March 6, 2020

Before we start our video for today We will first choose one winner of our previous video we will only pick one winner, as of now, since our video didn’t reached 200 likes I just uploaded this an hour ago let us now copy the link of our previous video and now we’re here on our youtube so we will paste here the link of our previous video the duplicate user has been filtered now so now, let’s get Youtube comments as of now, we only have 39 comments from our previous video they are the people who always watch my new videos let’s start and the winner of our 50 php is Sheila’s Vlogs Congratulations to you! since you’re always watching my videos so you are the winner of our previous video if you want to join the 100 php giveaway every video please check the pinned comment below and the winners will be declared on our next vlog Hello, this is Antonette and you’re back to my channel Do you want to earn money online? If yes, click the SUBSCRIBE button and the NOTIFICATION BELL since we upload videos here about home-based jobs, online jobs, free earning apps and websites from which you can earn online so now, I will be sharing to you a new website from which we can earn money for free by just subscribing and doing simple tasks it is REVIEWHUNT all you have to do here is, to just complete simple tasks and you will be paid for you to start and to earn free money here all you have to do is to click the link on the description box or on the pinned comment and you’ll be routed to this page just enter your full name, email, password and country of residence just choose Philippines and click Create My Account From this website you have two options to choose: Hunter or Maker let’s discuss first the Maker In Maker, you will the one to create activities or task for the Hunters to complete and you’ll give rewards to the Hunters after completing the tasks you created so now, what are the benifits of being a Maker? for example you have a Youtube channel and wanted to get subscribers or if you have Facebook page, telegram channel or Instagram account and wanted to get followers or if you wanted to promote a referral link from a websites or applications I know you have some referral links that you wanted to promote you can do that here and I’ll teach you how to promote referral links and get subscribers for free yes, it is all completely 100% free be sure to watch the full video So now, we’ll go to Hunter so here, you’ll earn money by just completing quests or tasks that makers do now, we’re here on my account and as you can see from their homepage the activities that you can do there are a lot here and one of that is this, “Download ROR GAME ans sign-up via Google Login” you will get $0.15 after doing this task here’s another one, “ROR GAME daily quest – Earn 3+ DIA” and the reward for each hunter is $0.11 let’s open and let’s try to do this as an example you can see here the number of hunters who joined this which is 964 hunters and you can also see the left budget of this task you just have to join this quest and you will earn $0.1 as a quest reward and for us to join their quest we have to agree to their guidelines and also it stated here that “I am aware that I must submit this quest within 24 hrs if not, I will get penalty points that may limit my review hunt activities” and then, click the JOIN QUEST but before we click the “Join Quest” we need to know what we must do therefore, we need to read their Quest Instructions because if we fail to follow their quest instructions that might possibly reject the quest that we do your effort will be wasted by doing the quest so here, we can see their instructions ‘Click free diamond reward button in your side tab menu’ just follow step by step the instructions of the maker for you to receive the reward here’s the link that we should click so if you have some referral link that you wanted to promote you can imitate what this maker did wherein we need to download using his referral link and you’ll give him a reward it also has product information this is the application that we must download let’s just follow his instructions so this is the game that he wanted us to download again, just follow the instructions given later I will try to complete this task actually there’s a lot of activities and tasks that we can choose to complete that will give you higher amount of rewards just like this, $10 rewards for example this one, if you have a Youtube account that has 1k+ subscribers you will have to post a youtube video about Reviewhunt and the reward for this task is $13.33 but if you don’t have a Youtube channel that has 1k+ subscribers don’t do the task because if you pretend you have 1k+ subscribers, it also has a penalty just read the penalties or conaequences stated here if you will be a stubborn it also has $1 rewards quests here, for example this one, Create a Reddit post about Reviewhunt actually, there’s a lot of quest that you can choose from for example this one, $0.1 rewards this is one of my favorite as it is so simple you just have to subscribe to his channel and you will then get $0.1 alright, let’s try this as you can see, 154 hunters have already joined this quest and 28.10% budget left before we JOIN THE QUEST let’s scroll down and I’ll explain to you what we must do so for every, approved submission we’ll get $0.10 and we can also see the submission statistics and you can also see here, those who are still completing the tasks lastly, you can see here the number of approved and rejected hunters let’s read the instructions “Subscribe to the Youtube channel she included the link of her channel here second, watch two minutes on one of the four video selected. Like and leave a comment so you just have to select one of the videos he included here one video and watch 2 mins Like and leave a comment after that, you just have to submit proofs you need to have a screenshot of your comment from the video you selected and you can also see here the link of her Youtube Channel from which we need to subscribe you can also see here the product information from which it has the one of the videos that we must watch and has a screenshot example this is how the screenshot looks like that we must submit for the approval of our quest and earn rewards as of now, I’ll try to subscribe to his channel and let’s see if I will be approved and also, I will try to do other tasks by downloading apps later on I will try to complete some tasks here and I’ll update you how much I have earned here but for now, I’ll explain to you how to be a MAKER For example, you wanted to get subscribers from your Youtube Channel or if you need participants from your surveys or if you need followers from you social media accounts or if you just wanted to promote referral links to earn referral comissions you can do that here in ReviewHunt if you notice the three lines and click it, you will see a drop-down menu about Home, Hunter dashboard and Maker dashboard let’s check first Hunter Dashboard, from here, you can see your approved and reject quests but as you can see I don’t have any approved or rejected quests as I just created an account earlier but then again, I’ll try to create later for example this one, you have to share his Youtube channel to your social media profile like Facebook and you will earn $0.20 another example is this, by just subscribing, liking and following this account and you will earn $0.10 and now, let’s go to our Maker Dashboard as of now, we don’t have any quest completed and now if you want to become a Maker without spending any amount of money, since as a Maker you supposed to give rewards for every quest completed by the Hunters so for you to do that, you need to complete some tasks and if you have already earned money by completing those tasks you can use your earnings as a reward to your Hunters in that way, we can be a Maker without spending any amount to our Hunters for you to create a quest or activity, just click this plus button and here, you’ll choose what type of category your quest will be for example the Download/Activities if you have some referral link from an application that you wanted to promote you can put here the referral link and you will have to give rewards to the Hunters who will sign up under your referral link and now on the Channel Boost, if you have a Youtube channel and wanted to get more subscribers let’s try this and let’s click Continue and here, you will be putting the title of your quest for example, “Ssubscribe to Positive Chika” bu this is just an example on the Product or Subject link this is where we’ll paste our Youtube channel link you can also put here a screenshot of your channel to make sure that they will be routed to your channel and not on a different channel so you can put that here and also you can also select your Target Language if you want everyone can participate on your quest select All So now, you have to choose what type of proof you wanted for your hunters for example, screenshot, they must send you screenshot that they have subscribed to your channel or maybe a link or text (words) you can choose one of these or choose all three if you really wanted to make sure that they have subscribed to your channel but make sure that your requirements are achievable and here from the Quest Instructions, you can put here specific instructions here’s an example of mine that you can copy I put the title of my channel and the link to my Youtube channel second, must watch 2 mins on this video and put the link of the video that they must watch third, must like the video fourth, must leave a positive comment about that video and fifth is to Take a screenshot that you have subscribed on my channel, liked and commented on that video you can as well attached a screenshot proof as a reference of your hunters on what kind of screenshot they must submit here on the quest reward, you will put here the amount of reward that your hunters will receive for every approved task for example, you can put here $0.1 $0.1 is the minimum reward that you can give to each hunter and please take note that if the reward is too low off course only few would want to participate on your quest the recommended reward here is $1 but it’s up to you how much your budget can afford here on the Number of Hunters, you will put how many hunters you wanted to participate let’s say for example, 100 hunters, you will have 100 subscribers, as well so our budget if we need 100 hunters or subscribers and $0.1 each for every hunter therefore, we will need $10 so if that’s okay with you, click SAVE AND NEXT That’s it! That’s how easy it is to do a quest or task here in Reviewhunt it’s so easy here to get subscribers and followers on your social media account as of now, I will try to complete some tasks and quests I’ll just update you as soon as I have earned money here from Reviewhunt and now we’re back if we go to My Credit and as you can see, I have earned $20 after subscribing some channels and did simple tasks please take note that after the Maker approved your completed task you need to wait 4 hours to credit your reward for us to withdraw, they have two withdrawal options they have HUNT and ETH Here in Hunt, they have this what we called as Hunt Tokens it’s kinda hustle to use as you need to trade your tokens into bitcoin here, you can exchange it using their exchange platforms like Daybit, Uniswap and Coingecko but what makes it more advantage if you will transfer your earnings to their Hunt, it doesn’t have any transaction fee but if you don’t want to trade, you can use ETH here in ETH, you can withdraw via coinsph, coinbase or abra it will be transferred directly to our coinsph account here on the recepient, you just have to put you ETH wallet address therefore, we need to have coinsph if you don’t have a coinsph account, you can click the link that is on the description box if you don’t have ETH wallet yet, just click the Create ETH Wallet and you will have to pay 20 php and after that just click the Create my ETH Wallet automatically, you will have an ETH wallet to your coinsph so now, if you have already have an ETH wallet just click Recieve from your phone or laptop click the QR code click the Show my ETH address and just copy the wallet address and then paste it on the Recepient of the Reviewhunt and from the Amount, I choose max as I wanted to withdraw all my earnings here and the total ETH amount that I will receive on my coinsph will be 0.0709634 please take note that it has conversion fee $20 has a conversion fee of $4 and has a transaction fee of $0.20 the fees are kinda big but it’s more convenient than the other one as we don’t have to trade our earnings as it will be transferred directly to our coinsph after that, let’s just check the agreement checklist click the Request Transfer it stated here to check my email on how to verify my withdrawal so, we just need to confirm our withdrawal let’s go to our email and click Confirm Withdrawal There you have it! Withdrawal successfully confirmed Let’s just wait for our payment and I’ll update you once I receive the payment on my coinsp and upon checking, after 4 mins, the status of my withdrawal request is Sent so now, let’s check it on my coinsph if the payment go through and now we’re here on my coinsph account and we are now receiving 0.07114305 ETH there you go, in just 5 mins we now received our withdrawal request it values 783.07 php that’s how easy to do it by just subscribing youtube channel, follow social media accounts do simple tasks and download applications that’s how easy you can earn 700 php freely here in Reviewhunt So, this is where I’ll end my video if you like this video and if this video helped you, please leave this video a thumbs up and share this to help other people earn money by just subscribing Youtube channel and do simple tasks and if you’re new to my channel, please hit the SUBSCRIBE button and the NOTIFICATION bell for you to be updated on our future videos So that’s all for now. Thank you for so much for watching thsi video! Goodbye and Godbless you all! Goodbye!!

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