New Five Pound Note Hard to Destroy Plastic £5 or Fiver

December 11, 2019

Hi! Guys welcome back a quick video today
recently Britain got a new five pound note now this was announced months ago that this
was happening they cam out a couple of weeks ago so I’am a bit late to the party to be
honest but I thought I’d share my first one with you guys I went to a self service check
out supermarket I bought something pretty inexpensive put in ten pounds and my change
came out like that and I’ll be honest at first I thought it had given me foreign currency
as change it looks very different noticeably different size to our old paper notes so I’ll
just show you a quick comparison that’s the new one so its slightly narrower and not quite
as long yeah these ones these ones were paper pretty easy to tear there we go these ones
however it says they are made from a polymer which feels like plastic I don’t really want
to tear it but lets give it a good go nope pretty strong plastic so easy to clean the
Queen on one side I promise to pay the bearer on demand the some of five pounds slightly
transparent there as you can see the Her Magesty the Queen here and big Ben and Sir Winston
Churchill on the reverse here it says I have nothing to offer but blood toil tears and
sweat so I wanted to give it a quick test waterproof test now obviously the old ones
are paper put them in the was you leave them in your pockets stick them in the washing
machine that’s the end of that most all of our other notes are paper too this one however
plastic so in theory it should be waterproof lets roll it up a practical demonstration
a fat straw its fine so yeah that’s an improvement you can’t do that with these old paper ones
so yeah you can go swimming and use them as straws so anyway I hope I hope you found this
quick look at our new five pound interesting I’ll give it a dry now I’ll give a shameless
plug for my mechanise most YouTubers sell T-shirts they are effectively T-Shirt salesmen
I have merch too but its a little different to most but one of the products I make and
sell a solid silver money clips so lets see if these are compatible yes they are so yeah
if you need a solid silver hallmarked by the Goldsmiths company in central London clip
for your new five pound notes links to my website and store are in the description bio
everywhere so until next time Toodles!

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