Pitt Master Promissory Note (MPN)

March 5, 2020

Now you’ve accepted your federal direct
loans it’s time to complete your master
promissory note or MPN for short. This is simply a promise that you’ll pay
back your loans to the federal government. Before you get started make
sure you’ve collected all the information you will need. You will need your FSA ID, driver’s
license number, address, email and contact information for two references who are
not related to you. Once you’ve gathered all this
information you are now ready to complete your MPN. The first step is to
log on to with your FSA ID, on the left hand side of the page
you’ll see the option to complete an MPN, after clicking this link you will select
the box for the subsidized or unsubsidized MPN. Then just simply
follow the prompts to complete your MPN. Remember you only need to complete this
process once. Once you have an MPN on file, filing a FAFSA every year will
automatically reapply you for your federal direct loans.

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