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July 23, 2019

About the proof of payment
I already made and received 0.00145 BTC
or 11.46 us dollars
with a note of “One Cash Payment, God bless”
I can say that this app is legit and paying
and what i love most, this is 100% free!
Hello and this is Aiza Mercado
and welcome back again with another video.
To all viewers who waited for a free bitcoin app
your request has been granted.
Much appreciated if you will click now the like button
and if this is your first time on my channel
please consider subscribing
because im uploading videos
to teach how to earn money online.
In this video tutorial, you must have 3 applications.
1st app: One cash,
2nd app: Coinbase, and 3rd app:
In Coinbase and in Coins ph
withdrawals will be sent with that 2 wallets.
The main application we got here is “One Cash”.
Open your Google Playstore and look for it
or check out my video description for the link
and where to download.
Sign up now your account….
Enter your name,
mobile number,
create password and enter referral code.
Enter here your name,
Mobile number (any number can do)
Take note: your mobile number will be your referral code
Feel free to enter my referral code: 123456
but because i love you guys so much
my comment section is open
so you can put your referral codes.
Once done with all the information
it will display “account create success”.
With this app, you can 3 ways.
1) Spin now
2) Reward now
3) Claim now
1st, spin now
Then click spin
Here you will wait for the ads to popped out.
Click spin again if there is now ads loaded
and there you go! ads popped
here you will see a countdown seconds
just wait for it
and point added will display.
and spin again
just wait for the countdown
and you can now close the app when point is added.
Every spin, you can earn 5 satoshi.
Checking my balance, its now 10 sats.
Spin again
This is unlimited! there is no limits
just watch all the ads
2nd ways of earnings: reward now
Here you will just view video ads
just wait and finish the ads
once done, close it.
3rd and last ways of earnings, Claim now
Message: Alert
Browse website and finish 3 minutes to get your reward.
Here, click directly the ad the popped out
“Wait until finish”
then wait for 3 minutes
coz it will automatic goes back to the app.
With “Claim Now”, it will take your time to earn free btc
but the most easy method is
to spin now and reward now.
With spin now, you can earn 5 satoshi every ads
and with reward now,
you can earn 7 up to 8 satoshi per video ads.
Here in the upper 3 lines
You will see Dashboard, Claim, Wallet,
Payment History and Telegram Group.
Join their Telegram Group chat
if ever you got some questions
and the admin will assist you.
If you want now to cash out
you must have atleast 1500 points
and withdraw it via or Coinbase.
Select here your mode of payment or Coinbase
then enter here your 1500 points
then enter your coins ph mobile number or email.
In Coinbase,
ofcourse enter your coinbase email address.
About the proof of payment
I already made and received 0.00145 BTC
or 11.46 us dollars
with a note of “One Cash Payment, God bless”
I can say that this app is legit and paying
and what i love most, this is 100% free!
Alright, this is a short video about One Cash app
and how we can earn extra money from it
or earn free bitcoins.
And i hope this video helped you.
If yes, please hit the like button
please subscribe also to my YouTube
and Telegram Channel.
Please follow me on my Facebook Fanpage
and Instagram account.
This is Aiza Mercado once again
and have a great day!

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