How to Print Money Legally Part 1

March 3, 2020

Hello everyone I’m going to walk everyone through
the Financial Freedom Formula (F3) It’s really about how to print money legally and thank you for the actual questions
about how I did what I did. This is intended to answer those questions and to give you insight as to how you can do it
for yourself, okay. I’m sharing this with on my entire audience not just the students because the questions come from many different places and I thought that maybe I can just answer them publicly on for everyone’s benefit okay. So basically, I’m going to talk
about the methodology that I created which is the Financial Freedom
Formula methodology. Who it’s for? Why I did it? The what, the where,
the how all of that Everyone knows I’m give everyone more insight into for those that don’t to walk you through what the formula is, okay. All right, so, basically the Financial Freedom Formula is really how to print money legally
at the end of the day Right, it’s about having an infinite rate of return and because that is the only way that I know how to achieve Financial Freedom, because saving money getting out of debt and working for the long term does not work it’s obsolete and has been for decades. Anyway so it begins with
what is your wealth number meaning and time how long can you survive
on your same standard of living, If you were to lose your job today and whatever that number is it’s usually zero meaning many people don’t have any passive income so they are unable to actually live beyond whatever the time period is that they are working for money right so how do you do that well you go out and you generate income that doesn’t require your time and I call that passive income right so everyone’s freedom number is different um maybe it’s 5,000;10,000 20,000; 30,000 it really doesn’t matter what the number is the point is is that people and create it with tax efficient passive income using the formula, okay. So, how do you do that? One is you one understand
your tax rate and reduce your taxes Two you use debt, right ? And money’s been free for 10 years I’m so therefore for those of you who have not used money free money I just and saddened by that because you’ve lost a decade and then you buy and build passive income generators it doesn’t matter what kind or land gas businesses ATM machines real estate doesn’t really matter and then you actually achieve your wealth number right so if you’re well if your freedom numbers ten thousand dollars a month your passive income becomes ten thousand dollars a month and you can live indefinitely without having a “JOB” so that is the formula in a very high level and I have courses that are you know the books and lots of things that are about this formula okay but it’s really a how to print money legally.

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