South Vietnam banknote spares

January 1, 2020

so anyway people are you going oh I’ve
got gloves again I actually lost these for a while
but now I’ve got them back so anyway people I have some banknotes from
Vietnam and these are my excess banknotes and
these ones I have to get rid of so if anyone wants any just hit me up so here
I have dim from roughly 1955 to 1975 so this is the latest one
so near 10 sue so one dong equals 10 – um Nick was 102 so this one is um one
whole h8 oh how can’t pronounce it properly
this was issued after the communist takeover of some Vietnam so it’s dated
1966 because I actually thought that I’d take it over quite earlier so this is
pretty much coming spin so it’s agriculture on this side with the serial
number and on the other side also has agriculture there’s a thumb gathering
actually now it looks like um they farm bells there and they’re putting fish
probably into jars probably to make some type of sauce so this is the lowest
denomination they got their $50 the $50 where rarest actually have that one not
so on it and then we have 1963 – Dom the only – Dom issue by self Vietnam and it
has a traditional sailing boat and on the back it has a traditional hat so it
looks like it’s all along the Mekong rainbow with lots of palms so it’s most
likely in southern part of Vietnam well it is – South Vietnamese penguin so
anyway that’s most likely and here we have the $10 off the series this is a pretty worn
pretty bad condition there’s a temple and the $20 actually looks fairly
similar except it’s a little bit bigger 1955 $1 so this is the lowest banknote
issued most denomination as a temple and yang Hancock II Vietnam so to bank of
Republic of Vietnam and here we have the temple as well another temple doesn’t
have the name in temple any watermark is a line this one is actually a bit more
expensive one so this is a hundred dollar 1955 a gain roughly their time as
a track down and on the back it has a Phoenix or the Chinese version of a
Phoenix this one is a bit the demo chair but still this is actually quite
expensive banknote to actually get because uh I don’t know you just can’t
really get many of them here we have $5 I’ve toured him actually God can see
keep ear so I really don’t need these anymore
mmm this is one of my favorite itself Vietnamese been myself this is the nice
series so I quite like that and that’s quite big as well it’s the same size as
a big metal ow and the Viet Cambodia at the same time because they both come
from it the indo-chinese PST those free currencies used to be one here’s another
more favorite ones that he banned all yet use it fingers the chin room and yeah a hundred dong this is in pretty
high grade 1966 on the back we had the temple looks like the same one it was on the $10 so forget attend dong yes pretty
much the same American so the same series and the banjo it is
also no watermark so I like South Vietnam banknotes because it awesome so
I got free 1000 dongs from 1970 to DC last series and then this one was the
highest banknote issue and in 1975 it was about 700 thong to one US dollar and
you have to remember when you install a 90s 75 roughly worth back in dollars now
so if we change it over would have been 70 Dom it was $1.00 now here we have an
elephant not bad and it has a woman as a watermark and another one of my favorite
um so I actually like red same series they see 1972 it’s the UH it’s a
presidential palace on the other side we have a line mmm that’s why I like it
look at the line looks awesome watermark is a female skew strip not sure if they
hit UV there’s a high graders are actually like it so maybe I should get
rid of it anyway so did this self being there means banknotes that I have to get
rid of no point and people more than you need actually you don’t need banknotes
and coins but you just enjoy collecting so anyway say thank you very much
watching um subscribe to my channel did you see your thumbs up if you like South
Vietnamese banknote and add check out my links below do over an affiliate link to
suffer in these currency so check out and see if you like it thank you and bye

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