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March 5, 2020

iraqi dinar news you guys it’s Nick and you’re probably
thinking again wow he’s doing another video already exactly so check this out so we are on
Google you can see hopefully Google dot com the
American one I’m gonna pay unopposed in here paste Singh Postema pasting hear the word
Central Bank of Iraq in Arabic we are to consider showed up
here now and I’m gonna do now that we have
that I am going to you translate this but we’re gonna just look
at the new so now we’re gonna look at their big news their ago now there’s proof that it was
originally Arabic now we’re gonna change this to you news
with the last week and so we’re gonna be getting into
some crazy stuff real briefly we’re gonna go into into see right now you can tell what
this is all about so watch on a translated and look at
these headlines so these are all really important
headlines guys and these are all in the past week as you can see so I’m using a translator along with the
air bags at Central Bank of Iraq in a wreck and we’re gonna look at these interesting headlines real
quick first thing is a for March 3rd such a make iraq denies
low reserves the foreign exchange I CB I bought 36 tons of gold si VI por smaller paper currency I was
one of the first people to break down in a video I think any bells made a video about
that on central bank iraq decide to withdraw the 50
dinar no I mention as well and here’s an important
one right here central bank gives the green light to implement the deletion up
zeros so we will go ahead opening is and I’m
just going to open them and if my voice cracks a bit mainly
because the internet slows down obviously when I’m opening up these
links so I’m just gonna open up a few we’re
just gonna check out these articles and get my boy sons money
just it just because these pages need to load
now they will be translated once they’re finished loading right now it’s its it’s an Arabic so
does make any sense so let me go ahead and I make sure I can
fix that should be able to translate all these
City aren’t so we’ll go ahead and start with this
when you’re so this is a so central center may give the green
light to implement the deletion the zeros we need to years to complete now I want
to get this professionally translated these as you can see it mentions like
the word keywords and obviously that’s you know its it’s gotta be a
mistranslation but this this is where I used to get started
because what if I find a good article like this I want somebody professionally
translated so I’ll get this one going eventually on here’s another one central bank we
have a tendency to increase gold reserves so they’re talking about gold either talk about the leading the
zeros I was going to continue this and you can
see this was in Arabic document can you see up in the browser you see
the Arabic on the end of the URL okay so they don’t really have an English
equivalent so I was gonna go been translated like this source at the central bank banks will
begin the implementation over minutes is to the customer starting next Sunday so
this is pretty big news on and it also says something
interesting it says the central bank Iraq began to apply the new system every
minute since other currency as you point out the bank denied that they stopped selling the dollar see
it right there here’s another one this is something
that I report on a few days ago a and you can see another Arabic website
doesn’t it doesn’t have English equipment if you guys look if I show you
it’s all air back there’s no button to click gonna make it
English so you’re kinda you know can have two do your own thing
so the CBR pull smaller paper currency instead obviously cuz many because we’re
asking why did they do it Willis’s read what they said Rakhi
central bank decided to you smaller people currency which is the
withdrawal the 50 dinar notes because it’s no longer needed due to the
low value and stop circulation settlements they’re not
done there’s no value the the notes are worth four cents US so
there’s no point circle a.m. plus the banks are really the banks are
really using another bank’s are going to accept them but they’re not the you know there’s no point where we
gonna go to your bankers a nearby church for sent pieces a paper it is not worth
it on and here’s another thing the guy says
here he point out that the 50 class dinars were printed after 2003 but an increase in the rate it inflation
in 2006 after raising fuel prices lead to the erosion other currency and
the difficulty of trading them to become the 250 dinar so if you talk
to people iraq the 250 is a lot more common than the the 50 and even other 250 is it really
worth much it still is being used and then they are then it he says he was
also supposed to delete this zeros from the currency a product that has been
prepared in advance and prepare the floor however many
reasons led to the postponement up an unknown time put into the real
need to reduce turnover in Iraq since the deal today talking about trillions while striving
to be trading billions iraqi dinar news now it there’s a there’s a there’s audio too but I mean there’s no point in
trying to play cuz more people here during this broadcast is this is live
again actually play it but that you can just see what some
other stuff they’re talking about here I’m gonna get this when translated as
well because guys you can only get so much from automatic
machine translations I let’s get into the gold real quick so
an you can the museum Inc then I guess I
can all see it real quick but didn’t work take to there we go CB I bought thirty
six tons of gold I iraq central bank to buy more gold to
preserve the stability of the highest value to the size that enjoyed by the special user the
it’s not fully translated but it’s essentially
said that they wanna keep their currency stable it also says Mohammed Ali I didn’t know
how that got there the purpose are buying gold to diversify
reserves and not to rely on the dollar alone as a store of value so even iraq
saying that they don’t want to just hold dollars that they don’t think that the
dollar’s worth holding onto guys that’s it that’s a huge deal when
iraq saying that they don’t wanna hold dollars so think about that it as Iraq by 36 tons of gold bullion to
strengthen the Iraqi currency this Iraq became ranked among the 37
countries in the world in gold stocks then experts believe the move to buy
gold will lead to raising the efficiency in Iraq economy in the near future and I told you guys iraq doesn’t have a
lot %uh assets and their accumulating gold i
would tell people for years gold and silver you have colds or and the final thing
was about the options I need to zoom in on this one
unfortunate because it’s really small up has everyone been asking me about the
auction like a they’re not the they’re not doing auctions anymore in
Iraq that means there’s going to be an RV actually it doesn’t so let’s go and look
at this central bank iraq denies low reserves a foreign exchange again this is gonna be kinda ghetto
translation is just try to bear with me OK so says the
central bank iraq denied on Tuesday low reserves a hard currency meaning the dollar
indicating that it covers the Iraqi currency traded at more than one-half
times its size without setting a specific by the
Reserve so-so business and they have a lot love dollars they have a lot of dinar
but done at this point that they’re denying that
they have very low reserves up dollars if you remember my recording that I did
my podcast with the American contractor his site American contractor dot com
rich morse he specifically said that they prefer to use the iraqi dinar for you know the smaller
purchases and everything but when you’re buying stuff they typically
use dollars for you know make make major purchases so
the iraqi dinar and the dollar traded side by side
and the dollar’s very common in iraq you talk to people actually over
they’ll tell you the same thing and he says other governors central bank
iraq was surprised that the statements have some officials about the low reserves up our current is
sorting that iraq does not suffer from any decline
reserves and has good revenue and there are no concerns so guys I just want to give you a
preview of what I do I actually go to Google I search for the news and I make sure to you if I can get it
professionally translated you can see there’s so much %uh stuff on your iraq resorted
to selling bonds but on I does I just want to get that
out there for you guys to see okay I really hope that that you’re able
to enjoy this video I wanna put some links in the
description for you go to you obviously want to check out my site I it’s getting a lot of traffic now from
that recent press release I did with the same time make sure you
subscribe to this channel after done watching this video just give
it a thumbs up people gotta good deal information from this and then
please leave me a comment as to what you think and any you know concerns you might have
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it has to do with the United States I’d be happy to answer to you guys art will that is its I am closing down
for the evening I hope you guys have a great week and I look for it I
can use it by iraqi dinar news

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  • Reply Dinar RV News March 8, 2015 at 5:57 am

    Remember to give this video a thumbs up (under the view counter) and please leave me a comment below on what you think. I really am enjoying translating the official government documents and showing you.  Anybody can make claims, but how many show proof?  🙂  Remember to check out and subscribe for updates.

  • Reply Dinar RV News March 8, 2015 at 6:01 am

    Subscribe here

  • Reply Currency365Vlogs March 8, 2015 at 11:06 am

    Iraq new banking system now forces iraqis to open up bank accounts and use dinars and turn in their dollars. I told you weeks ago cbi stopped daily auction than transferred all responsibility to the banks with a new system so they could remove the scam money changers in the streets and stop corruption. Everybody will get the same rate through the banks. The auctions don't mean rv right away but it mean they are very close. We now need to see the banking laws and investment laws going forward. They will need a higher rate to start the custom tariffs. Things are looking very good for iraq right now. All majors banks around the world are now basel 3 asset compliance. Things are changing fast in this global reset. Oh btw iraq also said they will PEG THE DINAR TO THE SDR's YOU NEED TO LOOK THAT UP NICK. PEACE

  • Reply Brandon Hagmann March 8, 2015 at 3:58 pm

    Great work and thank you for getting the translations done! You are the man! The deletion of zeros being discussed is very interesting.

  • Reply Ome LMBO March 16, 2015 at 12:45 am

    So, this means that they will remove 1 zero from the 25000, making it 2500, then 1 form 10000 making it 1000, and 1 from 5000 making it 500.
    Not like most people think, as in it making the 25000 become only 25.
    Does this mean that the new 25000 bills i have will be trash?
    Or will they just go from being worth 25000 down to 2500?
    Either way, those of us that hold them, lose right? or not? Please help, I am pretty confused here.

  • Reply anthony huery March 20, 2015 at 4:54 am

    very informative

  • Reply Zhat Smail April 29, 2015 at 1:24 pm

    when rv ?

  • Reply Stephen O Neill May 3, 2015 at 9:22 pm

    Dude , I have 20.000.000 Dinar , will I make money?

  • Reply Katie Henderson May 19, 2015 at 3:47 am

    So do u think this money will ever come over to the States n revalue?

  • Reply godsons July 14, 2016 at 3:44 pm

    0.00000085 delete zeros…. 37 billion in gold…… now 0.00090 lol

  • Reply Joshua Horton October 19, 2016 at 4:31 pm

    They say stuff like this but always do the opposite.

  • Reply Joshua Horton October 19, 2016 at 4:45 pm

    You cant go by the information on those sites. The stuff they put out there is what they want you to see.

  • Reply Virisila Tavou December 3, 2018 at 12:58 am

    How can I change this dinar in Fiji

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