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October 5, 2019

There you go! I earned 0.00010756 btc for free!
and instant withdrawals too!
Hey guys, whats up! My name is Aiza Mercado
and welcome back again with another video.
Im here to share again a legit website where we can
get free money and free bitcoin.
What we will do is to answer any random questions
and should answer truthfully to make an impact
and make more money.
But before that, let me shout out the 2 winners who won
from my previous video.
Congrats! You won $2 give away.
If you want to participate in our give away
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Every video upload will be having 2 winners
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Lets start now, in this video
let me share you this website
Alright, here we need to answer random questions
and for every answer we can get earnings.
Please check out my video description for the link
and where to register.
You need first to sign up….
Use your google, facebook and email to sign up.
In my dashboard, you can see all the rewards bounty.
We can divide this bounty, like $1.86 , $1.80
and for every answer, we can earn maybe up to $0.01
and the bounty will be divided to those who answered.
In this question
you can see theres a “days remaining”
we can still answer this question for about 5 days.
My trick here, to be able to earn easily
and not to wait too long with the “days remaining”
is to sort the questions to “ending soon”
questions with short expiry will appear
so we can answer and earn rewards right away.
You can also sort to “bounty amount”
in this left option, you can sort question category
like business, creativity, about crypto and many more.
You can also sort unanswered questions
and question engage (questions you have answered)
Lets try now with this “whats your favorite dish”
Just answered here your favorite food and why?
To answer, just click “write answer”
you can upload youtube videos, images, and attach link.
Fish Fillet
Sweet and Sour to be specific…
and why?
This is an example answer with this question
and when done answering, click submit answer.
You can see here, 107 people answered
and use this 16/16 votes to make more earnings.
Now we wait for the 20 mins remaining
so we can earn now my reward.
Next example, how do u get the motivation to exercise?
Whats your motivation when doing your exercise?
For me, healthy living.
You can also set you fonts to bold or italic.
Then your reason why.
We can also do research our answers on the internet.
We can copy some texts
like exercise controls weight,
exercise combats conditions and diseases,
exercise improves mood,
exercise boosts energy,
its up to you if you want to use texts from the net
to be more attractive…
when you are done, submit it now.
There is no limit in answering questions here
but you should use universal language “English”.
If you are done answering and earned your rewards
notification will pop out or you can go to your balance.
I almost got $0.001 rewards for every answers i made
and take note, your answers must be sincere too
coz the questioners are checking our answers carefully.
As you can see, XLM will be our earnings here.
XLM is a crypto currency which stands for “Stellar”
so in that case, we need to exchange XLM to BTC.
I will be using Coinbase, go to your accounts
then here in your assets look for XLM
then click “receive XLM” to copy your wallet address
you need to copy your wallet address
and take note also your XLM Memo ID.
If you wanted to make a withdrawal, click redeem
then enter the amount you wanted to withdraw
copy then paste it here
copy memo ID too and paste it here.
Click proceed.
Request to redeem balance has been received.
I will now wait to receive the XLM in my account
so stay tuned for our proof of withdrawal.
I received now my payout i made from this website
I receive 14.57 XLM (coinbase)
Question: How to trade XLM to Bitcoin?
Click the trade button
Select from XLM and to Bitcoin
You can convert it to Eth, XRP and many more.
Enter amount, you can click “trade all”
then trade now.
There you go! I earned 0.00010756 btc for free
and its instant withdrawals too!
This is my video tutorial how to make money online
with answering random questions.
Super easy, super legit and it is all 100% free.
I hope this video helps you how to earn money online
dont forget to like this video now and comment down
your questions or apps to be featured in the next video
dont forget to subscribe to my Youtube
and Telegram Channel too!
Thanks again for watching!
My name again is Aiza Mercado, and have a great day!

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