Italian old valuable banknotes

December 23, 2019

sorry white people are you going this is
Glen clay I have a deep voice because I’m listening to the offer but today we
have some Italian banknotes and as you can see these are all older banknotes so
from age it go from this one should actually be down there because this is a
1904 issue even I was issued for about forty years
this 1918 this is a 1939 and this one you say in 1951
so these banknotes we’re all issued by D or most of them were issued by the big
Leo thought this data so notice there’s something like that new swamis issue by
casa Vanetta d fresh tito so just means like
when net in the direct translations like loan fund but these are actually
banknotes that we issued in around Vanetta
so venice or even up north and we designed to actually increases currency
supply around the areas that were actually taken from the Austrians that’s
what I again but these banknotes are actually not that easy to get so this is
1918 so it’s a hundred and one years old it seemed a fairly used condition it’s
pretty basic because it was printed in a hurry I made another video on white
actually print poor quality banknotes and it just has on the back just has
some information about the banknotes that this actually represents and as you
know in 1918 will one actually ceased
so all these I would say sent him ears or based denomination banknotes which
actually were a coin they could after the first world war in Germany they
could I probably know during the first world war probably as coinage become
more scarce so in nineteen sixteen seventeen the majority of it was after
the first world war because some places had inflation and there was just a
shortage of metal all around so that’s a nice painting like this one you’re
probably looking at about ten dollars to actually buy bainite nice condition ten
dollars and upwards so it’s actually a nice banknote to get the second one I
have it’s actually a scarcity issue so I just had a look I looked on ebay and
could only actually find one of these banknote no selling it for rare hundred
fifty dollars that’s in better condition in this i if i was prevail on this Oh
probably put about thirty or forty dollars in this condition because these
were first issued in 1904 so and up until 1940 and has Victor Emmanuel
deferred Vittorio it’s issue ba de pikillacta di stato go Sally Kyle so
King Lear a so five livers and this is one of the last issue because there’s a 5144 so that’s an actual start then you
got the ever serial numbers down here so that’s partly five to six thousand range
with these signatures and your watermark is a don’t know it’s been hard to tell
the watermark because of the actual damage to the actual banknote and on
this wire housing Eagle an agency spies cut off so says chink oh dear but is
actually being cut off which is pretty normal for banknotes of this time period
especially in South America the half of the edge of the banknote cut off which
is definitely a security feature for that so can we see the watermark on that
looks like gg4 gringo and here we have italia so this is the allegorical
feature so it’s represent italia and in the background we have the plaza the
camp young dog cleo in rome now butchered that but if anyone knows
what that place is you can actually look it up on Wikipedia they have definitely
lots of information on images on came back nodes and this is actually a harder
paint night to get so I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes you a long time to
actually hit this banknote especially in the condition that you want it in no the
higher the grade the harder it is to get and then we have a 1 lira from 1939 so
this was first issued 1939 up into 44 now actually she’s a different pregnant
he has a Festus so this is a traditional Roman type of imagery has an axe on a
red and here we have just wait as you can see it’s actually quite small and on
the back we have or Custis so some images says Caesar Augustus but Julie
Caesars different person is or Gustus Caesar it was the first official Roman
Emperor also known as Octavian and as you can see this two to one issue and
it’s the serial number so it’s quite nice because it actually has an old
Roman Emperor on it which was Lanie actually one or two
try and recreate the old Roman Empire and the last one I have you say 50 lira
so inflation actually removed these old denominations and turn them in the coins
or just remove them totally like the centimetres actually just took out the
circulation in the 1951 actually issued this one for a big lead thought e stato
and as you can see it has maneuver that’s a Roman goddess or Athena inna
the Greek goddess but not too familiar the Romans actually adopted a lot of
Greek imagery in gods and on so we have a date ad a 1951
it’s quite an old banknote and here’s the decree down here and what’s a
watermark what am i Christine so that’s nice no security Fred it’s pretty common
for this period and on this side we just have the denomination and just some
legal requirements there and as you can see even to this the period you can see
the serial numbers are pretty much the same so you go for for the first light
you up for numbers second light you got six and that occurs on most of these
banknotes issue by D the egg law be late though so butcher that again
but as you can see serial numbers different cuz this issue by different
organization so this Bank night you’ll be looking at probably twenty five and
ten dollars it’s a bit of an easier banknote to actually get and then in the
50s replaced by a coin think 1954 it was our 50 lira this one you probably paying
we at five dollars so that you can actually these are quite easy to get so
these two it easy to get these two are not very hard to get so more expensive
40 older banknotes anyway all over link down below
Oh two Italian bank let’s if you’d like to actually look and see what these are
actually worth these two shall be easy to find on eBay and just keep collecting
banknotes because these Oh quite obviously awesome don’t know it’s a
ceetain break no time and have it awesome bayonet collecting time people
thank you and bye bye

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