Texas Penny Battle – Houston vs Dallas, Round 2

December 24, 2019

way back on November 9th I posted a
video about Houston vs. Dallas I’ll put a link to that video up here as
well as down below in the video description if you guys want to catch up
on the series or if you missed the video altogether that being said it’s been
about five weeks since I’ve done the second box for this three box hunt
you’ll recall that Houston actually scored 24 and a half points in its first
box compared to my Dallas box only scoring
18 points so we need to make some ground up on this box but since both boxes are
mine I don’t mind having any of the boxes do some serious damage if you’re
ready to watch this penny box battle round 2 of Houston first Dallas
stay tuned hey everybody its Rob with Rob Finds Treasure and that’s right we’re getting ready to do our box two battle Houston vs Dallas – let’s see who’s the
king of Texas in this series now like I said earlier Houston took round 1
against a subpar Dallas box as well these are still with two boxes that I’ve
been sitting on for weeks matter of fact almost two months so it’s
time to get this series wrapped up we’ll do a box to hunt today and sometime in
the next week I’ll do the third box and we’ll see who the winner is
now of course both boxes are opened we had to check them for circulated pennies
which they are and that being said nothing fancy schmancy showed itself on
the end doesn’t mean there’s not something on the other side and of
course I couldn’t check all those yet let me go ahead and get this hunt
started with this first roll from Houston and see if we have any problems
and roll one of the Houston box we are gonna have a dime stuck to a penny I
don’t know if it’s been glued or what but it is stuck to it that’s why we
didn’t see it that’s why it hitchhiked its way into this box
let me see if I can get him separated just so I can put the dime up here at
the miscellaneous fines kind of cool we got him
operated and it’s not silver anyway miscellaneous flying number one roll one
Houston box to roll five of the Houston box and we’re gonna have our first wheat
sent and we get to reveal it the 1946 minted in Philadelphia roll nine weeks
at number two was facing me a fifty-seven d roll number ten is gonna
have a Ford and I believe it’s Canadian 1995 roll fifteen wait sent number three
1953 out of Denver roll nineteen is gonna yield we’d sent number four for
Houston a57 D again roll number 24 is gonna
yield somewhat of an oldie we’d sent number five of the Houston box is gonna
be at 1939 Philadelphia minted we’d said three 40s on the board can’t they get
older roll 28 we’d sent number six and I think I saw a 30 something we did
another three 40s we’d set 1935 Philadelphia they’re getting older my
friends they’re getting older well 32 wait sent number seven 1950 Denver
they’re not getting older anymore roll 33 slide them down and expose the
wheat cent figure we look at it together looks like it’s newer 57 D roll 41
Wade sent number nine looks like it’s probably a 50s 56 Denver rule 42
Canadian number two 1990 rule 44 is gonna yield double-digit wheat cents
number 10 almost an Ender cool Toni 48 Denver same rule waits at number 11 fifty-two filly well Houston box two is
now complete you know what it did pretty good eleven
wheat cents two of which we’re in the 30s the fines were 35 billion at 39
Philly nothing extremely old but we’ll take him we had that odd dime stuck in
there so he made nine cents I’ll take that too Canadians a couple of 59s that
I always pull out and we even managed to score 169 s not the DD oh of course I
don’t know if that box will be in its last box but it’s definitely a decent
set of points for it with eleven wheat since two pre 40s works cut out for me
we’ll go ahead and start my hunt and then we’ll fill you in on the final off
– two boxes see you took round two and who’s in the lead after round two
overall let’s get this Dallas box hunted and let’s fill the board and preparing
the box for hunting I guess I missed it we do have a Canadian 1975 ender we know
we got one find on the board before the hunt even starts roll to the Dallas box
we’re gonna have our first tweet sent it’s a 44 common is day but it gets us
on the board roll number four wait sent number to 1956 Philly roll
number 15 of the Dallas box and we’re gonna have a nice sweet sense the second
coin in from the end of the roll and it’s a pretty nice
50 40 looks like it may have been cleaned just by the way that the luster
is but let’s take a look at that date area yeah
probably cleaned still nice 54 d and I’ll take it we’d sent number three roll
21 we’d sent Pekin out wait set number four it’s gonna have any age to it nope
1954 out of Denver roll 22 another week sent back to back rolls with the wheaty
I’ll take it in 1950 roll 25 the midpoint of the box and yet another 1954
d that’s our third one well it also makes we’d sent number six of
the hunt we’re on a roll 33 of the douse box and it’s the one with the Canadian
Ender 1975 we’ll take it and when I laid it out I think I caught a glimpse of
some wheat ears so we’re gonna have wheat sent number seven as well and it’s
a 53 out of philly roll 35 when we got a nice surprise
we got a wheat sent ender facing reverse so that’s gonna be number eight let’s
see what year it is that we’d sent ender ooh could be old
it’s just a 44 key I believe and it’s heavily damaged so we can’t even really
check for the D over s but I’ll take it wheats at number 8 roll 39 and we cut
the back of a pretty nice-looking wheat scent hopefully it has some age to it
love the toning hey it’s a 55 filly you know we got to check it for doubling it
would have been awesome to find one but it looks pretty normal to me so I don’t
think we’re gonna get one this time but I will take a 55 P says I don’t find too
many of them and they’re always fun to check for the doubled die obverse highly
valuable highly unlikely I’ll find one but I’m always looking we’d sent number
9 on our way to double digits hole 44 is gonna provide us with wheat scent and
number 10 that makes me happy do we have any age to this one it’s the oldest of
the Box 42 d just miss steale by ear rule 47 is gonna have wheat sent number
11 and it is a 1957 out of Philly and I was just looking and this one could be
old it’s a 59 and maybe this one 61 older but not weed since we have 11 now
can’t we get a dozen well we couldn’t get to it doesn’t we finished the box
still 11 weed since it’s not bad too bad none were older than 1940 it was really
nice fine in this beautiful 1955 Philadelphia
don’t see too many and not in great shape when I do find them so I’ll take
that we got one Canadian 659 s and three
pretty nice 70s Lincoln cents right here that I’ll be
just leave it up it’s gonna be a tight one if we did win this round we probably
didn’t make up much ground but let’s get them in the stat sheet and see who wins
round two as well as who’s ahead after two rounds so we’ve got the stats
plugged into the stat sheet and as expected Dallas did take the round 25
points to 23 so one win for Houston one win for
Dallas however Houston is still up twenty three point eight the 21.5 we’ve
got one more box battle to go to decide which big city in Texas will reign
supreme on this three box hunt it’s tight and not to mention there’s not a
lot of fines as far as older ones Houston’s averaging one pre 40s we
deeper box Dallas none they’re both in double
digits on total weed sense found 11 and a half combined to ten so not too bad
there at the end of the day we need a good box from both for the third box to
make it a little more interesting I wonder if Dallas can catch up though
down 2.3 points per box they would have to get about five points more in this
final box over Houston to take the round and the series hopefully you enjoyed
this two box hunt the battle for Texas if you will if you did I’d appreciate a
thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching

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