September 14, 2019

I have a nice surprise for you today.
I’m Eren Caner.
Altcoinrookie, who we followed
with interest on Twitter, contributed to the
crypto money community with its analysis and
also had a long term expectation of 50,000 USD
in Bitcoin, interpreted Bitcoin and
XRP for the Crypto Dictionary through the
most current events.
I specifically wanted XRP because in our vote
on the community tab on YouTube, XRP was again
the most talked about coin.
After Rookie, I’ve analyzed Tron, Cardano,
and Monero in the first 15 crypto currencies
that we haven’t analyzed yet, and the important
news that technically and general investors
need to pay attention to, where the important
levels are to share, especially at Cardano.
there is.
Come on, we’re in there listening to rookie,
full throttle.
Bam bam.
Hi, I would like to make a technical assessment
of Bitcoin for you.
Firstly, when we look at it from the broad
frame, we see that the market cycle, that
is, the bull bear and accumulation periods
have ended, an accumulation cycle has started
again after accumulation and there is a market
that continues horizontally at the point reached
at the last point.
I have seen the infographic I want to evaluate
by analogy with them.
We have seen an upward trend since the continuation
of this region, which started in December
2018 and continued until the end of March
2019, and we have seen a sharp decline le
week hands shake out.
shake-up period, people can give up the period
and an increase in the continuation of an
optimist period, an optimistic perspective,
and then we call it bear trap we call it bear
bear trap there is a period that we call it
as FOMO and Euphoria occurs in the accumulation
region so we can think more here We can evaluate
this fall shake out week hans one can see
the continuation of the tie later on the bed
I see this area I’m very similar to him maybe
a little more dp and bear trap will create
and I think that a bigger yup towards Euphoria
y I think we will go to the period of rising.
To what do I say this?
There is halving in May of 2020, you know
that Bitcoin’s award half is still not worth
the price because of it and I think it will
This was the situation we had in the past
But, of course, we may be mistaken, perhaps
the places where we see the summit Euphoria
may be entering the bear market again.
From my point of view, the upward trend is
still not over at Bitcoin, so this may happen
where we call bear trap.
My expectation is that up to the 7500s, the
7700 will experience a decline in these areas
until around 7500 Bitcoin and I hope it will
rise again in the future.
We can start believing that it is in the bear
market if it is going below the bottom, so
let’s get into the chart a little more, let’s
start to examine more closely.
In the daily chart, when we look at these
two support resistance zones, one must see,
I think we need to observe that there is a
region that continues to see the area where
the buyers often see the first one here, we
see the buyers and the appetite in the way
we see and beat the bears in the next.
. At the last point we have reached, something
positive shows us that this region is a very
strong support.
There is also a situation where you see here
when we draw from the summit, such a line
in these regions encounter a resistance and
sellers in these regions are more appetite
than buyers, and we see that you are gradually
descending into a triangular shape of our
chart shows the general triangle statistically
generally breaks down.
Of course, for the formation of this triangle
upside-down needs to be deteriorated from
the moment it starts to deteriorate again,
we will encounter resistances and we will
re-evaluate according to him at this point
we can say that there is an important point
of support at this point I want to show you
right away Look at this region before Bitcoin
quite a region in which the wars of buyers
and sellers, which have lingered too much,
continue very seriously.
That area.
It is important for us to look at this region
with a very optimistic view.
I think we can talk about the bear market
from a bear market again if it continues downward
from a bull market.
Today and yesterday I say about two or three
days you see constantly green candles see
There, he started accumulating and rising.
In particular, Bitcoin ETF news thinks it
is effective in yachting.
In addition to this, there is a global contraction
in the world, a global crisis, increased capital
control in countries like Argentina, high
CDS scores and this is the case in our country.
All of this can cause people to turn to alternative
investment instruments such as Bitcoin.
I think they are effective in pricing.
When we look at the Ripple chart, we can see
that it is already re-testing the bottom point
it had seen in August 2018 and mid-September.
I believe that there may be an accumulation
of recovery in these regions.
Ripple has a very different place on the market.
It has a fairly horizontal course like a stable
coin, but when it starts to move hard it causes
a serious fomo and as you have seen here,
it can see 3X in a few days.
If you have friends who are considering keeping
a long-term, we can evaluate that this region
is the eligible regions to get, provided that
you stop under.
Nothing I’m talking about here is not investment
advice as you know it is useful to do your
own research.
Thank you all again.
Let’s talk about the first item Justin Sun’s
Tron after my dear Rookie.
Let’s continue with Cardano and Monero, folks.
In the meantime, this Friday we will draw
and 10 Huobi token and a variety of gifts
in the gift box will go to 1 lucky followers.
I mean, we’re almost there.
Subscribe to join, tap the bell and I like
my videos and write your comments right away.
Tron has recently purchased the Bittorent
platform, a bit quietly, such as BLive called
Blockchain-based video shooter, they say that
a social media application can be made money.
More alpha and beta versions are not available,
but with the emergence of this application,
if the market is not too bad we can see an
increase in Tron and Bittorent token.
And there’s another thing at Tron, folks.
Tron is developing a consensus module to integrate
Blockchain with a single click.
This could be important for Tron to spread
easily and to be widely accepted.
In addition, as a new development, Tron announced
the Sun Network protocol.
With this protocol, transaction costs are
now lower on the Tron network, network performance
will increase and smart contracts will become
more efficient.
Tron was listed on the Bithumb stock exchange
two days ago, fellows.
So now Tron can be bought and sold there.
And if we’re talking about Tron, we won’t
miss Justin Sun.
Justin Sun, though.
There’s not much change there, but now a crypto-money
analyst Justin Sun claimed that he bought
thousands of fake followers on Twitter.
I also have a tool on it on the internet.
I wondered and questioned him from there.
It didn’t look like that to me, a Twitter
account with 1.7 million followers can receive
5,000 – 6,000 followers a day, but almost
half of all followers are inactive, maybe
not even seeing their tweets.
Anyway, that’s Justin Sun.
Needless to say a lot on that side.
Let me tell you this when I go into Tron’s
technical analysis.
You know, sometimes we say that some coins
are in the decision stage.
Tron is in the process of decision-making
The 50-day moving average rides just above
She has been in the descending chock since
28 June and is now traveling at the upper
I mean, I’m gonna break it, but if we talk
about two different scenarios that might be
in Tron 1- You know that altcoins started
to rise slightly for a day or two.
If altcoins can rise a bit higher, or rather
Bitcoin can leave altcoins alone, Tron can
break the descending chock and keep it in
a relatively safe zone on 0.0174, to speak
in dollars.
It can then rise to 0.022.
In scenario 2, Bitcoin continues to crush
the subcoins in dominance.
Tron is probably going to break down this
wedge line in the future, but if we look at
it positively, everything is ready for Tron,
in fact only one of two things is needed.
Let’s talk about Cardano in the second article
by saying that either super news from Tron
or the market should recover in general.
Charles Haskinson, CEO of Cardano, says September
is an important month for Cardano.
The long-awaited Shelley testnet is finally
coming, and in September they will announce
an important update on Cardano’s programming
Cardano has a descending wedge formation,
although not as much as in Tron.
So this means that there will be ascension
In addition, Binance stock exchange to give
leverage to those who have recently started
the lending process.
So I announced it to you from here.
The second stage of that lending is directly
related to Cardano owners.
Because now you can earn extra income by renting
your Cardano on the Binance exchange.
My thoughts about this lending incident rda
already shared.
Those who wonder can watch the previous videos.
Oh, by the way, Cardano was friends in September
2017 during the famous bull season.
In Reddit, it is said that Cardano will make
various surprises due to its 2nd year, but
it is necessary to be a member of
to participate in these surprises.
That’s what it says in Reddit.
If you are interested, have a look at
Now, let’s talk about Monero, who we didn’t
talk about in article 3 this month.
Monero’s technical analysis also shows a descending
wedge formation, as we have seen in most of
the altcoins.
As you can see, fibo is also very suitable
for rising up and down the supports.
Now there’s not much to say.
We need to break this line upwards so we can
talk about $ 85-90.
If it falls below $ 63, we can even talk about
$55 at Monero, but in the current situation
there is a positive negative point, friends.
The positive point is that it broke the 50-day
moving average, and Monero is now trying to
come back many times and catch the $ 77 he
used to back up.
Negative point is, the RSI is up high.
There are two limits in the 30 and 70 you
know in the RSI. 30 oversold sales, indicates
the decline thoroughly.
70 indicates excessive reception.
Of course it can break, but after overbought
Monero still and still there is something
that can continue the purchase, I do not think
that it is necessary to ask.
I need to question this.
If you noticed at Monero, I started with direct
technical analysis.
Because I don’t think there’s been much
a thing in Monero for a while, except for
a few news stories.
They go a little quiet like this.
Binance added Monero to leveraged transactions
a few days ago.
I mean, at most, there’s the news.
Now what’s next, friends?
In order to
have full throttle you now have such mind-opening
bonus information that I can share with you
at the end of each video.
It’s not new information, but NASA is trying
to turn a photograph taken by the Hubble space
telescope into sound, and it’s a little scary
The areas beneath the photo produce thicker
tones, while those on the top produce finer
The NASA link is below.
I didn’t add it to this video just in case
it would be copyright or something, you can
see the link below in the description section.
I think you should listen at least once.
A different experience.
If you like this video, don’t forget to send
it to your friends and share it on Facebook
and Twitter.
I would like to thank Rookie for his contributions.
Stay in Crypto Dictionary.

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