How blockchain technology can transform capitalism and empower communities

October 2, 2019

so hello everyone
I’d really like to see all of your
consequences faces on this conference
about startup Nations Kenny claps for it
please yeah so what we’re going to talk
about today is going to be about how to
live free in an unfree world which the
new technologies we can use to increase
our free our free in our in the world
like and how to make the people around
you to be more consequence about the
liberal Liberty and at all so we’ll make
a fast schedule what’s gonna be today
first we’re gonna have two speakers then
we’re gonna have a coffee break where we
can take a shirt networking session with
your neighbors it’s always useful and
then we’re gonna have two more neighbors
and the last gonna be the Marines a
belowski which which is a member of the
parliament so the first we did it up for
Jannik dos which is a tech entrepreneur
and he have a lot of startups in the
blockchain blockchain technologies so
get it up for anecdotes please test test
test yes thank you very much for this
nice introduction
ok I said over ok I said it before I am
Yannick DOS my presentation is there I
see yeah I myself have an engineering
background but after graduating I
immediately stepped into
entrepreneurship that this because for
me it was like engineering
moreover it’s a human engineer I like to
build the bridge between technology and
society and here you see some pictures
of my daily life I am blessed to may
allow to travel around the world and to
speak on conferences to spread ideas and
to inspire people and besides that I’m
still an engineer so for instance there
in the corner you see drones one of my
hobbies is like building my own drones
and do a drone flying so there are still
an engineer inside of me yeah here you
see a big picture you see me in the
middle jumping from the air because I
was also part of building an innovation
ecosystem in the southern of the
Netherlands I myself am and dutchy and
here this was the first blockchain
incubator in the Netherlands that we
built and this was after the first
program and it was really inspiring and
there was a lot of energy and you see me
flying like there then we go some years
back because when I was a kid I was
basically a gamer I was spending too
much time behind my computer my mom did
not like it I can tell you that and at
that time I was like also quite good I
was third in the world in one of the
games but back then game the eSport
scene was not so developed otherwise I
will maybe not be standing here how
lucky that but I was playing MMORPGs so
these are massive online worlds where
basically it is a system a model of
society and that always intrigued me
because in this way you learn a lot
about how certain dynamics in society
work and actually what we have now where
blockchain is we can create new systems
that govern our society so what I want
to do today is help you first to give an
introduction about the technology itself
I will go to a give a short introduction
but the technology is very complex so we
don’t stay too long there
I want to show you some examples because
yeah it’s all about the application I
think we all use the Internet but we
probably don’t know how the HTTP
protocol or the SMTP protocol work and
after that I will go much more into
depth about certain ways that can create
more freedom in society I want to tell
you fasten your seatbelts I use a lot of
slides our used you know tell you a lot
of information
and it will go very fast if there is
something that you don’t understand
please raise your hand can be in the
middle and I can answer that question
here you see a picture it’s from a
meet-up it’s in January 2014 it was in
our region the first meetup
about cryptocurrencies the technology
behind it is blockchain he see there the
group is very small it’s like only it
were only like nerds engineers there
because back then the technology was
like only accessible via the command
shell it was very hard for people to
understand I myself came into touch with
the technology in 2012 and I was there
was Bitcoin the I think the most let’s
say common and known let’s say
application of blockchain and I was
interested in the technology immediately
not so much in the currency ID but I saw
this technology can create certain
problems that I see in the world that as
a kid as a rabble was always kicking
against but I could not come up with
something better so I stopped kicking
and that is basically where it all
started and as the engineer and me I
opened up my computer started to mine
back then it was possible with your
normal computer to mine for instance I
did it for 2 weeks or something like
0.32 point 3 Bitcoin I stopped because
the energy costs were higher than the
bitcoins were word at that time and you
saw that in January it was $200 now we
are around 10000 dollars but today we’re
not going to talk about speculation of
work today
we’re gonna talk about a revolution
because this technology can can change
certain system as we know them today but
it takes a little time and it takes all
of you to participate and to think about
how do we want to use this technology
for the benefits of our own society I
believe that the impact of blockchain
and will be much bigger than the impact
of internet it will be not from today to
tomorrow but this has to do that if you
look to the historic history of how we
exchanged data the infrastructure is
that every time there was a progress the
complete infrastructure got replaced so
from the printing press to the radio to
the internet the television to the
internet every time there was an
technology advancement the whole
infrastructure got replaced we saw all
how big the impact of the internet was
if you look 10 years back and look now
we are locked to our phones we use it
every day every hour probably
but now on top of this Internet we have
the blockchain as an addition and I
always compare it like this the Internet
is if you compare it with the human body
is like the blood vessels it’s like the
nerve system that connects our body and
now on top of that we get a collective
brain we get a collective logic and
especially because it is an advancement
over and on top of it the impact will be
much bigger than the internet so it’s
all cool in that now I want to learn you
how to speak like the cool kids in
blockchain terms so the first will be
the ledger if you look the ledger is
something special within blockchain
because you can compare like it’s a mega
excel sheet that we share over the world
where all the transactions are being
kept and there is not one place one bank
or one place where this letter is being
no there
thousands of these Ledger’s with the
same copy all around the world but what
is very special about this ledger is
that you can only add transactions so
it’s not like normally when you do for
instance isn’t wrong let’s say bank
transaction they will cancel that and
the transaction is out no you can only
add transactions on the other hand also
is that all transactions are ordered
chronologically in time so every 20
minutes for instance when in blockchain
there is a new block with all the
transactions of the 20 minutes being
added and actually all the whole ledger
is open is public so everybody can see
all transactions everybody that has the
ledger that downloads the blockchain of
Bitcoin for instance can see from its
creation till today
all the transactions and this will give
you also a lot of power if you look to
the contacts because you can see what
these transactions done and where and
what kind of things are for on the other
hand people talk about anonymity it’s
not completely anonymous Bitcoin to take
that as an example is pseudo anonymous
because everybody can see every
transaction so there is like later on we
will see the address of the accounts
that say the bank account and everybody
can see that but they don’t know it’s
you they only know the pseudo name so
the bank account number so if they don’t
know that’s your account
it’s like anonymous but if they know
they know that but later on we will tell
a little bit more about that and it’s
the next thing is is like peer-to-peer
decentralization because instead of
having like a governed body like a bank
who takes control over this ledger this
is completely peer-to-peer and
decentralized so what means that all the
are being validated by the community by
you and I back in the days I think all
of you have probably downloaded a song
via Napster or casas or used to download
a movie with BitTorrent these were the
first applications of let’s say
peer-to-peer networks instead of
downloading the song from a central
server you download from each other you
exchange with each other and this is
like also where blockchain technology is
built on in this way it can also need
not be censored because it’s not like
one server or one company they can take
down it’s like peer-to-peer so they need
to take all the players all the
community down into effect if they want
to take it down and that’s a hard job
especially with the currently activity
and the use of so many uses around the
world and then we have the word
blockchain itself actually the word says
it itself it’s a big chain with all
blocks so what is a block now every if
we take Bitcoin every 20 minutes all
transactions are bundled and let’s say
cryptographically put it together and
add it to the ledger and they are all
connected with each other
chronologically so they only fit in one
piece and they are connected in that way
that only this block can connect to the
other and that’s why basically the
blockchain the names come from it’s a
big chain with all the blocks and in the
blocks are the transactions of let’s say
that time period and then we have the
wallet and the to wallet is basically
like your bank account so the nice thing
about the wallet is is that you are the
owner the bank the wallet has two pieces
one is the public address it you could
compare it to your bank account number
so if somebody wants to send you
something they need to have this account
number so you can receive
the Bitcoin or something else and on the
other hand it has the private key the
private key is basically let’s say the
key to your vault because basically you
are your own bank this also takes a lot
of responsibilities that you have
because now when you forget your
password to log into your bank account
you will call the bank or whatever and
they can reset it here you can call
nobody so nobody can reset it for you so
you should take that into account so but
luckily there are also wallet services
online so there is a third party you
could compare like a bank who is
providing the surface for you to control
your wallet if you don’t lose your let’s
say password you can do a password reset
and you still have access to your funds
but there is something there is that you
have to trust this third party because
this third party has also access to your
vault so that’s basically also when you
look to the ID of lock chain it’s
basically that you your own sovereignity
access that is only for you and you
control it you then have to trust
somebody else it’s a lot of time that
people also say yeah but it’s not safe
and this and that it has been hacked the
blockchain for instance Bitcoin from day
one people are trying to hack it and I
can tell you the incentive is quite big
it’s about four hundred billion so the
center is there but the blockchain and
from bit conferences has never been
hacked there has only been let’s say
third party services like wallet
services or like an exchange where you
can exchange kryptos or exchange Fiats
to crypto that have been hacked
because they are let’s say a central
point of failure and they can be hacked
and then it could be that they get
access to the fence that they control so
within the wallets you have different
types already mentioned for instance the
the online wallet service with a third
party but you also have the way of let’s
say paper wallet so you print one time
and store it very carefully like your
private key somewhere but the most safe
way to basically store your Kryptos is
with a hardware wallet because every
time when you do a transaction you need
to enter your private key to validate
that transaction and having it somewhere
stored on your computer or typing it
over there is let’s say a way that for
instance a hacker is looking or somebody
finds your private key and then
immediately has access so the safest way
is a hardware wallet this is a device
that basically stores your private key
in like a USB stick and that one you use
to sign basically your transactions
inside the device there are other ways
also to save also when you lose your
heart valve wallet it doesn’t mean that
you lose access to your account because
when you create the wallet you will get
like 24 words which you have to store
carefully because what is 24 well words
it’s called a seat you can restore your
wallet so when you choose to save
somewhere your crypto or something
choose carefully and choose let’s say
the responsibility level as you want
then there is something that makes my
opinion the blockchain very interesting
it’s smart contracts smart contracts are
actually not contracts they are actually
smart transactions
so basically what we can do now is the
weekend at programmable code into a
transaction so it means that the
contract will execute itself by defined
functions that we enter later on I will
give you some examples about that but
that is what makes it very interesting
it’s not only that we can do safe
transactions br-2 appear without
censorship immutable no on top of that
we also have a way to create automated
transactions that do something
automatically depending on real world
events or on other things later on there
will be some examples to clarify that a
little bit more and then you have the
way to generate applications on the
blockchain now we go to our Play Store
to our Apple Store download the
application but Google or Apple they
basically decide which applications you
can download so there is a way of
censorship in there and with a decent
honest app it basically is no one can
censor is the censor it so when it is in
let’s say apply it on the blockchain
everybody can use it and this app is
unstoppable this is basically when you
look to freedom a way to create the
freedom of choice about what
applications you want to use so it
cannot be censored
then we have the concept of mine forging
basically to keep the blockchain safe to
keep this ledger updated there are a lot
of computers around the world who give
their computing power to basically
calculate very hard puzzles because
every block that’s being created cannot
be created easily there is a
mathematical puzzle that needs to be
solved you cannot guess it it’s too hard
to guess so everybody is trying to
compute and to to calculate the answer
of this puzzle and when you
because there is also an incentive for
them because every time let’s say you
give but you solve the puzzle you will
get a reward we call it the block reward
at the moment it’s twelve and a half
Bitcoin and in May 2020 it will go half
so in this way the supply or block of
Bitcoin is also limited in the end there
will be a maximum of 21 million Bitcoin
and this way is called it’s the
consensus algorithm proof of work it
takes a lot of energy a lot of the let’s
say past ematic people look at that what
I believe that this is currently let’s
say the innovation cost that we need to
pay and now at the moment is also dumb
computing but I foresee that one of the
possibilities is that we stop using dumb
computing but we will use let’s say for
instance to solve and calculate let’s
say the cell divide ins or to fight
cancer or something that we use the
computing power in a smart way on the
other hand the other consensus algorithm
like proof of stake where they exploring
with because the technology is still in
the early stage there is a still needs
to be developed before it is ready for
mass adoption and what we also have now
and especially in 2007 we saw a big
craze about new tokens being created
because besides Bitcoin you have now
more than 2000 different other cryptos
tokens that being created these tokens
are being used for instance for the
application where the platform is
developed for so it’s like a sub economy
you could see it like when you fly with
your Airlines you get the air miles the
frequent flyer miles that you collect
it’s for that sup economy but there are
different ways about how to create
a new sub economy to have your
application being around and governed
and also have the economic token
structure that it will work and this is
also something new and later on I will
give some examples about how these
tokens can be used in an applicable way
and especially these tokens created the
big search because in 2017 for instance
there was a big craze around I cos
initial coin offerings so basically it’s
a new way of fundraising projects which
is there to stay it will probably get
another name and another way about how
it’s done now but basically what people
did was they had an ID and they would
make a white paper and they would
publish it and then they would afford
and there was a token needed for that
application for their ID so they would
sell tokens that you could buy it as an
investor and in this way they raise
money to create the product and develop
it so it’s a new way of fundraising
which is there to stay but not in its
current state also now a lot of govern
bodies like the SEC are looking into
this because investors were not
protected and so on but this is actually
a very interesting funding model because
you and I can also participate in the
funding if we believe in the project and
we can become part of the community
because now it’s only for credited
investors and so on it’s not accessible
for us and actually for companies also
it’s like they used to do an IPO which
is a lot of steps and money involved but
now basically somebody in Africa in the
middle of nowhere and fundraise and
raise money and doesn’t have to go to
Silicon Valley to be able to launch
their product so congratulations now
you’re all master of blockchain
but still have no clue what we are doing
let’s stop talking about technology
because I myself already evolved a long
time and I’m still learning every day
it’s a very complex technology but let’s
look to some to some applications all
right one side note for instance a lot
of people probably on uber know over
booking Airbnb or very in our opinion
innovative concepts but on in the long
time they will disappear because how
they make money is by monetizing the
platform they have the two sides of a
community and they bring them together
as a middleman and that’s where they
make their money because they ask you
money for that in a way this could be
controlled decentralized so basically
the community a directly peer-to-peer
exchanges with each other without let’s
say the intermediary there and so this
will move much more to a decentralized
way the wallet and now I want to go more
deep into it because the wallet is not
only let’s say if you look to Bitcoin
like a currency or money exchange no
with this more a wallet you can do much
more you see much more people for
instance wearing their Fitbit to
calculate their steps and so on it could
be that we see that also as a as a way
of a token that you can collect so every
step you make basically gets added to
your own private wallet and that you
could maybe use for instance when you
have to pay for your health insurance so
you can pay a part with it with let’s
say providing them with the currency of
every step because they want to
incentivize let’s say healthy behavior
but also like when you participate in –
as a volunteer for instance in
organizing a conference like this it
could mean that this could be a
transaction that is stored as a proof
into your wallet
or on top of that maybe when you going
to vote that you can vote with your
wallet to vote for your president or so
on when you write a review or when you
make a post when you need to sign a
document legally these are all ways that
can be done which our wallet in a secure
way especially voting of course is yeah
and a very good application of what
blockchain can provide to society
especially a means of freedom of course
with voting a lot of times there is the
question who was the corruption or that
did my vote take into account where are
not votes
added by somebody that is not being
voted to rake the elections I think in
much more let’s say possibilities there
are is that that is a question that a
lot of people have and with blockchain
we can create a way that you know and
you can basically have this to do an
enormous way of voting so you know your
vote is taken into account and with the
certain frameworks around it it can be
lets say governed and controlled and to
make sure that regulatory wise also
everything is being done and fair
so basically compliance by design so not
afterwards showing we did everything
like we did what you see a lot
afterwards and still can be rigged
no you create a system that is compliant
by design I also like for instance
citizen engagement I think it’s also a
very important one is that now a lot of
times like the municipality is designing
in this neighborhood this will happen
but with if you give more participation
of the citizens of that neighborhood
that they also have a say
and let’s say the decisions that are
being made in their neighborhood I think
you also will see that the citizens will
become much more participating in what
happens around them and will be much
more involved there will be much more
acceptance of change and you will get
much more insights about what is really
important for that neighborhood that
city or that province one other thing is
that if you look now to society we have
let’s say a static way of price one
liter of oil gasoline has price X but
now a blockchain may create dynamic
pricing so basically you would be smart
contacts we can let’s say program the
transaction that for instance when you
look to the curve climate problems and
oil and that’s being used in there and
having a bad influence upon on our
climate it could be for instance that
when you use that one liter oil that you
have to pay for how you use it because
when you look around the world there is
a limited supply of oil so it’s more
about ok what do you do with a liter of
oil then oh I buy 1 liter of oil for
price X so to give you an example when I
Drive in my car and I Drive like an
insane and I use it little like I use 1
liter of gasoline on 5 kilometers it
could be that I have to pay more for the
liter of oil then for instance somebody
else who pay who uses that very
ecologically and dries 25 kilometers
with that same litter of oil so to use
so we go to pay for use instead of pay
for ownership or that 1 liter so this
could all be done by programming and
have any communication of let’s say the
systems with each other that automate
basically also these rules
that we decide on and and this way this
is possible and on top of that we live
in a marketing society everything
projected on us for instance when we go
in to book a vacation it will be an
amazing apartment with an amazing view
there will be a white beach and it will
be like clear water but then you come
there and the hotel room is completely
not about how they projected it on you
and the beach is like crowded no white
sands no clear water and basically with
these smart contracts we could go to
let’s say Bay for the fulfillment
so basically pay for what you get
instead of pay for what is promised to
you how much easier example is the pizza
career who brings you the pizza and he
for instance says I will deliver you the
pizza for 10 euros within 30 minutes if
he actually comes within 30 minutes you
paid 10 euros but if he comes out of 45
minutes it will be 7-year of 50 if it is
after an hour it will be 5 euros so in
this way you automate the process to be
to pay for what’s promised to you and to
be automated in the fulfillment this can
all be done very smart contracts and we
can step off to pay everything with
money because there is a much more to it
money is a social construct that we
created a society to basically make
trading more easy but actually it took
over a little bit our society and that
it now became a goal because everybody
is accumulating as much wealth as
possible but there is much more being
done around us for one of them for
instance I go to a hotel I have to pay
50 euros for the hotel room but they see
others unique
Kanika is more than 23,000 people on
LinkedIn and these people are within our
target group so unique you don’t have to
pay anything for your hotel room you
will pay if at the end of your visit
you will make a post about how you found
your stay in our hotel with a nice
picture because they think smart because
if they have their marketing employee
basically target this target group and
let’s put her to work to connect with
these people to attract them to come to
the hotel they would probably spend more
than 50 euros while if I post into my
network it’s also not like advertisement
more but it’s real like warm way about
communicating for them there is one
thing they need to make sure that I make
a positive post because that’s also part
that’s why I get a room for free
afterwards I make the post I really need
to have a good experience because I’m
not gonna tell to my friends and my
network and make a lie because then I
would sell my soul so that’s also a way
that we can step off and also the idea
about paying for instance with the steps
good behavior we can create sup
economies to incentivize good behavior
and to create a change and also about
how we trade and go much more to barter
economy also one of the applications is
for instance when we look to the food
supply chain nowadays organic biological
it’s all something that people are much
more interested in and people are
willing to pay a lot more money for it
actually most of it is not organic not
biologic because it’s just marketing and
they just say it because it sells better
but if also on the other hand for
instance I don’t eat white fish anymore
because I know how it’s being farmed
with all the antibiotics and the bad
circumstances for the
because basically we say when you go to
election we vote but actually with every
purchase is a vote you cost and I’m
creating the open and transparency in
the supply chain that you can see
basically from the farmer till let’s say
US consumer every step and know about
the conditions then you can make much
more better decisions and you can vote
much better with a conscious mind about
what you want to see in society cause
princes are one the clothes you are
wearing do you know how they are
produced that the people in the factory
have very good circumstances or the
iPhone that you use do you know that in
the factory of adware the iPhone is
being built they have suicides nets
around the factory to prevent people
from committing suicide I don’t think
these nets are there because they have
such great great working circumstances
and if you know much more about how a
product is being produced you can make a
much more conscious decision about what
you want to see in society now you don’t
know you buy your clothes and for
instance but you don’t know about the
circumstances it could be that you’re
voting for bad behavior child labor and
so on but knowing every step in the
supply chain you can pay it maybe a
little bit more and to vote on something
what you want to see in society and then
there is a I like this example it’s a
connected nature because nowadays only a
person with a certain passport can have
a bank account but actually with the
blockchain everybody everything and even
nature can become part of the economic
system in the world so we we did for
instance as a phone a pilot
it starts Bhaskar here it’s in the
Netherlands is let’s say a foundation
that takes care
of the forests that let’s say make sure
that they stay healthy and so on and
this foundation lives from government
money but on top of that also donations
donations from you and I that’s willing
to give them money so they can do a
better job and have more impact so what
we did basically was in one forest we
put all the trees on the blockchain so
every tree gets his own wallet so
they’re all let’s say having a bank
account and people could donate via the
app they could Francis donate 10 euros
and then when they were going to walk in
the forest they would walk pass all
these trees and since it was connected
with the app and the phone we know how
they were walking so what we basically
did is do micro transactions to all the
trees they pass so every time they
passed the tree that would go like a
micro transaction of one cent to the
tree and this tree was basically
collecting money but this tree was
programmed with a smart contract that if
he reaches enough money in his wallet
the tree itself would send out an order
to the local tree planter to plant a new
tree so basically the tree was involved
in an economic law let’s say transaction
and of course this is like a silly
something and it’s just like
experimenting into having have fun to
see about things that are possible and
especially since it’s so crazy that a
tree is participating in an economic
transaction but there in this way you
can see that everything around us could
be like be part of something we could
change the way about how we look to
certain things it could be that for
instance now we pay when we own when we
have rent an apartment
we the owner or something he pays for
the gas he pays for the electricity he
pays the rent at the
of the month but it could also become
that everything in the room is connected
to each other so you don’t pay like a
rent but it sees okay unique is their
unique is using that lamp is using that
lamp is using that Beamer so I will make
microtransactions for the use at that
moment so we can step away from
ownership and go much more to use models
in the economy because when we look in
back to society is that for most of our
history our tribes were controlled
decentralized and this was because you
can be decentralized you can have a
trustless system if the tribe is not
more like 110 people because you know
each other all so you don’t need a
centralized way of control but then
agriculture came and basically society
and became the tribes became bigger and
in this way we needed a centralized way
of control and actually we did very well
if you look to how we adapt it to it and
what we created especially when you look
to supply chains these are very
extremely complex centralized systems
but now there is a new technology which
can create a trustless system beyond
basically over the whole world so we
don’t have this limitation to get a
trustless system for maximum of 110
people so now it’s time to rethink about
what centralized systems we want to have
more decentralized to get back to
basically how we always have been
organized and to also give back the
power to the people to create more
freedom instead of being stuck with a
certain institutional system so that’s
something that I want all of you to give
with start thinking about what is a
system that is now being centralized
that you actually want to have
decentralized where you want to be more
in control together with the community
about what happens
because we are getting a collective
brain a collective logic and via this we
can see also much more about all these
transactions the impact of it so if you
look for instance to war now they did
the country’s go to war it could be for
oil it could be for many reasons they go
there they they take everything because
there is no way of having accountability
there’s no way of having traceability
but if all of this happens and it’s
being let’s say transact it in a big
ledger that you can see the contacts I
think people would act much more of good
behavior there would be much more
accountable and responsible about the
impact they’re making in the long run
what is also very interesting is that
besides blockchain because blockchain is
just a technology I hope the words will
disappear very fast and we will just
talk about the applications of it but
now we are in a time with a lot of
technologies that are very interesting
here are ten being mentioned and
especially blockchain will let’s say act
as an enabler for instance with big data
with artificial intelligence but also
like creating much more decentralized
way of production with 3d printing
additive manufacturing or create much
more connectivity and decentralized for
instance Telecom for that we need the
combination of IOT so Internet of Things
with connected devices and 5g so we can
get a really let’s say peer-to-peer
network that can decent rights telecom
and provide us with early unsensible
communication but also the the cups of
robots that will take over the means of
production that we can much more focus
on what is really important but we need
to learn also think about new ways about
our economic constructs because in the
end now it’s about basically how it is
is that the most tax you pay is an
income which for me is kind of strange
so companies are more let’s say put on a
higher level than we as humans well I
believe that companies are being created
to provide us with services and then on
the income you get is where you pay the
most taxes from and how it’s being used
you don’t have control except the four
in four or five years every time you’re
voting so for instance I am a pacifist I
don’t want to have let’s say money being
spent on more but every time I pay taxes
I’m also paying for the military or I
don’t want to I don’t have a lot of
influence well this is my biggest
basically cost if I look to the money
that comes into and I pay fifty percent
taxes over that so we can create much
other govern systems and move away to
the end of ownership so now it’s
something you see people with a lot of
money for instance they buy real estate
and they rented out in this way they can
have a reoccurring way of revenue
because they own it so basically it’s
like creating a zero-sum game in our
society you against me instead of a
cooperative way where we can combine and
look what is better for society because
now we are in an interesting time
because we can add in economic way in
governance structure not only people but
all see organizations to give you an ID
it’s far away from being really used but
there is for instance a decentralized
autonomous organization so that means
basically that there is no central way
of control the organization is being
owned being controlled and governed by
society and by the community we need a
lot more experiments we need much more
of you to participate in a way about how
do we want to create these new
governance structures to create a much
more free
and sovereign world because we are let’s
say we have the technology we have it
around us to move to be more autonomous
to be more sovereign to be a more
mutualistic instead of living in a
zero-sum society I hope we are moving
much more to let’s say organization that
are profit-driven
that are experimenting that instead of
they’re much more transparent about what
they do instead of always competing
against each other to give unity and
when you look to I P
it’s basically limiting innovation it’s
limiting the good for our society
because that company controls the IP
look to the pharmaceutical industry they
own it they can produce the medicine for
five dollars but they sell it for five
thousand dollars because they need to
make profit but in the end then a lot of
people that are sick cannot get the
medicine because they cannot afford it
and also when I have an idea and I share
it with somebody else somebody else had
also that idea and can add something
from them to it but when I have a dollar
and I give it to somebody else I don’t
have the dollar only the other person
has the dog so basically also IP is
currently limiting the innovation power
and the let’s say the impacts and growth
of our whole society so we can move away
from hierarchy so centralized control
system to a we are key we are together
and this is what a buck chain is one of
the building blocks in that and we have
now web 2.0 but we’re moving to web 3.0
so basically everything becomes
decentralized and now at the right side
you see for instance
let’s say the building blocks that are
needed to create this new Internet they
are not perfect yet they are still being
built to give you one example it could
be like file storage now it’s being
stored on one server at one place but
there is one project in you know it’s
also beyond the earth its interplanetary
file system what they do is create a
basic peer-to-peer let’s say way of data
sharing because actually when you look
to the hard drives around the world more
than 60% of the hard drives is not being
used so also we can enable the use of
resources that we already have and let’s
say open them up in a new wave so
basically broke Jing can enable that if
you have let’s say too much resources
you can share and open it up to society
and this is all being done by tokens
these sup economies that we started with
the tokens are the fuel of the
decentralized economy but for these
tokens we need to have good incentives
so I want you all to start thinking
about what kind of incentive can you
create for certain goals that you want
to see in society certain changes so how
can we incentivize the behavior that you
want to see one of my passionate things
is zero profit organizations zero profit
organizations is a new way of creating
organizations that are controlled funded
maintained and being owned and used by
the community
so basically the profit does not go to
an organization or a person no the
profit stays in the ecosystem and the
purpose of that organization and I will
give you one example it’s about a
mobility project that I’m involved in
and the mobility project is about one
person vehicles one person pots it’s for
urban mobility so it’s basically like
uber let’s say in Kiev that you used for
taxi but then it’s not a taxi driver
with a car that is coming but it is a
pot that comes sell driving pot and this
pot you click on the button it will come
just like over you step in petrol bring
your you step out and you pay with the
token for mobility of the pot for that
sub ecosystem and that pot is his own
has his own bank account is his own
entity every separate vehicle and it
collects the mine the token and then it
needs to be charged so it sends out to
the community it turns out I want to be
charged I will pay you this amount of
tokens I want to be cleaned I give you
this amount of tokens and in this way
the the pot is basically in the
ecosystem acting on itself and it’s
collecting money so also by these
actions it create local employment also
with the creation the manufacturing of
the pot it also creates local employment
of course it is being produced with open
source and open hardware so it will be
produced in it and container as big you
you need will be 3d printed and put
somebody can also make money on that so
also acting that system so it creates
also in the manufacturing it will create
local employment and on top of that the
money that it profits it will not go to
an organization or person know when he
has enough money in his wallet he will
reproduce himself he will make a baby he
will send out an order for a new pot to
be created and this way the money stay
circular in the ecosystem in the goal
that the zero profit organization has
and this is of course a complete new way
about how to create infrastructure an
infrastructure that is much more let’s
say instrument to the society and it’s
much more you can compare to nature
because it will exist when it is it is
relative but it will also die like in
nature and it
relevant and will be replaced by
something new so this is about mobility
but think about social welfare or
education there are also way or let’s
say the growth of vegetables that you
can share in a community all together
and there are also some plans that we
are working on so it’s time for freedom
it’s time to get more of this
sovereignty more of you to get more into
control about what happens around you to
have less government to have less
involvement of big corporations and to
start thinking about how do we want to
see certain things because there is one
other thing that scares me a little
it’s about when you look we live in a
surveillance state but not so much by
the state only also by big corporations
because Facebook Google they know much
more about you than you know about
yourself because they collect all the
data and you think that you are let’s
say using a free product no you are the
product and they are tracking everything
around you about what you do your
collecting your complete digital
footprint and using that to sell you
more to consume more and to influence
you to put you in ecological and into
echo chambers about what you hear what
you want to hear and not see the bigger
of it is being used to rigged elections
to to to basically implement you with
ideas that they want you to think and
that needs to move away and especially
blockchain can can play an important
role in that that we get back our data
sovereignty that we control our data
that we choose with who we share this
data and that we are not the product
because it’s very important that our
let’s say
online identity is safe that we can save
interact online and eat government is
one of the things where a lot of
advancements can happen that you can be
much more an active citizen and
controlling what happens so when I look
in this room I hope I see a lot of time
travelers and SEO of people that wants
to add something in the future to our
freedom that wants to make the society
move forward that we have more
sovereignty and all all together so I
want to ask you all be the crazy one
because you have to be a little crazy to
be the time traveler and I want to thank
you all for the attention be the crazy
one and move to more freedom

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