Eliot Strickon, UEC Member

March 6, 2020

[music] We like the atmosphere at the Urban Ecology Center and we also like borrowing and using your equipment whether it’s everything from canoes, skis, or sleds. The kids also like to take do croquet in
the summer and when they have camping trips we borrow tents and sleeping bags.
So it’s a really tremendous opportunity. We have growing boys and growing boys
and you know if I wanted to get say cross-country skis for them and with
boots I’d have to be spending, you know, hundreds and hundreds of dollars every
year to get things that fit, but this way we use them for day or two and return
them and then you know in a few weeks we can borrow them again and by that time
their shoe sizes have already changed and we really save a lot of money. You have to get out and find excuses to go outside and I think the Urban Ecology
Center is one of the best reasons and easiest entry points to the outside in
the Milwaukee area

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