Philippines banknotes

March 6, 2020

so hello people are you going this is
Glenn and today well I’m just gonna look at some Filipino banknotes as you can
see here a Central Bank of the Philippines so you know what country it
is from one peso banknote and this one was issued between 1949 and nineteen nineteen sixty-nine about twenty years
and this banknote is actually in English and he has a pool in REO mum beanie who
was the first Prime Minister of the Philippines in 1899 after they revolt
against the Spanish and before the United States invasion so down below we
have two signatures we have one who is of the president yeah one the governor
of central bank and this is Fidel Marcos who was he dictator between 1965 in 1986
as you can see it looks pretty similar to United States banknotes on the
reverse yeah our say or church which is fingers in manila manila yeah and that’s
about basically it has no security features so no watermark no security
thread and here is are you one peso from 1969 to 1972 when it’s replaced by a
coin there’s same signatures as well central bank and has Josey result it was
an independence rebel who was executed by Spanish in I think 1897 roughly and
this one is a like a purplish blue color and on the reverse we have the
Declaration of Independence in 1898 so that’s all of that series I have here is
another banknote of the 1949 series better condition
quite a plain banknote but the whole collection is actually quite good an
apple one peso this one’s pretty damaged so if you want to sell this one
good luck would be just put it in the junk pile okay so now I have B well you
proved you series this series here was actually demonetised
at the end of last year so you cannot actually use them or change them at the
central bank actually maybe the central bank will actually take them again but
you can’t spin them so we have the ten pesos there is actually a five pesos but
I don’t have it that was replaced by coin thinking mmm
remember 1999 and this one actually was replaced by a tempest of bi-metal coin
as well this one has a Apolinario Mabini who’s on preview so when pesos and
Andres Bonifacio so has the 19 but he has the cat Katipunan organization this
was probably a charter it has a logo of the central bank on the reverse he has
the very same church and these people were part of the ogre Katipunan
organization so looks like they’re doing like a sacrifice a blood sacrifice
cuttin each other’s hands for the cause and beautiful – she should actually
visit these churches actually looks quite nice so here I have another 10
pesos 2001 at once 1999 so Philippines banknotes have a date on them now before
1998 they didn’t they just had the yeah in the Central Bank logo so here is
a 250 pesos so this is not the last bank note the lowest is 20 but I don’t have
that inside denomination 30 a of mr. Ramos is another president said Fidel
Ramos I can’t remember and this one has two letters on another one this one here
it has one liter so when you come to the Philippines and you see it either has a
two letter prefix or one letter prefix that’s pretty normal
the cynic and a lot of bank notes but this is really the only one has one
letter and star bank notes they actually have a star replace of the first letter
and it indicates that the bank notice of replacement so this one has Sergio was
Mira and quite interesting is that he’s first language is probably Sybil I know
so obviously he was not an Akey tagalog speaker which is Sam well that’s what I
found it about him whether it’s true or not I don’t know and he was the
president from 1944 to 46 and on the back he has the former legislative
palace which is now the National Museum in Manila so quite a big building quite
good as a museum because it’s quite large and it has the security fruit as
you can see and the watermark is always a individual who its features on the
banknote so here I have different ears 2000 2012 as you can see between 2000
and 2012 the color of the security the serial number actually changed from red
to black and had occurred on all the banknotes so let’s look at the next one
yeah the 100 pesos and this one has Mamo Roxas who was the president from 1946 to
40 I that’s he that he died and he looks like a nice beautiful banknote also has
the American Filipinos flag so obviously the Americans we Filipinos actually a
close relationship on the bank back as the central bank building so this is yo
one up here and this is the new one well it’s probably pretty old now any
watermark in the security seal it also has our security threat as well and I’ve
different dates mm so this one has no date so that’s actually before 1998 and
here we have two 2000s XT DV and another 2,000 this one’s in
better condition are you so you can see the central bank building a lot better
they’re beautiful and 2011 mmm this has choreo aqui no no no no Holly
Joaquin her son painting of Kirino who is a signature in this one now Estrada
Joseph Estrada it was a funny bastard Arkin and Joseph Estrada as well
yeah Estrada Ramos and then we have well I don’t have the 200 as well PD so he
had the 500 it’s a Filipino flag he has a mu Benning go Aquino now he was the
husband of Koryo Kino and he was actually assassinated as he got off a
plane you know eighty-three well-heeled surrounded by
security guards so I’m just worrying had I actually got into assassinating and we
have actually two security Fred’s so we have one in the paper and one that
actually is partially in the paper segmented security thread and we have a
watermark and this probably also has UV as well which higher denominations
pretty usually do it’s assigned by Aquino and faith in the
people and faith in God so this says English on that so it has
the Philippines with dying fall which he did because he was actually in
opposition to fill their Marcus at the time and on the back it actually has the
live of mr. Aquino so has him working for the Dean is Pepa de Manila Times he
has him of Jim this is humans Mears of conception in studying the no
highlighter system also governor of Turlock and this is the exactly these
two building sensors probably one in Concepcion one in Talaat you know not
too sure what these two soldiers are so maybe they’re related to the first
cavalry of the United States which I’m just said something to do the Korean War
so that’s what that banknote is about okay and the highest denomination we
have in the Philippines is the 1000 Piersol so we have three individuals on
it on this time and all these people here were executed by the Japanese so
here we have Josie a bad Santos who died in 1942 news
50 suffix Justice of the Supreme Court and he was executed because in Kosciusko
operate the Japanese near Vincent Lam it was a brigadier you know well Philippine
American army and after the Japanese invasion he actually become a resistance
fighter and was captured was executed in 1944 then we have joseph learn this is
good and the Shifa woman suffrage and she found that the Girl Guides and all
that probably she was also a resistance fighter of the Philippines she was
executed in January February 1945 which is very sad actually Japanese love to
get rid of their enemies at that time and here we have the eternal flame
probably for people who died defending the Philippines like the Australian
eternal flame which represents the same thing so the watermark is the same
there’s two security threads segmented so that’s the segment of one probably as
one hundred one thousand yeah 1016 amma nation probably also as the initials are
in GP for the central bank also on the reverse we have the now rice terrace
which is in northern luzon so if you have go to philippines you should go
visit this actually looks better than on spanked now and also we have their men
angle jar which is a barrel JAF found to be dated between 890 and 17 BCE so it’s
a bit 2.8 thousand years old and a traditional hut as well so philippines
banknotes actually fall off history full of youth
so here we have the new banknotes there’s actually a quite better and a
more color separated so I think no it sort of Philippines at the same size
these ones allowed those who are illiterate to actually distinguish
between the denominations better so only up to 20 in the 200 this one has my old
clothes on is President of the Philippines between
1935 and 44 and on the reverse we have the first here it’s a burner vu so it’s
the same as this one except just different perspective and it
has a Philippine civet or palm civet you know which um have you ever heard of
mouse coffee well it’s these and almost here they actually eat the coffee beans
and shit them out and in Cantonese I call it mal C coffee so mouths shit
coffee it’s actually these animals that produce it and actually as a map we this
is the reason so this Terrace is actually up in the
north of Luzon mmm the two hundred two hundred pesos as soil start Oh Makka
pakka yes I’m sorry then I destroyed his name
but if you can make a video showing how to pronounce on that we cry and it has
the the Baris I in church anyhow of independence here and it also all new
Filipinos banknotes at the coat of arms and the new Central Bank logo and all
old banknotes have just the old Central Bank logo but
no coat of arms so if you don’t see this on the bank no don’t accept it it was
it’s a not legal tender anymore and also has a large new rule here it’s all of
them it pretty much the same yeah that’s a security feature so that’s basically
how you tell the old and new banknotes so don’t get confused people and on the
reverse it is yes I would tie Xia which is a type of monkey also has D bar hold
chocolate hills which is a group of about 1200 68 to 1776 heels nicely
covered in grass with your palms and tree phones and it’s located on Cebu
so I said boo Island these things I mean they’ve now he says and it’s only saying
and quite a beautiful Bank neck design I reckon these new ones are grouse see and
also if you notice it actually has English back on it as well because
English is actually a national language of the Philippines a lot of people there
are a lot of tourists ago from the Philippines from Hong Kong Japan Korea
Australia I mean the most common language they would use these English it
doesn’t matter about their first language because English ISA well one of
the most actually do most common language around the world so ladies the
Philippines banknotes sorry it’s a bit long but hired quite a few banknotes so
if you’d like to leave leave a message down below telling me what banknotes of
the Philippines you have and what you’d like about these banknotes they’ll be
great and also another thing is that these two series were actually produced
together between 210 and 213 so as you can see these two are dated to 12 2012
because they had a problem producing the nights that I had to keep these ones in
production and to they figured out what the problem was obviously they did and
then they got rid of these ones which is great so I will leave a link down below
if you’d like to purchase any Filipino banknotes on eBay they have a wide
variety of banknotes to buy and they’re beautiful so don’t be shy get into
cooking Philippines banknotes they’re great maybe old after doing this video
actually and see if I can get some myself so thank you very much have
awesome banknote collecting time people bye-bye

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