Lebanon’s preinflation banknotes

December 31, 2019

it’s like ghetto people are you going
this is Glen and today we have nearly a full set of the banknotes are issued by
Lebanon from 1962 to I believe II like early 90s late 80s early 90s and these
were the pretty much the first independent banknotes of Lebanon so the
only one I’m missing is the one pound and hi so I have is 250 now there is a
500 and 1000 pounds but they’re a little bit smaller so they are of a different
set so let’s have a look at though I did make a video on these but in that video
I mean he had free banknotes I think de I can’t remember I know at the five I
believe I had the ten probably did 250 so if you can see on this banknote it
actually has a finessing theme so the building on the front is actually the
National Lebanese Museum and that’s in Beirut Beirut the actual capital of the
lebanon roof and on the side you can see it has a statue and this is actually a
Phoenician statue and if you know the history the Canaanites are the
precursors of the Israelite people did Jewish people in decay and the
Phoenicians so the Israelites related to Finizio and all around aside we actually
have the Phoenician alphabet which is a consonant alphabet so it doesn’t have
valves like Arabic that you see here and it’s actually the first fully
comprehensible alphabet it’s supposedly derived from proto Sonique which
actually evolved in this you know peninsula
we’ve not to show them what language that was
it could be related to Semitic languages that were spoken in Israel so Hebrew
here naphthenes sin could be related to the Semitic languages spoken in Egypt so
we’re talking about probably probably Coptic at this time or earlier version
of Coptic which are if you don’t know the Coptic Church in Egypt do you see
descendants of you know the Egyptian people the Pharaohs people who built
Spinks so that’s what that’s IDs and then Omni reverse we have a bridge has
been identified I couldn’t identify this before so this is the Adonis bridge over
there now a cub River as you can see it’s actually pretty much the latest all
of the Roman architecture with the free arches and this Bank now it’s actually
very easy to get you probably paying me this great two to three dollars so
that’s a pretty nice banknote to actually get the second one I have is
the ten towns or the phrase in French on this side we have Anja so angels made
City what’s left of it and it’s actually in the Bekaa Valley so as you can see
it’s actually a ruin and Iran the Saudis typical Islamic architecture so that’s
nice bank note and the watermark is some guy what’s the watermark on the one town
it is it’s actually heard the terrace of printings over the top of it looks like
a type of boat probably try me which is an ancient warship and galley and this
one has I would say is one of the caliphates
when the Khalif soft it made Empire and probably can’t remember who actually
built this is kori person who actually built this and on this side we had their
pigeon grottoes in Beirut so as you can see it is probably a place where pigeons
actually nest on the sides and it’s I believe it’s limestone looks like
limestone especially the way it’s revering could be sandstone but it is a
nice place I’ve seen images on the internet it’s actually a nice place to
visit and as you can see it has French in English then we have the not 300
pounds D 25 pounds so currently they have a 25 pound coin I don’t know if
that’s actually used in a 250 pound coin but they don’t have a 2,000 pound or a
25,000 they only over 20,000 pounds so on this big notice it at all of the say
let’s say des in the city of SATA as you can see it’s actually in pretty good
condition and this one is dated 1973 or blue so the date is actually down there
it’s in western it’s a Western dating system and as you can see numbers in
Arabic on the reverse we have the misol-ha citadel North Lebanon as you
can see it’s a nice footbridge probably not good for cars looks too small
actually and this one actually looks a bit of a ruin you can see that the walls
have been damaged on the side that’s probably got no roof on it but I’ve
never been it anyway you see who printed these Thomas did love
so that’s the nice thing though this one’s a bit harder to get I’d attendant
pounds is per bit you know three or four dollars again but this one in
uncirculated grade you’re probably looking at probably at least ten dollars
ten to twenty dollars I’d say because these are harder to actually get in on
círculo they actually stop printing these first I believe in the early 80s I
mean here we have a line icy water bar so that’s a harder banknotes get and
easier banknote to get is actually D 50 lira or town listeners the temple of
bacchus belbek as you can see it’s quite a complete temple now it’s missing a
roof basically the rest of it is fine the watermark is a little bit nice
cypress tree which is the national tree of Lebanon and here we have a fresco up
here of a ball behind the tree and lots of patination so it’s actually quite a
nice banknote how’re you bent this condition you’re probably about five to
ten dollars you’re not in the back and as you can see I like the weight I’ve
actually changed the color of it so it’s just not a single color you got blues
yellows Pink’s whites and this is actually the fortress of Tripoli so so
the fortress is actually at the back and this is probably a residential building
in the front and as you can see it’s actually quite a intact building what’s
the water market a cypress tree that’s right I’ve already said that and yes so
that one bit in those then we have a another I think no it’s actually be a
bit of a hard one to get in this gray for about ten to fifteen dollars for
this and this one is the 100 differs co-parents and on this side we have the
betadine palace and as you can see it’s actually quite a medieval Arabic type of
architecture quite clearly it’s well maintained I would this is the palace
proper over there this is probably a residential for dine I’m just guessing
servants or whatever or guess and if we look at the watermark it’s probably got
the Sultan or whatever who actually built the place but I need to look them
up anyone knows who he is please leave a comment down below and on the reverse we
just have Lebanese Cyprus in liberties sure he was in country so so Lebanese
mountains and they actually got snow in us so the white you’re supposed to
represent snow this is actually quite a nice banknote cuz blue it’s actually
very attractive banknotes in bloom red actually took quite attractive they
would be if they were yellow but because of the white background
yellows generally not a good color to use in banknotes
unless it’s totally yellow and then we have the last peak now so I’ve already
shown this before and this is the highest banknote and to the 500 was
issued in 1980 I can’t remember and this is the Roman Hippodrome at Tyrel so this
is Roman ruins at IRA and as you can see it has the entrance is actually quite
intact but the rest of it is actually quite damaged here we have two sheeps
heads up there on the side so that’s actually quite nice I actually like the
five one of us has a Phoenician architecture on here we have fekra so this is a Roman ruin and I have
not actually been able to find out what this ruin is it’s actually a bit hard to
tell it’s probably a temple but it could be a
to sometime but it actually it looks nice looks like actually a sunset saying
really and on the water Michael we have a first guy is that Medusa could be
could be could we get gold on not too sure anyway so those are Lebanese
banknotes issue from 1960 to the early 1990s and so I just need the one-pound
it’s really complete the collection and then after that I need to just upgrade
some of the big notes now this one you saw first is um did 1000 so this is the
current banknote this is 2012 not 2006 things when these so has the Arabic
fingers per day scenic release Venetian knowbut en enero Rica
so that actually shows the evolution of each of the other letters in the
alphabet up until Arabic so Phoenician is
actually the ancestors of the languages in the alphabets not only to see
alphabets they’re used in India Cambodian the alphabets they used in
Java Manchu not Chinese what else the alphabet they’re using if you have yo
and any type of arrow alphabet type of script
anyway I hope you enjoyed this video as I enjoyed making it and please have a
awesome coin collecting time thank you and bye bye

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    I like the colourful ones – very nice. Use an iron on the creased ones and they'll look much better. Thanks Glen

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    Arab coins & notes are my all-time favorite to have/ collect!

    Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Algeria, Morocco are my favorite amid Arab countries.

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    Very nice set of Bank Notes!

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