap of aetherium
going above the market cap of Bitcoin
and that’s what a flipping is but also
the past I did say that you know it
could happen and it could happen if
Ripple eclipsed aetherium in terms of
market cap and surely aetherium could
eclipse Bitcoin in market cap but the
point is why does that matter and that
you should not let something like that
distract you from holding your Bitcoin
long-term again because in the long term
Bitcoin wins and that’s the bottom line
and it never changes this is a
buy-and-hold channel for Bitcoin a
channel based on valuing your wealth in
Bitcoin etherium is not a golden hold
investment but pumpers frame it in that
way in a lot and a lot of the noise that
will make people weak and it is coming
from those type of people and if you
listen too much you’re gonna make a
mistake and it gets some of this people
who are pumping aetherium now we’re
pumping ripple a few weeks ago this is
this is not an IC o channel if you want
to get into IC O’s and I think it’s a
horrible idea again these icy OS then
you’re gonna need an ER C 20 token so
good luck you know you know I guess get
get aetherium then but we have been
through all of this before is another
point I’m trying to make here and I
would say that 24 some of the people
talking aetherium understand what it is
supposed to do and they don’t care about
the market cap and the flipping while
the other 80% would be very willing to
replace the word aetherium with any op
going flavor of the month so Bitcoin
holders that’s what this channel caters
to okay have a strong hand don’t don’t
get caught up in all of that
craziness I mean if you want to learn
about a theory I’ve learned it from the
people who use it and who aren’t like
who just aren’t in it because it’s the
latest aucoin flavor the month
it’s the latest way to threaten Bitcoin
because that’s not what aetherium is if
cerium is not a golden hole type of
thing it is not a direct competitor with
Bitcoin but some people use it in a way
to scare people out of their Bitcoin as
a way to weaken your Bitcoin strong
hands so don’t let that happen and
Google I mean again good luck to the
etherion people I hope it goes up in
price I mean I have a theory of because
I was I got lucky back in the crowd sale
days of 2014 I ended up with 20
I paid $6 for 20 of them or whatever so
but again this channel is about Bitcoin
holding and with all that being said
here’s a tip for all the ico pumpers out
there here you go I see o people if you
have an IC o—-
and you want to pump it up you should
give it away for free you should give
your token away for free as a crypto
isn’t a theory of crypto dividend to all
the etherium addresses with over one
Bitcoin I think that it might cost like
$100,000 would do that I don’t know I
used to know how much that cost I don’t
know any more has probably changed uh
anyway I know most of these ICO people
are broke but if they happen to have you
know a legitimate business skills and
have saved some money over time it will
very much be worth it for them to spend
some wealth to give away a their token
and heavily market it over social media
and promote their token it will
differentiate their coin their token
from the pack which I mean I see first
hand at this conference in San Francisco
how everyone and their mother is trying
to sell you a pointless token
and 80 percenters will eventually pay
for what others get for free so if
you’ve got a night if you’ve got a token
give it away for free
make it a crypto dividend this will
differentiate you the people who move on
this and a few people have done that you
know the Xenon people are there’s some
other people out there that dumbness but
if you really heavily market it you give
it away it’s been shown time and time
again that the 80 percenters who didn’t
get it for free are gonna buy it and
pump up the price and you’re gonna get
you’re gonna you know it’s better than
just trying to sell your you’re crazy i
co @ i co token at some you know with
banner ads and at some san francisco
event again that’s enough marketing of
ice for adam meister that’s enough free
crypto advice from adam meister email me
and Adam at resort help calm if you if
you want a crypto consultation
pertaining in this subject or if you
want a crypto consultation on other
subjects or whatever but you know there
are IC o—- people who try to make me
buy their you know they talk about my I
co-taught yeah buy my IC o—- know but
I know they’re willing to talk about you
know ways for you to innovatively give
away your IC o—- for your token for
free cuz I’m a crypto dividend guy and I
I’m a confident guy anyway I’m Way going
back to the flippin the possible
aetherium flipping thud be be aware that
you know be cash people will use that
awesome they will they will talk about
the ethereal flip inning and use it as
an opportunity to pump me cash you know
to weaken Bitcoin and weaken bitcoins
momentum because of this aetherium
flipping that might happen one day and
you know what you should get into B cash
I mean yet encrypt the etherium crypto
noise is a great way to lay the
groundwork for a be cash pump keep an
eye out for that fun people and they
couldn’t know what B cash could easily
hit now that we’re talking about D cash
d cash could easily hit two thousand
dollars again
when bitcoin is still you know what it
is right now so it can approach point to
BTC again which again value your wealth
in Bitcoin so they’ll try to expect
anything it’s all cyclical everything
that I talked about in this video is all
cyclical we’ve had a theory of flipping
talk we’ve had people make aetherium the
flavor of the month we’ve had be cast
beautiful aim and we’re gonna see it all
again the lesson that you derive from
all this is have your strong hand
because bitcoin wins in the long run
don’t don’t you will regret Brett
selling your Bitcoin for any off point
flavor of the month pal Matt like button
alright what else do we have here for
Texas show on vortexes world crypto
Network show on Sunday he mentioned the
Lightning Network and it was mostly
about Lightning Network innovations and
he talked about how there is a race to
become the coinbase of the Lightning
Network to be the blockchain not info of
the Lightning Network in other words
there are all these companies and
individual individuals who are taking
risks to play around with the Lightning
Network so they become huge players in
the Lightning Network ecosystem and
where they’re gonna be the name to know
on the Lightning Network just like big I
mean like them or hate them
coin base is a huge player in Bitcoin
they’ve done very well and their main
stream when it comes to Bitcoin okay
same with blockchain Don info love them
or hate them so this is why people are
willing to to do all sorts of
experiments on this untested Lightning
Network which I do not recommend that
you do right now you know who you know
but again compare this to people you
know we supposedly have all these all
coins out there that have incredible
technology how many companies and
individuals you see rushing on to
experiment with these alt coins that
become the coin base of these
coins none not at all but you see I mean
do you want to be the next the coinbase
of me oh no you don’t see people all
these companies individuals willing to
take such huge risk to play around with
me you know you see it with the
Lightning Network I’m just pulling neo
out of my backside there you know
there’s you can name your off point
flavor of the month from Asia or from
wherever and so anyway I linked to
vortexes awesome show below and also
something else that was mentioned by
Francois on there are Frances excuse me
he’s been on this show before
vortex has been on my show before
they’re great guys
well they’ve been on this week in
Bitcoin before but the when is this the
3iq corporation announces global crypto
asset fund to invest in multiple crypto
assets this is a Canadian crypto mutual
fund basically so that’s that’s news
it’s news good job you know Canada
there’s some progress there in Canada in
terms of mainstream financial adoption
in terms of traditional financial
markets treating Bitcoin in a similar
way you know making a mutual fund out of
it or whatever
so so good for them and good Thank You
Francis for that ruse and again I link
to that show below on the world crypto
Network very good my buddies my partners
on the world crypto Network and again my
international show will be on there soon
and if you just listen to this on
podcast you already know yeah Adam shows
on the the girl crypto Network podcast
tone show vortexes show it’s all on the
podcast that you can listen to and hey I
always tell people listen to these shows
speaking of Cohn again he will be in the
DC area in February and I again I forgot
one of it base he’ll be there from the
14th to the 17th I believe which is
traditionally when it snows in the
Baltimore Washington area
all right we’ll talk about that power
right okay India let’s talk about India
real quick
a fan of mine from India sent out he’s
the banks are sending out emails warning
people about cryptocurrency okay he has
an email from his bank that he sent me
that saying hey we know you bought
bitcoin already be careful so let’s keep
track of their people in India very
nicely over there but the banks I think
the government’s are making the bank’s
try to scare people about Bitcoin and
probably the bank’s want people to be
scared about Bitcoin in a way also
alright so thank you for that
information what else do we have here Oh
another Robin Hood of incredible tweet i
link to below from i cant pretty his a
kumar this guy is re over 1 million
people signed up to the Robin Hood
crypto app in the first four days my
lord that is amazing alright that is it
for the Bitcoin part of the show pound
that like button
everyone here is the help health tip of
the day I found out about this guy named
Andrew Pirlo and I do not agree with
this guy on he’s a raw vegan guy I’m not
a raw vegan guy I eat meat I think
humans should have eat animals but even
though I don’t agree with him and
everything he has some very interesting
points he brings up fasting a little bit
he I mean eating fruit is it’s fine it’s
it you know some people have
criminalized fruit almost so andrew
experiments on his body we on his body
with different eating techniques you eat
a lot of he’ll be way too much fruit one
day and try different things out he
experiments and he’s an interesting
person so I linked to this Andrew Pirlo
guy below he’s some of the check out
that is is a healthy person he does it
differently than I do it but there are
some things that I have learned from him
and I was intrigued I was watching a lot
of his videos and again I am not I I you
gotta have that I believe you gotta have
that you
diet he is not on he’s I mean I you can
overdo it on carbs and I don’t think he
thinks that all right now that like when
I’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister remember to subscribe
this channel like this video share this
video check out the notes section below
Bitcoin I’ll see you later bye

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  • Reply Sobuka January 30, 2018 at 5:06 am

    After the fork why don’t they just give the zclassic brand/chain to an established American company that wants to get into the crypto space to “do something”?

  • Reply Jeffrey Butts January 30, 2018 at 5:53 am

    Have you got your #BRhodium?

  • Reply Allusive Ashly January 30, 2018 at 5:57 am

    Nothing wrong with eating meat, but one should be responsible omnivores and make sure not to support meat from horrendous factory farms where animals are tortured in crowded unsanitary conditions and pumped with antibiotics and hormones. This is mass scale animal abuse and the tortured antibiotic laden meat is bad for health as well. Even when buying from humane farms i think it behooves us to not "pig out" on meat but eat as much as is ideal for our health. Most people's health would improve if they ate more vegetables/fruit and less meat/dairy.

  • Reply Peter Lambert January 30, 2018 at 7:54 am

    Pound that like button
    Pound that like button
    Pound that like button

  • Reply Peter Lambert January 30, 2018 at 7:54 am

    Wonder if Robinhood has lightning?

  • Reply BitMex Trades January 30, 2018 at 7:55 am

    I guess robinhood is runing to start up on the alts like coinbase sort of and I expect more will follow?

  • Reply Diego Gonzalez January 30, 2018 at 10:41 am

    Lol. There is no Ethereum FUD. That's just created in your own head. ETH is just going up and your fear is that it wil overtake BTC. The FUD is created by yourself. If you prefer Bitcoin … great then hold it. Nobody is trying to convince BTC holders to dumb their coin to buy ETH. Some people like Adidas, others like Nike.

    But in all honesty, I don't know how you can be so positive about the lightning network. It just gives raise to centralized hubs. I even doubt the 21 million hard cap can be guaranteed by it. Satoshi Nakamoto ensured the hard cap and double spending via a system based around a blockchain that was verified by decentralized miners. That was his great invention. But now transactions are going to be offchain. So Satoshi Nakamoto's invention is going to be bypassed. This means that his invention that ensured valid transactions that couldn't be hacked and avoid double spending is going to be bypassed also. I had a talk with very knowledgeable Bitcoin maximalists and they weren't so confidence about the lightning network. There must be a reason for that. I also subscribed to the dollar vigilante and his informants are very negative about the lightning network. They actually adviced to sell a portion of their Bitcoin and invest in some other options.

  • Reply Ken Spence January 30, 2018 at 12:57 pm

    Thanks Adam, for making it clear to everyone about * NOT * SELLING BITCOIN to buy ZClassic. 🙂

  • Reply Joe R January 30, 2018 at 3:07 pm

    Adam, you need to quit giving health tips until you have experienced being a true vegan. Please watch " What the Health". It is a doc from last year explaining how meat is the cause of many diseases, including diabetes. I have been vegan for over 5 years and have cured many ailments I have experienced my entire life. Meat is disgusting and not meant for our digestive systems. Thanks for your work on Bitcoin.

  • Reply Monkfish39 January 30, 2018 at 3:48 pm

    How will bitcoin win in the long run. It could crash to an unrecoverable position.
    Just checked bitcoins transaction volume and it’s very low. So no ones using bitcoin or even speculating on it, hence the low transactions.
    People are getting into crypto via other altcoins avoiding bitcoin because the transactions fees were to high in the past. With no co-ordinated marketing effort no one will find out about lightening network. If no one knows, no one will buy.
    Also, I’m afraid that the Lightening network is coming online too late. People are already moving on, leaving bitcoin behind.
    I sincerely hope the complacency of the bitcoin community (not marketing bitcoin and pushing for lightening network or better block sizes) hasn’t sent bitcoin to the bin of superior but obsolete tech abit like Betamax and others.
    The reality is that it’s the 80%ers will be the ones who ultimately drive adoption. I know I’m cynical but Unfortunately their ignorance could kill bitcoin. Bitcoins momentum is down I’m afraid. I’m thinking maybe sell my bitcoin and wait till it’s $500 before I buy back my 1 bitcoin.

  • Reply ajfeinman January 30, 2018 at 4:46 pm

    Fruit, vegetables, fish and eggs. Lots and lots of fatty fish. Lots of Avocado. Very little meat. Once in a while I'll have some chicken or duck or a steak. Lots of green tea

  • Reply Kate Andrews January 30, 2018 at 11:28 pm

    Buzz Coin (BUZZ)
    Awesome coin and project I love! Research it has a ton of potential & it helps save bees!!!:)

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