[Live] Duncan Arthur speaking of the coup of ByCoi and his companies (Feb 27, 2020)

March 5, 2020

Hi, good afternoon. It’s late Saturday
afternoon 22nd of February 2020 in London all of you probably know me. I’m
Duncan Arthur I’m the creator, the owner and the sole shareholder of the other brand
and justified every company behind it I’d like to send a message that I’m
very much alive and despite…well if I’m dead it would much surprise me
people have tried to take control of my platform I own a coin company, called BCB
CoinStrike, that was nearly hijacked that of course is illegal criminal that
will not stand it’s completely unforgivable that it was done by people
who are considered my friends and even close family is actually very very
hurtful you cannot just go and grab a company in the UK the authorities are of
course investigating it now the staff I worked with and we’ve had a very close
relationship has come to be very close together we launched the special purpose
vehicle in fact two of them in order to try and raise some capital to develop
the platform two things happened the first is that the platform has not been
developed what ever happened to the money I don’t know the second is that it was
mishold by two Norwegians from one… OneDealer in Norway who were acting without
authority I’ve had to separate from it I cannot be associated with it I’m
in this business to help us all from our history in terms of crypto enthusiasts
not go and repeat the same miss that happened before now what are we doing
about it we’re fixing it anybody who has had any dealing with me who has acted in
good faith as I said from the start will be taken care of and will have
whatever they have done mirrored you cannot go around cloning entities
like BCB CoinStrike you cannot go around using brands you have no
entitlement to and you do not hold the coin the the the the just will just so you
know I just get so angry who does this I mean you don’t own the trademark you
have no right to it so you go in inclinement I mean what kind of person are you
and then general data protection the person signs up for something and then
gets marketed something else that’s not how it works it’s under control
I’ve taken back control as far as I’m concerned they can go and do whatever the
hell they want they just cannot use my trademarks they cannot use me and I will
deal with the people I want to deal with thank you

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