Pakistan current banknotes

December 22, 2019

so hello fellow banknote and collectors
yeah today I have some banknotes from Pakistan these are the current series in
issue in circulation and they have just gone the front yeah who is this guy
well his name is muhammad ali jinnah in his class as the founder of Pakistan he
was he was a lawyer a politician and he was a delight of the All India Muslim
Lake and he advocated for the separation of Pakistan from India as a Muslim
majority country and he’s been on banknotes since 1957
I believe let’s have a look banknotes calm which lists all the banknotes that
have been in circulation in every country in the 20th century the 19th
century but the 18th century Jim Lee a lot of those banknotes are pretty rare
yeah 1957 so he’s been on banknotes since 1957 and all these banknotes
generally up the same so he’s the 10 rupees but as you can see on d5 learn
here’s one serial number it’s at the top just 2009 so the five repeaters he
printed in three years 2008 2009 2010 and it was we’ve drawn in 2012 so it’s
no longer legal tender but the rest of the banknotes are still legal tender so
here is a 10 rupees 2012 this is uncirculated I brought it and
the rest I got off someone else you actually come from Pakistan your new
stripe we do as some Pakistanis did not as common as people from India or Sri
Lanka but we do generally they have no problems of Indians in Australia because
they leave all that any of Pakistan controversy behind
so this one’s quite nice there’s the nice um islami patination back it was
pretty good bread banknote so that’s a 20 and their twin he actually has two
serious so this is do great one this is 2009 and from 2005 to 2007 it’s actually
a bit darker British British brown color and this is a brown color now ready
commercial saying issued 2007 and currently in circulation and why do they
do that well the brownish banknote looks pretty
similar to 5000 banknote but this one actually has a similar coloration as the
100 rupees so here it is say but the background is so as you can see it a
pretty similar size is different but the great
he says green on it and that just has red so he is a 120 150 this is 50 rupees
the current value of exchange rate is 100 rupees to one Australian dollar
about 140 rupees to one us US dollar this is that ain’t any serious this is
the first one for 2008 then every year they just start the banknotes over
because the population of Pakistan is quite large at the moment you think it
is Oh 180 no 212 million wow it’s quite a lot
of people and the population is increasing quite fast so this is the
70th million banknote so that starts here for you in here I have 2006 and as
you can see and he has one letter the Arista who
and this one’s quite a well circulated banknote so in 2006 which is when he’s
dated they realized that well later was not enough in 2007 I actually put on two
ladies so this is not an era we’ve got that lettering so what is only Beckett
is banknotes so on this side we have the Kawada seaport and this is quite a
beautiful pendant it has a go out a seaport there and these are for lifting
crates off ships and putting them on trucks which then go to store them and I
like it blue and red red very good bank note
colors actually go well together in the watermark is generic in the security
threat just this Bank of Pakistan five it has five rupees as well
okay the ten rupees as the Khyber Pass piss shower so this is a gate there
would have been used before when I use swords and arrows
probably earlier period when they use guns and primitive cannons then would
have been a good defense in the old times and yeah now it’s not really a
defense at all and this is the lost banknote you get with 10 Australian
cents it’s actually bit in some banking it’s
like like a Laos which uses banknotes yeah
even to 1 cent there than use coins at least Pakistan uses coins in the 20
rupees we have the mohenjo-daro like kana and this is probably definitely
mohenjo-daro is by the Indus Valley Civilisation said
the earliest most complex civilization it’s the Indian equivalent to like
ancient Egypt the Mycenaean Empire the Shang State in China which had writing
later on Sumeria so to me the less Sumerians in here Kayden’s which were
the first ones implemented writing but in between them and the Egyptians they
the Egyptians mainly had writing for religious imagery but they probably use
it for accounting as well and the Sumerians used it mainly for accounting
so and bookkeeping so that’s basically it and this is there a lot of sites in
India and Pakistan I think it’s like 40 or 50 sites and it’s very interesting if
you go to India or Pakistan you should try and visit one of these sites because
quite a nice place to visit one day I will and here this is the cutter column
Peak eight hundred eight thousand one hundred six hundred and eleven meters
says that and this is most likely the highest peak in Pakistan
that’s just golf my hero I actually haven’t looked it up and these banknotes
they have beautiful patination here which each one is different and it’s
definitely Islamic patination the way they actually decorate their mosques is
actually I love it very much yeah from the pictures I’ve seen the
best muster go VC is a Blue Mosque in Afghanistan but Afghanistan’s a bit of a
dangerous country because of the Civil War Gunny
okay he where they’re quite a Azam residency in Quetta
and looks like a British India type building and this was a place where mr.
Gina actually spent the last two months of
his life and I presume is where he actually passed away as well because it
was very old as you can see there’s lots of pinholes and in this condition
security Fred you can’t really tell what’s actually on that you just noticed
one there the watermark is a bit damaged as well I
did not have to eat ever banknotes d500 1000 5000 rupees um they’re pretty much
in the same style as this one which are pretty good they’re not the best
banknotes in the world one of those is more dimes whatever country actually
issues good banknotes Papa New Guinea EPS is very good banknotes I’m just
trying to think off my head how about ever in this region around
spent notes that are okay you’re quite attractive mmm mmm I can’t
really think actually yeah but there’s quite a few countries most of them in
South America or believed actually she could banknotes and this one’s quite
good so feel for Pakistan please let me know what you think about this video
actually done anything wrong like pronounce the names which I most likely
have pronounced wrong because of my Australian accent and for that you can
educate me about making your own video on how to pronounce it and leave a link
down below so anyway I like that ask you to subscribe to my channel check out my
other videos and I give this video thumbs up if you from Pakistan you’re
like Pakistani banknotes or even if you’re from India and like Pakistani
banknotes that’s awesome and also check out my links below I do it eBay I do
have lots of social media which I do post on probably not every day every
noun in I’ll be great just to interact with you
and have a awesome back now collecting time bill thank you and bye bye

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