Testing The Cheapest Smartwatch on Amazon

September 13, 2019

– So you guys know that
I’m absolutely obsessed, borderlining addiction here, with find the cheapest stuff on Amazon. So in my last video, in
case you guys missed it, I found the three cheapest
tablets on Amazon. They were all like under $50,
if you guys missed that video, I’ll leave it right up there in the iCard. Yeah, it looks like it’s bugging out, it’s for sure bugging out. Wow, alright, I look like
I’m in the blue man group. Basically, together we found out which was the best tablet to buy. So in this video, we’re
gonna be checking out three different
smartwatches, all under $15. And these are the cheapest smartwatches that I could find on Amazon. And we’re, pretty much,
gonna see together, which is the best bang for the buck. So similar to the tablets video, what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna go through each of these smartwatches and pretty
much see which is the best. Test the same features
and just kind of explore which each watch has, like this $15 one, you’d think, has more features
than the $7 or $11 one and I gotta get this out
of the way because you guys can probably tell, these
are the exact same watch. But we got bamboozled on Amazon. I happened to just buy the same watch at two different prices. So let’s check out the $7 one first. And drop a like on this video if you want me to continue this series. Let me know in the comments what you guys want me to check out next. Is it laptops, is it, well we did tablets, we did smartwatches, is it phones? Seriously, let me know down below. But up first is this $7
smartwatch and I feel like I can talk a little
bit more on smartwatches. I’ve checked a bunch out in the past, like that $31 one that I’ll leave right up there in the iCard. This watch right here
claims it can make calls, send text messages, play
games, listen to some music. Since I’ve been using the
Apple watch series 3 for about, like two months now, I feel pretty well versed
with smartwatches again. Let’s turn this on and see what’s good. So it charges up with a micro-USB port. The good news is I don’t
have to talk about this with the green one because
it’s the exact same watch. You got a micro-USB port
on the side to charge it, speaker right there and I’m
guessing that’s a microphone. The strap doesn’t feel super cheap, I mean, no no, no, it does. It’s a $7 watch, this
is as cheap as it gets. Let me just tell you that. Hopefully it doesn’t cause a rash, I don’t think you’re gonna encounter one. But let’s turn this on. We got some capacitive
buttons on the screen. Every time your watch turns on, you’re gonna have a nice
little jingle in your ear. So we have our capacitive
buttons on screen. The display is pretty bright, definitely a lot brighter
than I was anticipating. Wait, what is that? Yo quiero? No, no way. Is that the Taco Bell logo? That blue one right there? It looks like the Taco Bell logo. Let’s see what kind of apps we got. We got power save, ringtone, anti-lost, a pedometer, oo okay. Bluetooth, dialer, messages, camera. Alright, so let’s go
ahead and connect this. So basically, I’m gonna go
ahead and jump on my iPhone. Now all these watches are rated just to work with Android devices. We’re gonna see if the first one works with my iPhone 8 plus here. I wasn’t able to get it
to pair to my iPhone, but we got it going on the SA Edge here. It looks good. The touchscreen so far
has been pretty solid. I guess I gotta put the watch on. Not bad, something you’d
find on Wish, for sure. You could get like a good deal on this. Might have a series coming up for you guys on some Wish stuff real soon. Yeah, it doesn’t feel super bad. So the Bluetooth camera
is surprisingly working. You can see the viewfinder there. So to take this photo, since
I don’t have a third hand, not that I know of at
least, we’re gonna just bam. Just like that, we just
took a photo on the watch. You had to download the
Bluetooth Notice app. Not bad, let’s try to make a
call, see what’s good here. Gonna give myself a call here,
it should ring my iPhone. And just like that … Yo, how loud is this speaker? Tell me how good you can hear me, I’m gonna go out in the hall. I don’t hear it. It’s kinda spotty with
its Bluetooth connection, there’s no sim card in here. But for $7. Now this experience looks very familiar to the 24-hour 1-inch phone challenge. Check that video out,
right up in the iCard. Basically I can only use the
1-inch phone for 24 hours. It’s surprisingly a lot more functional than I was anticipating. Like, apps look good, not a bad start. So we just checked out the $7 smartwatch and as you guys can tell, they’re pretty much the same thing. The green one, however though, comes in a few different colors. This is $11, so let’s
just turn this on and see what’s different, if anything
is actually different. I love it. Your watch doesn’t do that,
your Rolex doesn’t do that. Yeah, this $11 one is pretty much the exact same thing
as the white one here. It’s nice that it comes
in a few different colors. Yeah really, like, there’s
not that much of a difference between these two, so let’s
check out the big bad boy. The $15 smartwatch that isn’t
the same as the other two. This one looks cool,
it’s called the S6 Edge. Do they have a regular version like the Galaxy S6 and S6
Edge, there’s two phones there. Can I get the regular one? Like, I’m kind of interested. Supports Android and IOS. That’s nice, I’m gonna pair
this up with my iPhone. There we go, did we break it? Nope, we didn’t break
it, that’s good to hear. What? No way, you’re kidding me. That’s a camera on the
side of a smartwatch. I can’t wait to check that out. Nice leather band, so you’re getting some quality for your extra bucks. Micro-SD card slot, solid. And if you wanna go off the
grid, there is a SIM card slot. I’m gonna throw my SIM in
there and see if it works. No, that’s not real
leather,. that is pleather. At $15, you can’t be
expecting real leather. Let’s turn this on, see what’s good. I’m feeling good about this one. That’s a better … Wow that booted up very fast. This is a really solid watch. For $15, I’m in love already and I haven’t even set
it up with my iPhone. Let’s do that now. So the S6 Edge is all paired up to my iPhone and it looks
like a knockoff Apple watch. It’s reading the SIM card, it’s reading T-Mobile,
let’s try to make a call. Touch screen is really nice, easy to use, for the most part, unless
you have fat fingers. (phone ringing) I don’t wanna be rude, I gotta answer it. Even the speaker on this watch is loud. I’m gonna go back out in
the hall and try this. Hey, can you hear me? How does the speaker sound on here? How does the mic sound on here? Hang that up, don’t wanna
hear that kid anymore. Whoa, I’m actually blown away. Call quality sounds good. Let’s see what other settings we got. (laughs) I forgot, I forgot there was a camera on this watch. I don’t know if you guys can
see the viewfinder there. I’m gonna try to get some color in. We’re gonna take a picture of my iPhone and see how good it looks. You gotta be careful not to
get your wrist in the shot. That I could see being an actual problem with having a smartwatch camera. We took a picture on our smartwatch and there’s actually a camera on here. It’s like de ja vu. I have seen this before,
that’s what de ja vu means. Let’s try another one, something with a little
more color in here. See how the reds look. Line my wrist up, hang on, there we go. Like you can definitely
tell that says supreme. Not a bad option. If you need a quick camera
like Inspector Gadget, you’re solid. So after we’ve seen all
three of these watches, which is the most worth it? Definitely vote up in the iCard if you guys made it to
this point in the video. I wanna know what you guys have to say. I’m gonna have to give
it to the $15 smartwatch. The touchscreen on here is
amazing, there’s a camera. It feels like the most watch
worthy out of all of these, as I’m dropping it. I’m blown away. This thing has features for days. So that’s gonna do it for this video. Make sure you guys get
subscribed with notifications on, if you’re new, and let
me know in the comments if you guys are just
joining the nodo squad. Make sure you’re following
us on the Instastory, that’s where the crew’s
hanging out all the time and you guys are gonna
see some sneak peeks to upcoming videos and I’ll
see you guys next time. Peace.

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