Satoshi’s Bitcoin – Marathi (मराठी)

September 6, 2019

Journey from one hardship to another is farming!

How pleasant the life would’ve been if I wouldn’t have born in a farmer’s family.

Would’ve remained aloof to the injustice towards farmers.
Lot easier to say, “to each their own” and continue to enjoy my creature comforts.
Be an armchair critic about rising prices of basic vegetables while enjoying my big Burgers.

Be true to your heart and tell me if a farmer has a right to live or not.

For a farmer, getting rid of suicidal depression is as futile as a buffalo swinging her tail to get rid of the crow on back.

Women with fates as barren as sky.
Cattle turning into starving ferals.
All this not because of anyone’s curse,
but due to everyone turning a blind eye to their misery.
Lenders turning to leeches; stuck to farmlands
while the government stands still like a scarecrow.
The sky is pouring like a step mother.
The canker that wet famine is
and the government, after promising cattle-pen for farmers,
is fast asleep to dream
about becoming a superpower.
The father that farmer is, not sure to be proud of his son
who goes to school only for a free mid-day meal,
stealing a few bites for his starving father or be ashamed of his failed parenthood.
Enough is enough.
Farms look like graveyards now.
The day the farmer pyres his entire crop in protest of abysmal value,
he mourns the death of humanity.

Now we will have to think otherwise,
we will have to gage our kidneys for a kilo of wheat a day.
Looking at the day
the cultivator of a suicidal farmer will see a raven in the eye
But we do root cause analysis
and say that farmers must have some mistakes too

What is their mistake?
Is it wrong to sow twice?
Why did the well not get water?
What happens to a government call made after a farmer’s suicide?
That the farmer take out dept and marry their daughter
We spend thousands of rupees for our 1 year old child’s birthday.

Do we think so then?
On the contrary, we are convinced that someone has money,
so they spend…
But why does only a few have money
why not many of them or all of them have it?
Farmer’s potato costs 2 rupees
and we buy a literally 4 wafers pack for 10 rupees
They don’t get good costs for their onion
and we don’t get onion in cities.
What can a farmer just sow and grow?
So much for living?
No one gets sick at his house?
Can we afford to put 4-5 rupees in soil every year?
Will it rain?
Will the seeds get better?
Will the crop be good? Will it get good price?
So many unanswered questions!

Can we dump thousands of fertilizers and seeds without knowing anything and everything?
We decide the cost for the farmer’s cotton.
And we buy an Injections for 1000 rupees which worth cost for 5 rupees
Then do we think?

Do we bargain for mobile phones?
Do we ask for price of a bottle of cold drink?
The way we ask for cost of cotton?

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    Great video.
    As a viewer, I really feel that a 4 hour long video is too much to digest at once and at the same time I agree with you on the point that detailed information cannot be given in 10 min videos.
    A possible way out in this scenario would be to make videos in modules, like the part of the video where you explain PKI and asymmetric ciphers can be a separate video, then you can refer to such videos when required.
    This will also give you a flexibility to reuse your old content in newer videos without increasing the duration.
    This is just a humble suggestion.
    I love your content. Keep up.

    Also, news around the corner is that India may soon launch a government-backed crypto currency (Nothing official, though).

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