FREE bitcoin cash with BCH BUTTON SPINNER

October 1, 2019

hi everyone this is another Bitcoin
cash site before we go into details
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the channel let’s quickly go into
the review so primarily sign up put
your email there your password here
withdraw address down there
then you click I’m not a robot then sign
up so when you sign up these how the
interface looks like
so you just calm down
click on am not a robot and role number
and I suppose now that we are good to go

definitely you can win up to 0.6 Bitcoin
and if you want to multiply your coin it
just go through multiply as you can
see on the screen, so we have two ways of
multiplying your coin,
the auto and manual, for the manual
first as you can see the balance there
I’m going to try with 0.00000100 definitely and
bet high oh yeah
I won plus 0.00000100 the applause oh
there’s a hundred so that’s
the balance there
so this the auto
if you want to. the settings to
very easy i won’t be going to the details
in this video just for you to get
familiar with the site and I’ll how the
functions work,there is a
program when refer anybody and you get 50%
of the free section yeah and
there is the way to withdraw your
withdraw address the minimum we draw
0.03 and with the fee so definitely you
want to make high coin before you withdraw
as you can see on the screen and before
you go make sure you go to the FAQ
because it’s very necessary you read
things about the site
yeah you can see beats going at fuck the
posit invalid address change or add
address so take your time to read that
thanks for watching don’t forget to Like
share and subscribe to this video
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