Mixing Ethereum Transactions For Anonymity

August 24, 2019

Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness today we’re going to be
talking about mixing your Ethereum for
anonymous transactions so I’ll link to
the previous blog I did on Bitcoin mixer
slash Bitcoin mix org where I talked
about how you can go and you can send
Bitcoin anonymously by obfuscating it
through many many different transactions
through a mixer where it mixes or
shuffles the the bitcoins from your old
bitcoins to fresh new ones and then
sends that to wherever you’re trying to
send it to so there’s really no way to
connect the two and thus making it an
anonymous transaction some people use
Manero for example instead because it’s
a private cryptocurrency but you know
say you are sending it to someone and
they refuse to convert from an arrow to
BTC or you know in this case we’re gonna
be talking about etherium and you have
to send them either Bitcoin or Ethereum
but it has to also be anonymous for
whatever reason you’re gonna probably
have to use Bitcoin mixer or something
very very similar but now you know we’ve
got aetherium it was just recently added
to the site where you can now mix
aetherium and the reason this is so
relevant is if you had the choice
between Bitcoin and aetherium for
purchase which you usually have a choice
between those two you can now much more
cheaply do it with the theorem because
the fees are obviously gonna be a lot
less for sending several Ethereum
transactions versus several Bitcoin
transactions just because of obviously
like the network fees so now that you
have access to the Ethereum mixer for
you know a small fee you can completely
anonymize your transaction which is
really really useful for a lot of
reasons you know what if you’re trying
to just be very private
for security reasons what you don’t want
hackers being able to track many many
many different reasons which I touch
upon in the
previous article which again I will link
in this we’re really just taking a look
at the basic mixer here and there’s some
FAQ questions here that gives you some
general information like you know what
is it how does it work you know the the
fees they don’t store any logs they
don’t collect emails or personal data so
in terms of your unanimity you’re really
set for them they’re really really good
with this there’s no human involvement
in the transactions they’re fully
automated meaning there’s no chance for
error or you know someone to
accidentally see the transaction and
memorize it or whatever a lot of these
issues are solved with with this Bitcoin
and aetherium mixer and then they have a
little guide for how it works
and a few other things just basic
contact information etc because they can
help you with uncompleted transactions
but uh but yeah so all you really have
to do is just go you know you’ll set
your address so you can set a custom
delay if you want it to wait a certain
amount of time before you actually go
and send it and you know then when you
go and you actually send it it actually
wants like a legitimate address I don’t
know if it’ll verify okay well
cool so I mean at least it’ll force you
to use a correct address to ensure that
you’re not making any mistakes here
so the minimum send is 0.5 and yeah you
essentially you just type it in it’ll
tell you what they’ll actually be
receiving after it’s been blended and
the fees have been applied and then you
can just go ahead and send it to the
address and you’ll be good to go so it’s
a pretty simple process there’s not a
lot to it and it’s completely automated
so you know you don’t have to really
wait on it or anything it’s pretty
instantaneous and yeah I mean if you
want to send anonymous transactions this
is a hundred percent the way to go so
you know this is definitely really
really relevant to anyone who was using
a Bitcoin mixer or was using Manero and
that they wanted to use a theorem but
really couldn’t now you have that option
at least with this with this service and
you know I’ve used it it works perfect
and yeah no complaints here let me know
if you guys use will use this if you
have used this have you use anything
similar to this is it going to be easier
now that they are actually allow you to
mix aetherium and not just BTC let me
know your thoughts in the comments below
I’m always curious to see if there’s you
know other services that are similar or
better or like what people prefer I
think this is a really solid one though
so if you are going to end up needing to
mix ETH or BTC check out bitcoin
bitcoin mix dot org and then you would
just do backslash ETH if you’re gonna
do ETH I’ll include the links and
everything in the description so you can
go and check that out yourself yeah let
me know what you guys think in the
comments below I’m Scott Cunningham aka

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