March 5, 2020

Hi guys, it’s me, Emily! And Evelyn! From TwoSistersToyStyle,
and you guys wanted us to do the Eating on a Budget
for a Day Challenge, and lots of you guys wanted
us to do it for $10 only.>>So we’re gonna be–
>>In 24 hours. Yeah, the whole entire day,
and we only have $10. So we’re going to have
to get breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So it’s getting pretty exciting, because we have to [inaudible]
our money like wisely, and it’s going to be
like kind of hard so… Yeah, we’ll see
how this goes, and I’m actually really excited because I want to see
what you can get for only $10, and I’ve never even
tried this before. So yeah. You guys going to have
to be very smart today, and budget your money. Yeah, but what happens if like,
we ran out of money? You can spend more money. I will pay for it. But that means you are
out of the challenge. Okay, and then the other person, if they make it
to the end, they win? Yes, we’re going
to have a winner. You both can be a winner. Good. Or one of you,
or neither one of you. So, depends on
how you budget, and how smart you are today. But the winner or the winners will get a very
very special treat at the end. So, and that will be worth
budgeting your $10 for the whole entire day. I can’t wait to [inaudible]. So you have to be very
very smart about it. You think you can do it? Yeah. Are you excited? Yeah. Okay. Mango, are you going
to be eating on a budget too? Breakfast time! So we also have a rule that we can’t get
something from the house. We have to buy everything, so we could have a donut
from Dunkin Donuts– But that’s way too much [inaudible]. Yeah, and it’s like
$1 or something. And then sandwiches are like $5, and that’s half
of our budget. Yeah, and I thought were going to not really be able to make up
in the challenge happens. So it’s kind of like… So I think the convenience store
and in Publix, they have like those little like
one serving size cereal things, and the only thing is that we’re going
to need to get milk. So hopefully, they have
like a little milk. Yeah, we don’t want
that whole gallon. Yeah, because that’s what going to be
like 3 dollars or something, and then just probably
like $2 or $1. So that’s really
expensive just for breakfast. So hopefully, we will be able to do this
without running out of money. So let’s go. First, we’re going
to go to the convenience store because it’s a lot closer, and we’ll see if they have those little cereal
things and a little milk thing. Yeah, they should. So we are in the gas station, and we saw this cereal,
they’re like a cup. So we can get this, and… They’re [inaudible]. Yeah, and we will
have to get milk. So hopefully, we don’t have to buy
like the whole gallon of milk. Yeah. So we found a small-ish milk, and it doesn’t say
the price, so hopefully, it’s still in our budget. So it turns out the milk
was actually $1.99. So basically, $2, so we each, and this was $1
so we each have $8 left, and I think we’re gonna be able
to do this challenge, but we’re going to go home now, because we can’t eat
at the gas station or the car. So now, we are going to have our
kind of nutritious breakfast, and I mean, snacks are not really
in our budget. So, we’re probably going
to have like an early lunch. This is like– It’s actually pretty good. And it’s in a budget. Okay, girls, have you decided what you wanted
to get for lunch? Well, I’m looking
through coupons right now. Coupons. Wow, you’re being
very responsible. Looks like you’re on a budget. Well, I want Subway, but Evelyn doesn’t
really want Subways. So we’re not really
going to use that. I’m going to find something that we could like
eat for lunch. I found a 20% off coupon, and that’s good,
because we once go to IHOP, and I think with the [inaudible]
there is like $5. And while we only
have $8 to spend, so it’s kind of going to be
like, we only have $3 for dinner, and I don’t know
what you could find at the Denny’s that’s
like $3 [inaudible] chips [inaudible], which is not good. Okay, so we are at Denny’s. You can actually get a cup
of soup for less that $3. But we’ll stick
to the kid’s menu, and get like the pancakes
with chip and some meat. It’s $3.49, and with the coupon,
that makes it $2.80. So it’s good. Right on budget. I actually changed my mind,
and I got Mac and Cheese, because I really like
this Mac and Cheese, and it comes with
the side of apples. So I just got apples. I mean, it comes with a side,
and you can put sauce on apples. And then, we’re sharing a water. And then I got this [inaudible], sausage. And then I have [inaudible] bacon. And I have [inaudible]. It’s so good, How is it, baby? Good? Okay guys, so we
came back from Denny’s, and it was really yummy, and just was
like really slow, because when they
gave us the food, that didn’t really
give us any utensils. So we have to wait there
for like 10 minutes, and yeah. It was just kind of annoying, and then at the end,
they gave us the wrong receipts, and I don’t know. It was just kind of annoying. But at least
our food was good, and actually in our budget. So I have $4.96. So I think we might make it, and Evelyn has $5.20,
so we might make it. We’re on the elevator,
we’re going to Panera right now.>>So Evelyn has $5 left and I have–
>>$5.20 Yeah, I have like $5, $4.96. Evelyn wants Mac & Cheese, so I think she’s gonna
be able to get that. But I don’t really
know what I want. [inaudible] Mac and Cheese for lunch,
so I’m going to cross my fingers that I can
actually find something. [inaudible]. I really want to get that treat. Okay guys, so
we got our food, and I actually made it. I was really surprised because I kind of
felt iffy about like how much I had left. And the Panera was
not that cheap. So I actually got a kid’s meal. I got yogurt,
which I love this yogurt, and I also got a grilled
cheese sandwich for $4.11. So that’s really good. I have like less than $1 left, but you know,
I still have money left. And Evelyn? I love the kids meal, and I got kid’s Mac
and Cheese and yogurt. I have $0.21 so that was
$4.99 for this meal. I made it. So congratulations,
you both made it. So now, after you
eat your dinner, are you ready for your treat? Yeah. It’s still a surprise. You’re gonna see
when we get there. Okay? Okay. This is so cool. Yeah. Our Mom’s surprise, it was
like the coolest Cookie Shop. They have like the ice creams,
and you can like pick a cookie. It’s called Night Owl Cookies,
and it’s so good. Yeah, like the store is so cool. It’s like so pretty. There’s like this huge wall,
and there was like. Yeah, it was like super cool. And the tables are made out of– Sprinkles! It was super cold, but they have like
really loud music so you couldn’t really hear us. But that music was
pretty good so I didn’t– And line was amazingly long. Yeah, it’s right in the door
into the cash register, and the cash register is like
on the other side, and it’s a pretty big store so. Yeah. So if you guys live in Miami,
check out Night Owl Cookies. And also, we got some cookies, and like, it’s
like boxes are like warm, because they’re freshly baked. Yeah.>>And so we got–
>>I tried one of them, like this one, like a bite and it
taste so good. Yeah, we got– Our friends are coming
over tomorrow. So we decide to get
like a whole box, because why not? And yeah, these cookies
are going to taste super good. And we also got ice cream
because they had like ice cream. These cookies taste amazing. They’re like the best cookies
that I’ve ever had in my life. So it’s ice cream
with Fruity Pebbles, and then a cookie that’s so good by itself
with Fruity Pebbles. Okay guys, so this was a really good treat after going on
like low-budget eating. We still did like pretty good,
but it’s just– I have $0.21 left. Yeah, like– We had
some money left, but it’s like not enough
to buy anything. So it don’t really matter. And this like
a really good treat. So yeah, I’m just super happy, and this was a pretty good like,
it was a little bit tricky, because we only have like $10,
but we made it. And also, don’t have
to click on one of our videos here, and bye! Bye.

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