Every Dollar Cures – Alex’s Month 2018

March 5, 2020

(soft music) – [Man] We’ve been partnering
with Alex’s since 2011. We just moved to this building. We just changed the name of the company, and we felt we needed to
be a little more consistent with regards to our charitable giving. We found Alex’s, and it
was a natural connection. Power being an organization
that has a conscious; we wanted that to be represented
both inside of the office and outside of the office. We met Liz and Jay and we loved
them, and we could identify very easily with their
entrepreneurial spirit. – [Man] They’re like us.
They’re really mission driven, and they’re there for the right reasons, and it’s totally organic. – We fund everything from really early innovative
breakthrough, research in the lab. All the way through to first,
children’s clinical trials, and then larger grants that
require to run clinical trials. It’s all with the goal of bringing more treatments to children. – [Man] We raised over 40
thousand dollars in 2011, we thought that we helped
the foundation quite a bit. – [Man] While we knew we were doing good, we realized in order to
make a meaningful impact, we had to get our people both mentally and socially involved. – [Woman] What I think it’s pretty unique about the power of relationship is that the support really does
come from the employees, you guys love them to
give from their paychecks, and your company that we can point to how a company can make
it part of their culture, and have a huge impact on the cause. – [Man] An ideal partner brings in money, raises awareness, and
engages their employees. And Power does all three of those. – [Man] Today, Alex’s is in our DNA, it’s in our value system, it
is each and everyone of you. You’re making a real
difference and you’re creating serious positive change. – [Man] We talk about it in the home, we talk about it when we’re
out trying to get new people to work for the business.
It’s something that we take more pride in than anything else. – [Woman] When we went to the
hospital, we were all like we can’t believe that
they just don’t give up. Just their attitudes and their spirits, and their strength, really humbled us all. – I think Alex’s is giving more to us than we are giving to them.
Like we’re giving them money, but they’re giving us “why
life is worth living”. Now that we’ve been doing
this for many years, some of those early
innovative studies are now in successful clinical trials. – The dollars you raise
for Alex’s Lemonade are truly making a difference
for families like ours. Never wonder where your
contributions are going. – [Boy] When I was diagnosed
with cancer, my doctors said there was 50 percent chance
I’d live for five more years. But on June 1st, I’ll be
10 year cancer survivor. I’m here today thanks to
Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and supporters like Power Home Remodeling. The question isn’t what I’m gonna do next, the question is what would you do next. (Soft music)

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