September 14, 2019

Hello, this is Aiza Mercado.
And today, i will teach you how to
earn free money on Gcash,,
free Globe prepaid load,
Talk n Txt,
and free GARENA game credits.
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Regarding about getting SUBSCRIBERS
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I’ve done this because Youtube does not recommend us to write in the comment section the “SUB4SUB” thing
because it does affect the Youtuber itself who uploaded the video.
Like for example,
when i uploaded my video
“How to earn with Youtube without making your video”
all comments there are all about SUBSCRIBING or SUBSCRIBING BACK
and Youtube just sent me a notice about that video…
“You may see a noticeable decrease in your subscriber count as we remove spam from your channel”
regarding this SUB4SUB thing.
Thats why I came up with the idea to
create a Telegram Group Chat.
Once you have click the link, you will be directed to our YOUTUBE SUB 4 SUB group chat.
Now, i created you guys this group chat
also for New Youtubers who wants to earn subscribers.
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Today, i will teach you how to earn here in
“Snippet Media”.
This application is available in IOS and android phones.
or if you want to register now,
just check out the link down the description to get started.
Lets now start and check the ways of earnings.
As you can see here, theres a “K” button.
Thats the first thing to do when you want to see the mission
so you can see it and start earning here.
Alright, it indicates here that
“Complete missions to earn rewards”.
“Convert your Kachings to Pesos to shop in Snippet Mall.”
So here, first things first…
Daily check in your Snippet Media app.
Second is to claim chest every 2 hours so we can earn kachings.
If you want to earn faster,
just invite friends and you will earn 20 pesos per referral.
And here is the main ways of earnings…
Share Invitation Code,
Read Articles,
Watch Videos,
Share Content on Social Media,
and Like Content.
Here in our share invitation code,
you will just share your referral link to others.
You will get 300 Kachings once
others clicked your referral link.
Next, read articles…
We will just read any articles or any news.
Like for example,
here is the article categories…
And i will select “Showbiz”.
So for example, this article
Harry Potter: 20 things fans didn’t know about the Lestrange Family
I am a die hard fan of Harry Potter thats why i chose to read this article.

Alright, they gave us 116 kachings.
Next is to watch videos.
You can start watching your desired video.
And wait for the timer.
And they gave us 75 kachings.
Next is to share content on social media.
You will choose articles and you will share the link on the social media platforms.
And last,
for every like content, they will give us 10 kachings.
Alright, were done with the ways of earnings…
Next part, what we can purchase or redeem
using the kachings we just earned?
Click “Me” button.
And here you will see your kachings balance.
Lets check this.
It indicates here
1,000 kachings=2.06 PHP
Okay soooo….
Just remember, it automatically converts every 24 hrs.
So lets now check what we can redeem.
Lets go to Snippet Mall.
So here all comes in special offers.
Piso Mania Raffle,
and Prepaid Loads that we can redeem.
Use can join anytime Piso Mania Raffle..
1 raffle ticket=1 peso,
This 2 gadgets are now opened and ready to be raffled.
You can also purchase Pocket Wifi with free 1.5 GB of data
You can also purchase Gcash and Coins PH.
Prepaid load,
Globe, Smart, Sun, TNT
and Garena Game Credits.
Here in our Gcash and Coins PH,
lucky if you get this two because it gets sold out easily.
Like for example, here in our Gcash….
It offers 20, 50, and 100 pesos worth of load
but for now, all are sold out.
Here in our Coins PH….
It offers 20, 50, and 100 pesos credit
and all are sold out.
So lets come back here
if we can now avail this two offers
so we can do PROOF OF PAYOUT
so we can try if this app really pays…
Hello and were back.
So now, we check if gcash and coins ph are now available.
Finally, theres 50 gcash available and we will now try.
Just enter your Gcash account or your Globe Mobile Number.
It will also deducted from the current balance you have.
And click CONFIRM.
And here in our transaction history, it is now pending.
Now lets check in our coins ph if theres any available,
theres 50 pesos available too.
Just enter your coins ph email address,
Double check your email address.
And there, it says here that
we can only purchase or redeem once a day.
Now, we have to wait for the 50 pesos load we redeem earlier in our GCASH app.
Hello and welcome back. And we received a text message from GCASH that
we received now the 50 pesos worth of GCASH.
And as you can see, this is my GCASH balance
and i just got the 50 pesos.
Thats how easy to use this application.

All you have to do is…
Invite your friends, share your invitation code,
read articles, watch videos,
share content on social media and like a content.
If i helped you earn money using this app,
hit the like button.
If you are new on my Youtube channel, consider SUBSCRIBING.
And subscribe also to my Telegram Channel.
This is Aiza Mercado again,
and have a great day!

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