How to trade Bitcoin for Ethereum and withdraw on Poloniex

October 6, 2019

In this video I’m going to show you how to trade bitcoins for Ethereum and withdraw it from Poloniex.
To start just head over to Exchange section.
Here you will see all recent data including chart with chosen cryptocurrency pair as well as statistics from last 24 hours.
In the right section you can choose which pair you will be trading.
You can proceed with trading your bitcoins, Ethereum, Monero as well as USD Tether for available currencies.
Here you can find current buy orders and sell orders as well as other statistics.
In order to trade cryptocurrency just head to buy section and input price you are willing to pay and amount.
In my case I can just click on amount I have and it will automatically fill in max amount of Ethereum I can get with the current lowest ask.
You can of course choose other amount which you want to buy.
All that’s left is clicking “buy” and I successfully traded bitcoin for Ethereum.
In order to withdraw it to my wallet I go again to “balances” section and then “deposits & withdrawals” and quickly search for Ethereum.
As you can see it shows my current balance and it’s value in BTC. The amount I received in the end is slight reduced by Poloniex fees.
To withdraw I need an address and a wallet – this time I’m using Exodus but again you can proceed with any online or software wallet.
I copy the address and paste it to relevant field on the website.
Then you can choose the amount you want to withdraw and because I want to receive all my funds I can just click on amount here to automatically fill it in.
You finish the whole process by clicking “withdraw” and you will be charged with small transaction fee.
To complete the trade you have to confirm it by clicking link an email. Which you will receive
Same as with deposit your transaction will be listed in deposit and withdrawal history page.
Ethereum I traded is already safe in my wallet and I can hold it or use for other trades.
If you have any questions and suggestions what tools or websites I should cover in future videos feel free to leave a comment.
Thank you for your time and I hope you will have many successful and profitable trades.

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