My German Empire banknote update

November 30, 2019

so hello people have a look at these
banknotes this is Glenn back with some banknotes from Germany so these are
imperial banknotes he lowers denominational heaviest 20 marks Nash
concedes 1914 citizens over a hundred years old
but it’s not in a good condition but what I’m actually trying to do is
actually get the different letters that you can get up there so this one looks
like is that P P lettering and you different types of letters so I actually
want to get the whole set so hearing half and the reverse of it and someone’s
actually drawing a thousand on it probably a long time ago yeah this
pattern actually looks beautiful so Imperial German Bank no sexy quite
attractive these are irreplaceable even on a 15 for a different number version
they continue to circulate for some time because 20 marks even at this time 1914
was actually quite a lot of money it’s worth for bear one pen I believe one
pound was also quite a lot of money look at the imperial eagle looks awesome pity
these big no it’s actually quite cheap to get even 48 so here I have an older
banknote so 1910 and we have the H T we have another T so I don’t want to keep
doubles so I actually have to get rid of one now as you can see they have you can
get these with six and seven numbers so this one has seven on them
these 6-1 I think so I’d be harder to get and all these signatures are pretty
much the same and on the back well it’s not actually as good as the 20 because
the 20 actually had greens and blues on it so very more I appealing this one is
just green pretty much the same this one’s in better condition so awesome and
like that right now actually did happen before Parasuram and
you know I’ve actually got them back again oh oh then we have the 100 mark so
this will no I’ve n no I’ve M I have two M’s but ones in poorer condition and
these both have the grain the grain seals so you can actually get some
without red seals as well it’s not in oh wait no I need no I yeah pretty much a
date did the same and look at the beautiful German eagle it’s awesome if
you feel it you can you can actually tell anyway it looks like rails going up
and down is purely that’s actually security device that I’ve only ever
found and German bayonet talk this time only on the 100 1000 marks so this one
has five f7 numbers instead of six as you can say the L is actually a little
bit offset from the actual numbers and if we have a look at the backside oh
that’s beautiful so allegorical features two women he’s a
Greek helmet partners pirate Romania in the center
this being this are just one of the best but picnic series that can actually get
and it’s a pity though actually suffer from hyperinflation it’s actually quite
a nice banknote and here’s the actual poorer grade they warn amongst no water
max are actually around new this time but these ones don’t have it what was
the date to be everyone’s I need no way 30 songs are actually quite older and I
believe oh no no no I don’t know Nintendo actually issued a new 100 mark
which I hope it down below I’ll show that in a minute
actually being a bad name in here I have the 1000 marks so pretty much the same
go the railing on there I have the M J okay another M so I don’t want to keep
double M’s so the M is both G and seven pink do all
seven yep you’re pretty much seven but on Dave red they’ve read I wouldn’t call it the they’ve read seal
on here and still green you can actually get some of grain as well and we have
these German eagle here looks awesome money back
I’m glad the German coat of arms try to allegorical features on the side both
representing Germany you look at that this is just nice and beautiful so at
the time this was worth a bell so one hundred was for five pounds fifty
pounds but if you actually try and buy fifty P I’m back now from this Thai beer
is actually very expensive and these ones were actually quite cheap you know
that this cost probably probably a minimum of ten dollars each and if you
want a better grade condition actually go higher so here you last one alive
didn’t you 105 that was issued in err yeah 1908 so
this is a 1908 one which is probably a bit harder to get in 1910
so in 1910 they actually have a to water my acid seal says they were red they
evergreen and this one is called the 100 ship the British ships on the back look
at that that’s just beautiful and that’s awesome design said Romania Oh Holy
Roman Emperor with the Germans shield sword representing to protect Germany
and Germany’s military power in the background and their ability well it’s a
house for a plough so agriculture and industrialization
a German Empire and if you have a look this one’s actually don’t have the don’t
have the actual lettering your lettering name of the older banknotes which is uh
bits I really because it’ll be good to actually get those littering but our
times gone Nash you can see the serial number it’s green on the green one and
it’s red on the red one so that’s just awesome you know it’s a being very much
for watching my video these think that’s awesome Otto von
Bismarck is the watermark no no no I have watermarks mmm nice security Fred
done awesome please like this video subscribe to my
channel check out my links below our social media so I gave any problems and
you need to send me some bank notes if you want identified that’s that’s okay
with me awesome coin collecting time people and
bang that collecting time bye-bye

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