Making Money with Recycled Goods

December 21, 2019

Every year we as humans generate over
four trillion pounds of garbage, with Americans making 262 million tons of that. And around the world we collectively
spent approximately $300 billion getting rid of it. More than half of the garbage we make
every year ends up in landfills. But 34% of it gets recycled
that means over 89 million tons of recycled waste every year can
be used to make everything from newspapers to t-shirts and traffic cones. So where does your garbage really end up? Recycling began during times of historical
hardship when we didn’t have the money or resources to make the things we needed. Today we have the opposite problem. We have too many things. And because of that, making products from recycled waste has become more and more
popular in the last decade and not just because it reduces waste and pollution. Yes, recycling helps our environments and
animals by slowing the amount of new waste that we create but just how
effective that is still up for debate. But it definitely does help people
starting new businesses. One of the hardest parts of starting a business, is finding the money to order or make a new product. And using recycled waste can
help reduce that cost dramatically. And recycling isn’t only good for businesses, it’s helping a lot of individuals make money too. Many people don’t know that
there’s companies willing to pay for your old junk, like corks, cooking oil,
tennis balls, gift cards, and even human hair. And more commonly refunds on things
like glass bottles and aluminum cans means that there’s tons of opportunities
to see cash where others see trash. There’s almost always a creative way
to turn garbage into something valuable. And often all it takes is a little know-how
to turn something old and broken into a product people are willing to
pay good money for. For example there’s a store in Paris that takes radios from the 30’s and 40’s and turns them into beautiful Bluetooth speakers. There’s a company in Chile that
makes tumblers, pitchers, and wine glasses out of used glass bottles in a country
that only recycles 1% of their solid waste. And a company in Canada
that makes bags and wallets out of material salvaged from old luxury cars. We create a product that is unique in its existence and has a story. Which accomplishes two things at once. Often but not always it can be cheaper
than manufacturing new materials. But it also guarantees that the
products they create are entirely unique. Then there’s a recycling we’re
most familiar with, taking waste and turning it int
raw materials to make something new. Tires used to be considered unrecyclable and almost equally as hard to throw away. In fact most states have laws against dumping tires and landfills so for a
long time the only solution was to burn the tens of millions of tires and
stockpiles to get rid of them. But today recycling technology has changed that and tires are now an important construction material. With companies turning tires into rubber for running tracks, roads, and children’s playgrounds. The best part is, if the thing you make new products from is considered
especially wasteful you can often get the material for free or even get
companies to pay you to take it off their hands. Making waste has become an
unavoidable part of life that we all contribute to. So it’s become necessary
for all of us to look into more sustainable ways to make and buy the
things we want. That’s why recycling plays such an
important role in business. Because we don’t have to choose between the things
we want and the things we believe in. And because recycling gets rid of waste. It’s one of the only businesses where running out of product might actually be a good thing.

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