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November 5, 2019

Dim is running a grocery store in Greece.
His store accepts cash and credit cards.
Meet John, who travelled from the USA to Greece
for his summer vacation.
He went to Dim’s store to buy supplies.
He paid with a credit card issued by his USA
Let’s break down this transaction.
John pays with his credit card at Dim’s store.
John’s purchase and credit card security details
given to:
the grocery store’s Point of Sale system
and then to the payment card network.
There the transaction is checked for fraud
and that funds are available in John’s bank
Afterwards the transaction and cardholder
information are sent to a Settlement Bank,
and the transaction goes through.
Finally, after several days or weeks the money
is transferred to the grocery store’s Bank.
On top of that, the payment may be declined
or later be reversed as a chargeback.
Typically, Dim is charged a 3% fee for this
transaction, which he passes on to customers
with higher store prices.
It’s slow, complicated, and expensive
Let’s see the alternative.
SmartCash with InstantPay.
John pays with his SmartCard,
there is no 3rd party processor, no Settlement
Bank and no Middleman,
no fees, no failed transactions, and NO private
information given to anyone.
Dim receives his funds, INSTANTLY.
John’s payment is complete and his balance
is updated in a second.
Simple.. right?
Accept SmartCash in your business with 0%

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