New York City (NYC) | Currency Exchange Guide | Travel Guide | Episode# 4

December 1, 2019

Hipfig Travel Channel offers travel video guides for more than 20 cities in Asia, US, and Canada If you like our travel videos subscribe to this channel to see more! Hey everyone welcome to Hipfig’s Travel Guide series on New York City In this video we’re going to talk about currency exchange counters and information for New York City. Keep watching to get the most of your money on your trip to New York City As you probably already know, the currency in the U.S. is the US dollar Usually the airport and hotels have higher rates and charges and in some cases, exorbitant commissions so change only minimal required currency at these kind of places. New York City has currency exchange counters in Manhattan Currency Exchange International is one of the larger chains but there are many others Many currency exchange counter are located around Midtown in and around Times Square You can also change currency at banks like Chase or Citibank However you may have to pay fees or commission. If you are changing large amounts of currency then it is worth checking around a few banks as every bank exchange rates and fees differ slighty You can avoid the hassle altogether by buying US dollars at home from your bank before getting on the plane to New York You can also use your credit card ATM machines allow cash withdrawal in local US dollars using International credit cards like the Visa/Plus and Mastercard/Cirrus Please check with your bank for any additional fee for using an ATM in a foreign country. For more details visit New York City Currency Exchange page. Happy Travels! Go to for information or Go to our Hipfig travel channel on YouTube and Be sure to subscribe for regular updates

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