German Hyperinflation banknotes 1922-23

December 3, 2019

so hello people are you going this is
Glenn from du Midi coins and banknotes and today we’re going to just have a go
through some German hyperinflation banknotes that were issued between 1922
and 1923 as you can see here I do have some I do not have the highest banknotes
but they are a lot harder to get and they are a bit more expensive but I’ve
summoned have more common ones and at the time if you don’t know the German
government issued the denominations in mark equals 100 Finnick you know the
government issued as the lowest banknote was the one mark but individual states
and cities and also businesses issued something called nut guild which were
denominated in all various denominations start from five Phoenix all the way up
to like one tree and Marx and probably higher and as well as that at this time
Bavaria Saxony and probably few other states also issued legal tender
banknotes that were legal tender all over Germany a bit like the official
state bank notes and the state coins that were issued in denominations hired
into Marx so here we have d1 mark September 9 22
at the time this was probably worth only a few cents and it was issued also on
pink paper this is on green of green ink and that was probably the lowest
denomination issued by the German government you have to you 1000 mark and
as you can see here the prefix comes in single letter or a
double letter so this is issued also in September 1922 so as you can see got one
mark 1000 marks so Oh same date 15 September 1922 yeah yes and you know
just tase you each part you know just tase you it’s
illegal to counterfeit and sci-fi so I just say said um you get over T’s T’s
jail punishment if you cannot be and he is the same there’s legal tender and
these are the signatures of the various officials within the right bank all the
bank notes had these are various official declarations on them and
they’ve pretty they’re also on the old imperial bank notes you look at the
reverse you just as the denomination so at this time inflation wasn’t as high as
in later times to allow for the reverse to actually have a print be printed on
and it also has this one doesn’t have any water ma I read this once I have a
watermark oh yes you can see the watermark there so also a lot of the
banknotes have our different types of watermarks for the same denomination
okay here we have the 5000 mah like actually quite like this banknotes
so it’s the German by ma Eagle he has a portrait of a man by I’ll by do that and
he’s a brief do his paintings occurrence somebody ever banknotes as
well and he needs paintings probably the most common paintings used for German
banknotes so you I spanked Boyd land this was
issued secondly December so inflation started to pick up to four you have the
reverse 5000 mark and there’s a watermark as you can see there hey
so as time went on inflation picked up didn’t I have statistics but at the end
it was with the German markers worth about four point two trillion to one US
dollar and that’s what it was – not really denominated at so here we have a
one issue January 1922 so a lot earlier than this Bank 9 this was in December
this is the 10,000 mark so even in January this one mark was pretty much
worthless but indeed years with nothing never portrait by ever do and this one
has it’s like a flower pattern watermark on the reverse and this one actually has
another two reverses that has another reverse attack Oh dark patch here and
the first one issued had totally different reverse so the German mark as
a declaration of our penalty fee canopy mmm this is not a bad Bank net as well
so here we go August 1923 and these ones are more
simple they do have a autumn I as you can see here there’s two
types of wooden marks there this one has a and Omega serial number
and this one just I see so it’s a block number and doesn’t have any numerals on
it so this is 2 million mark and the reverse nothing
so obviously inflation was getting a bit at a hand that they need to produce
banknotes at a quick pace so they skip printing on both sides which would have
made printing process a lot quicker needs also on some of these
denominations to have fibers on the back colored fibers and this is the highest
one I have 100 million marks okay now the next series up will be one more
merely Adhan which is 1 billion and then after you have 1 billion which is 1
trillion cuz i germany uses the long scale which in australia in the UK in
speaking where we use a saw short scale for a measurement of higher units so
this one is pretty basic as well as the main california features to this ipad
nation and the watermark on the reverse it has nothing but towards the end of
the period they did issue ever banknotes with are printed on the reverse and this
one issued in August 1923 okay so de German hyperinflation
banknotes quite a good series and get quite a few hundred varieties of these
banknotes so if you’re interested in hyperinflation like Zimbabwe hungry on China to degrade in the 40s
then these Zambia not saying yeah yeah that’s it
please typing that’s what you should get so thank you very much for watching and
if you liked this be nice give it a thumbs up please I’ll leave a link down
below if you actually want to purchase any hyperinflation banknotes usually
pick them up for a $5 each and have an awesome day

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