Hunting Small Bills For Fancy Serial Numbers and Star Notes!

December 3, 2019

let’s do a currency hunt today what do
you say ? Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and I felt like doing a
currency hunt if you watched my last video I’ll put a link right up here
you’ll recall that I picked up a thousand dollars in one dollar bill
straps from my bank and four were brand new straps that being said I kept them
because the very top strap has a low serial number binary repeater and it’s
one through 100 so we’re gonna get not only this binary but we’re gonna get
number 10 number 11 and number 100 and then the next strap we’ve got a binary
with the ten ten one at the end we’re gonna get number ten at the end and
number eleven crazy so we’ve got quite a bit of binaries really cool I’ve also
got two hundred and three hundred and three hundred to four hundred to look
through could be a couple of start replacement star notes in here you
always got a double check you never know this is probably single-handedly the
best bill I haven’t forgotten because a it’s uncirculated it’s in crisp
condition it’s a low serial number and it’s a binary repeater not to mention
its zeros and ones oh no one wears a 100-hour strap you gotta love it
I’ve got five hundred dollars in fives as well so a hundred five to look
through if you saw my last video hunting just fives I think it was twenty five
hundred fives we pretty much got skunked so I’m not
expecting much it’s even got a rubber band on it which is terrible so not
expect a bunch of the PI’s hoping to get some cool scores here in the ones won’t
know till we get into it so I’ll start with the fives and I’ll recap every
strap and then of course at the end of the video should I found any star notes
we’ll go ahead and check them for the parens and rarities let’s get this one
started we’ve completed hooding the
they stay pretty tough we did actually find a star note 2013 here I’ll be
double-checking on its permanent already at the end of the video and a couple of
kind of birthday notes 1980 but Oh two fifty five is not the month in the date
either way some people consider this a birthday note I don’t I don’t collect
them unless they’re a full date and that’s not and the same thing with this
one 1991 six oh five nine again I don’t consider these true birthday notes that
are hard to move and in this condition impossible to move either way I still
wanted to point that out to you always gonna look out for a birthday note this
said 1991 oh six oh five for example June 5th 1991 it is still collectible
again partial dates and creases and folds no bueno now that we’ve done that
we’re gonna move on to the teller straps I’ve got two Federal Reserve straps here
and I’ve got four teller straps that go through and we’ll do the for teller
straps first starting with this one so we finished hunting the first teller
strap of 101 dollar bills nothing in there particularly nice we did find
three try Nerys I won’t be keeping them but I’ll just show them to you three one
one seven seven seven one one it’s got the triple sevens in the middle but it’s
a pretty creased up bill pretty damaged so we’re not keeping it found this kind
of nice one almost the binary for one one one four four one zero again damaged
not in good shape we’ll be keeping it and then a trying to area with zeros
twos and threes kind of all out of order don’t like it it’s not even a birthday
note with the mm there but thirty thirty three doesn’t do me anything
there was own 330 or oh three oh three maybe still want to show you that we got
three try Nerys at the first batch nothing worth keeping let’s move on to
the next strap so strap to is actually a pretty good strap first of all we got
five of a kind with five nines in the middle of the bill now technically for
solids or seven of a kind or even six of a kind is collectible five of a kind is
marginally collectible but nines are some people’s favorite numbers just like
sevens and sixes things like that so we’ve kept these two
because a they’re in pretty good shape there’s a little bit of fold on that one
but it’s not really creased too bad so I’m probably gonna keep those and kind
of just do a little research on the value I don’t think they’ll sell much
more than one and a half two times face if I ever wanted to sell them if it’s
even worth it but five nines if someone’s lucky numbers tonight or
favorite number is nine that’s a lot of nines on those so pretty cool here’s
what I’m really excited about in that batch we had three consecutive crisp
2017 star notes so I’ll be checking the print
running rarity of these but more importantly they’re consecutive and
they’re crisp so that’s pretty cool and actually we found 85 and 83 happy to the
strap and I was like oh well you didn’t have all three no row four consecutive
and towards the back of the strap we found the other one so that’s really
cool and I got all these at the same Bank so I’m hoping that there’s maybe
some one dollar star notes that complete this and make this the consecutive
streak even longer we’ll see to any extent that’s a nice
score those are kind of cool so that was a good strap let’s move on to strap
number three so strap three was kind of a dud we did find a nineteen ninety-five
note which I always check to see if they’re a web note which is valuable the
printing plate instead of being below the one it would be next to the in god
we trust’ up here that would mean it’s a web note and this is not a web note I no
longer hold on to bills in the 90s like I used to I’ve weeded him out there’s
also a 1999 which had some different color ink used on it
thought about holding on to it but I’m just not going to and like I was saying
about the previous finds this one has four sevens in the middle sevens are
highly collectible especially when they’re three or more but this is not a
very pretty note it’s got some creases it’s got some damage to it I’m not sure
I’m gonna hold on to it have you fold up here unless it was a six of a kind then
I would still hold on to it but because it’s only four of a kind right in the
middle and it’s not even bookends which had an 82 in 82 or 91 9 when you name it
I’m not gonna not gonna do much with it I just wanted to point out that
sometimes it is good to hold on to notes that have a SIL number that contains a
lot of sevens or a lot of sevens in a row which this one almost did ah strap
number four so strapped for is pretty much a bust we did find kind of a cool
serial number six three three three six two two two so it’s a training area with
two threes and sixes and it’s kind of cool because it’s six three 33 and six
to 22 but bad shape completely and it’s only a trinary we also found in 1988
series eight and like I said I checked that 88 eighth the 1993 series and the
1995 saves for the wet note but the printing plate number is down here so it
is a regular sheet printed note and not a roll or web note well keep it anyway
because it is 1988 and I hold on to Bill’s prior to 1990 let’s move on to
the first of the different type of teller straps of the last two straps so
strap 5 was pretty productive we got a couple of star notes here both 2013 and
L Series in an H series and I’ve looked up enough star notes and I think these
are going to be just part of 3.2 million programs but I’ll double-check found
another trinary but it’s not cool enough three zeros and seven so we’ll pull that
aside and then kind of novelty little things here I’ve got a couple of Batman
stamps on or they’re not even consecutive so these guys have traveled
together for a while we wanted to keep them together so they can travel as a
unit once more we’ll add the two more star notes to the star note collect see
own over here which is grown by the minute so now we’ve got five one dollar
star notes found in five straps let’s make it official we got to get one more
in this last strap so the sixth and final strap ended up producing that
extra started that we needed which put us at exactly one star note per strap of
100 our bills that’s about what you want to get now
mind you three one one strap it doesn’t matter
we also found in 1995 which I checked it is definitely off the web note let’s go
back and the oldest bill of the hunt was a 1985 pretty trashy condition but I’m
gonna hold on to it I do give retirement homes for old GW
bills so he’ll be coming home with me I guess going home and staying home with
me now let me go ahead and get you a wrap up of the print run and rarities of
these star notes see if we got anything that’s rare or not so went to the
website where I check my star notes and I’ll link to that down below one to find
out their print running rarities the five dollar bill is part of a 3.2
million print run same with the two that I said earlier that looked familiar to
me part of 3.2 million print runs this oh six was actually part of a 3.7 1/2
million per run so it’s even less rare and then I was hoping these 2017 s would
be part of a rare print run but they’re not the only good news is they’re pretty
much crisp uncirculated and they’re consecutive so that’s pretty cool anyway
nothing really fantastic in here besides the consecutive star notes still I
always have fun searching currency because you never know when you’re gonna
get something epic like that hopefully you enjoyed this currency search with me
if you did I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and
thanks for watching

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