FOOD PRANKS ON YOUR FAMILY || Best Prank Wars And Tik Tok Memes by 123 GO! GOLD!

March 5, 2020

Wanna freak out your sibling? Try this
sandwich prank! For this trick and you’ll just need some food coloring and the
sandwich, obviously! Mix a little black coloring into the white coloring glob
and stir it up. Now lightly put it onto the bread now add a tiny amount of blue
coloring see as you mix it it starts to look kind of like mole next sprinkle a
little flour on the spot once you’re done be sure to blow off the
excess dust man that looks pretty nasty now go in height before Lana comes into
the room that sees that it’s a fake all right time to catch up on my
favorite show oh you guys missed you okay
it’s officially go time on operation moby sandwich and she has no clue what’s
coming for hey move that tush I want to watch too whoops looks like I knocked the remote
over okay then pick it up it’s no big deal and touched up clumsy sometimes
oh my gosh Lana a turkey sandwich down here Lily what at first aren’t you even
talking about you where are you holding that moldy
sandwich for mmm throw it away Lily you can’t eat that do you have a
death wish or something yeah get it good right here
no Lizzie don’t even though it’s fake it’s still first watch mmm oh god I
think I’m gonna be sick turns out we’ll need some boxes looks like this break
was a major success if there’s one thing we’ll never get tired of it’s Prince
don’t worry ladies you just fallen victim to another prank hey Emily what you watchin
hey who said you could take a bite of my banana like that that was so weird
seriously next time your buddy decides to steal your grub try eating them a
mouthful of something they won’t forget bug dirty saw brilliant try to take
another bite of my banana now sucker is the dirty suck know how to teach Emily
to find her own snacks from now on why is it that loose change is so easy to
spill no they’re all falling through the cracks and there they go shoot now we
have to pick up all these coins oh Emily what a good friend picking those up for
Olivia what that’s the opposite of a good friend well all your coins just
rolled away they were all gone hey I’ll be right back okay hmm something smells
fishy here I think Emily deserves a little pranking action don’t you yes the
old super glue the money to the table trick nice simply put your glue on a
coin like this and stick it to any surface you like now we wait for Emily
to fall into the trap oh she’s coming back great you’re back again with
cookies impulse purchase honks oh look some money
and kit pick it up is this thing stuck to the table or something do you know
what’s going on I sure do superglue baby love wintertime then you
probably love the fruit the seasoned bears as well if it were up to you you’d
be eating tangerines and oranges all year long they’re just so juicy and
tangy you could literally eat ten of them in one sitting
did you get the whole bowl of those Lily give me that I’m about to blow your mind
with your beloved tangerines first you see them on the table here right now
what if I move them around a bit under these cups is this supposed to be magic
Justin well the magic hasn’t happened yet hey where’d it go switch it one more
time cry about it I’ll go to the store and grab some more and now I finally get
to have one nothing says the holiday season quite like wrapping gifts for
your friends simply pop those suckers into a box and wrap it with some
colorful paper but if you want to have a little fun with your gift-giving try
fastening it with a sip tie or better yet a ton of zip ties you can even make
it festive with some colorful ones like these and don’t forget to top things off
with a bow or two of course too bad whoever receives it won’t be
able to open it all right Lily here’s your gift
Wow look at this interesting wrapping job how did you tie this thing maybe if
I try it from the other side nope that isn’t working either careful Lily you’ll
pull one of your teeth out on that thing okay
there’s got to be a better way to open this good thing I always keep a pair of
scissors handy right Justin a couple of snips and this thing will be open in no
time how many ties are on this thing but Justin knows that the answer to this
problem isn’t all that simple yes we finally made it down to the paper folks
finally I get to see what’s inside maybe a new watch a
drum roll please yes chocolate my favorite here why don’t you have one
after all there are still three more for me okay maybe it’s time to call a truce
Helle and Vicky are besties it’s high time these to quit pranking each other
and became friends again well okay then cheers girls um Vicky are you okay you
do know you’re supposed to drink the juice not put your fingers in it right
wait where’s the juice going nope seriously how on earth is she doing this
okay either Vicky has some tricks up her sleeve or she’s an alien from another
planet okay girl what gives I knew it she did have tricks up her sleeve or
rather straws up her sleeves Amy the clean freak look how happy she is
cleaning that shower uh-oh looks like you’re fresh out of Windex
there for this prank you’ll need an empty Windex spray bottle like this one
first fill it on up with some water swish it around and dump it out be sure
to thoroughly clean the spout as well don’t leave any cleaner behind you’ll
see why in a minute once the bottle is all dry and empty find a sports drink
with the same blue color Windex has go ahead and pour the drink into the bottle
all the way to the top jeez the Hut really looks like Windex screw the spray
top back on and get ready to turn heads with this prank
it’s go time Amy okay that didn’t get Sofia’s attention maybe this will man
all this cleaning is making me thirsty Amy you know that’s poison right Oh God
I’m gonna stop her good i’m calling 9-1-1 this is Windex isn’t it let me
it smells like blueberries wait a second this isn’t Windex is it that’s it I’m
taking a swig this tastes like that blue sports drink I get after my workouts I
took the liberty of making you this refreshing drink on this hot spring day
oh that’s sweet and it’s cranapple your favorite want to know how this
impossible to drink trick is done pour your favorite jello mix into a glass
next add cold water all the way to the top
lastly grab a spoon and stir it all up seriously
stir it for a couple minutes and don’t forget the last step popping in a straw
now pop that sucker in the fridge and wait for the congealing magic to happen
once four hours or more if passed let the trickery begin just like a bowl of
jell-o this drink isn’t going anywhere see things coming out don’t suck too
hard they’re Mia your face will get stuck that way and here I thought you
were being a good friend it wasn’t me who got to finish up this assignment
before class starts oh good Sophie’s here I got an Oscar if she
wants to study after school today oh it’s that crisp fifty dollar bill that
she’s looking at while taking money is always tempting it’s never right to
steal especially from your friends Mia talking about you here and want to teach
your friend a lesson try this sneaky ploy quietly drop their money next to
them on the floor hey what was that did she drop something me like you dropped a
$50 bill did you notice oh thank you so much for
catching that – could friend Sofia ticket has a van
you me it’s yours after all what oh no it’s gone yeah I’ll take it
this is Mickey little snake

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