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March 5, 2020

first old coin looks pretty early that’s
ridiculous that’s awesome congratulations! alright so I’m out here
with Taylor and we are at an old house it’s an 1809 house but people have been
here a very long time this area is very old got Taylor right there
and Taylor just dug the first cool signal here first pretty cool thing so
we’ll show you what that is alright what’d you get it was a trouser
button yeah button or a snap or something
that’s nice any design on it or I can’t see anything
but it could be well there you go sweet we’ll clean it up and see if
there’s anything on it good job alright so we’re running all over this property
here there’s six acres so it’s pretty big and I just got my first old coin and
it’s actually the exact same year as the other one that I dug that was actually
in pretty nice shape they’re pretty rare to find in good condition like this one
is so I will show you what it looks like it’s pretty nice so you guys probably
aren’t gonna see her too closely here but that is a 1905 V nickel and it’s
actually in really good shape I’m gonna probably toothbrush it a little bit I
did Nick it on the back so make sure you’re really careful with your holes
well we’ll clean it up and see if I can get some more details offer alright so I
got her cleaned up look at that coin 1905 V nickel beautiful these always
come out of the ground toasted if anybody’s found one they know what I’m
talking about they’re usually totally destroyed so to
see her in that good shape you probably can’t really see on
the camera but you know I can see like the strands of her hair I can see her
eyelashes that’s not that’s in great shape I’m really happy with that awesome
well we’ll see if there’s a bunch more around her all right so just dug a spoon
Bowl big one I will see if the stem is in there but I don’t think so but we’ll
see it’s pretty cool all right so Taylor’s got something cool
what’d you get first blend first button miss in the back put the finds a good
shape you see that real quick yeah there you go
no shank on the back but yep there you go pretty awesome cutting buttons that’s
good it’s a good sign so mr. Taylor is totally creaming me today got this
earlier which I didn’t get on camera yes spoon take a look at that beauty Wow
silver-plated very nice and then you just dug something else up yep so there
wow that’s a hold yeah that is old that is not your regular pot wheels some dirt
in there that’s a really nice find I think there’s a white paint there I
can’t quite make it yep it looks like it Wow
some little kid lost it right there or throw it away because it was broken but
maybe I like to think somebody was playing with it that’s awesome Taylor
congratulations so just got a rains guide look at that just like it sounds I’d have the reins
from the horse go right up through these and the driver would hold on so I’m
right through there it’s pretty cool so just dug a little piece of hardware here
it’s plated but it’s pretty looked gold at first but yeah not sure how old it is
but neat nonetheless pretty cool all right so just got a button here for hold
button will call these underwear buttons as that’s usually what they were on but
yeah definitely button pretty neat all right guys so we’re digging by the old
barn now and see here and I just dug something out right next to the wall the
barn and there you can see it oldie buckle it’s probably tack buckle
actually has some leather on it still it’s pretty wild there’s definitely a
good signal it’s pretty neat wasn’t too deep is probably me actually it’s a
little deep it’s probably maybe four inches but should be some other good
stuff here thrown away so we’ll see you got your very first or something would
you get the copper but it looks pretty early could I hold it sure
oh is it a Connecticut that’s either Connecticut or King George yeah you’ll have to toothbrush it
lightly I think it’s a Connecticut but not entirely sure guys actually I think
they can actually even see him right there
yep well let it dry out and then carefully toothbrush it so we won’t
scratch it I promise we’ll see if we can’t figure out what it
is that’s awesome way to go congratulations that’s your
first copper that’s your second old coin yes and it’s a copper that’s ridiculous
that’s awesome congratulations Thanks what’d you get make you think it’s an
old door handle for a car oh wow I’m not positive but it has a nice chrome finish
huh little mechanism on this side I think you hold it like this yeah I think
that piece right here way down yeah that’s nice handle cool
Ruby very much cool all right so we’re inside this big
old barn here on the property and we came back walking here I turned the
light on to see if I could see anything and I did a surface find glass marble
right there awesome well see if there’s some more stuff I’m gonna take the
pinpointer and see if I can find anything sticking in the wall sometimes
they hide stuff in the walls and we’ll look around but pretty cool so Taylor’s
just kicking my butt today what’d you get Taylor got a seated dime a seated
dawn right past the marks and Barbara’s my first Ives are seated that’s
ridiculous oh my goodness I think it says 1876 Wow
look at that beauty 1876 one day Wow that’s nice where to go that’s cool
so just Doug this guy up looks like a little buckle or something here it’s
like it’s got leather on the back then these two were together when I pulled it
out and they just came apart but yeah I’m not entirely sure exactly what it is
but very cool there’s a star on it you can see show you what the back looks
like there but we’ll clean it up and hopefully figure out exactly what it is
it’s pretty cool though I’m excited to figure it out all right so right by
where Taylor had dug the seated earlier we decided to come back through and I
got an Indian here can’t really see you too much the details right now cuz I
haven’t cleaned it off yet but that is an Indian Indian Head Penny yeah like I said I won’t I don’t see the
date on it yet oh I see 18 maybe 95 not sure we’ll clean it up but definitely
what that is that’s awesome maybe there’s some other stuff

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