State Bank of Vietnam 65 anniversary 2016 100 dong banknote

December 24, 2019

so hello people say hello to Ho Chi Minh
hello recording yes this guy is Ho Chi Minh either as his birthday and his
death 89 in 1969 and he was the leader of North Korea not North Korea Vietnam
before its unification with Sophie and I mean on 75 and this one is a 100-ton
banknote issued in 2016 commemorate the 65th anniversary of the
State Bank of Vietnam and that’s the actual name up here up here in
Vietnamese young young come no yeah no any gap look at the would be a bow in
English it’s actually a joy boy pinning fear in the means it’s actually two
different words and here’s a Dominic denomination here below my flame Dom and
here’s a signature of the governor and the watermark and you can see there’s
actually a lily and sixty-five and this security feature here it’s a turnover
you know I took that one they form a complete image get the coat of arms and
in the background we have like a I know flower Pam probably a lotus just like in
the background here with serial number is we have a lotus as well and also we
have a beautiful security Fred any sold for probably a few thousand dong you
know issued can’t remember how much I wear but 100 Dom is equivalent to about
half of us ain’t so sure why they issued this type of denomination and he’s on
the back we had the State Bank Vietnam in Hanoi the Vietnamese flag
and this is probably sighs 2016 I’m not too sure your shovin Vietnamese okay so
in the background yeah so we have a statue here and this one is fungone I
can’t even say his name and I’ll put put his name down below in
the description anyway he’s a folk hero in Vietnam and he was born from a bit
like Jesus his mom walked in a giant footprint and she got pregnant and he
popped out and then there was a threat from Chinese and the village fed him any
instantly grew to become a man and he rides an iron hoist leading their van
Lang not too short of a Anita maybe they would have beaten a nice before the
modern state to victory against the foreigners they caught they call the
foreigners and some sources say that they had a shame Chinese but the Shang
Chinese were a few thousand kilometres away they didn’t actually inhabit Hong
Kong or Yunnan Province at that time so maybe it has to be someone house
probably one of the local people who inhabited the region I know better days
and easier so can you can just see his face up there
this is him is his horse here and here’s some stylized Birds background he has
some looks like looks like cave paintings or something abstract art or
whatever these painting is quite easy to get actually no do not that easy to get
but if you can get one for like 20 dollars it’s that’s a bargain to get
it in a folder or how much is that I’ve only ever seen one bed $100 with the
folder I got this one for probably about 10 bucks so that’s a Vietnamese $100
2016 I hope you like it it’s a good bank now thank you very much watching have an
awesome day

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