March 5, 2020

Listen you guys before I actually take off my do-rag. There’s something I gotta say So me and fauns are going on a challenge if you will We’re basically going to the dollar store to pick up some wave products And I guess the challenge is is to only use dollar store product But yeah, let me take off my do rag to show you guys with them currently working week It’s getting kind of difficult here I got a knot So I gotta untie this first quite a few lines that way, you know Make it a little bit more easier for me to take off the to wrap I Still need to cut still need to cut my hair but uh Let’s go to the store right now Alright you guys we are at two Dollar Tree. Listen here at the Dollar Tree right now. We’re gonna go in there and basically Figure out if we can get some 360 wave products or any type of product to brush my hair. So let’s go So man crazy dirty the cashier lady was like You’re into haircare products like my son. He has all the waves of stuff like that. So I was like, yeah, yeah Yeah, that’s what’s up. That’s what she was like So yeah, I see, you know, you like haircare products I was like, you know, what as I was putting my card information in I was like You know what? You need to tell your son that you’ve seen 360 G because I guarantee you probably watched my channel So she she end up seeing Pictures she started snapping pictures and stuff like that, and it was just real dope But yeah, this is just the proof to that that kid right there. Yeah. I really met your mom Ptolemy’s I was at the dollar store doing the challenge Yes Yes, indeed. It was me It was me All right. You guys made it huh Wow Super-bright take a chill pill back up. Why? Aren’t you guys I’m back at home. Let me show you guys what I got Aren’t you guys so today I’m gonna be using these two products right here I’m gonna wash my hair with this video five men in 1 3 1 what? I don’t know. What the heck is that? I’ve never used it bro. What are you talking about? Also, I’m gonna be conditioning my hair with the vo 5 passion fruit condition ok, I’ve never used any of these products, but hopefully Okay Hopefully they do good. Okay, because I maybe My hair won’t we out good to this? And I don’t think I just Let me show you guys man my hair is super dirty Oh my god, I’m gonna be embarrassed to show you guys. We’ve left on this towel It’s dark It’s just nastiness man, the reason why it isn’t lathering up is because my hair is dirty I gotta rinse this out and go back again. Let’s do it Okay. Now this rinsed out Let’s do it again. Oh If you guys were wondering I’m not being generous with it, okay, I’m using it it only cost a dollar or you Now that it looks all lathery and all that, you know the meaning now it’s time to wash it out And putting the conditioner in let’s go All right I’m not gonna lie, man. My hair feels super dry. I was feeling it when I was washing it out There is no tights at three and one three and one one. There’s no conditioner in here. My hair feels super dry It’s time to put the conditioner Now that we got that out of the way let’s go on a little brush session with my detangle er brush right here So the conditioner is in my hair right down in there good but I need something to lay it down That’s why I’m gonna use this brush right here I’m gonna use this wave cap to basically put it on after and then I’m gonna rinse it out with the wave cap on I Just need to open this up, that’s all that’s it no worries that No worries no worries. I’ll put it down I’ll put it down. All right Okay, okay GZ what what are you doing? I’m editing. I said the editing. Come on, man Wow, you always got something the same. Come on man. Nobody wants to see you Eddie This is the boring part Nobody want to see that One stop stop. I don’t care hard work. I don’t okay You say you always got something to say hard work dedication. What about that? come on, you gotta put in a sack Stuart listen back still remains that Does nobody want to see this right now? Okay, go to the next scene. I’m gonna continue editing I don’t care nothing what you’ve got to say. Thank you Okay, so now I’m gonna put my do-rag on over this I’m gonna let it sit in my hair for at least At least a good 30 minutes and then I’m gonna wash it out with the do-rag on We couldn’t stay like that for long so right now I’m not gonna do nothing I’m gonna chill matter of fact I’m about to go edit and just you know finish up on this video. So, uh, let’s go still remains That does nobody want to see this right now. I Can’t believe I’ll be doing myself like that But right now I gotta I gotta go wash this out and I’m about to go to bed. Okay I’m about to lay it down. I’m gonna wash my hair and it’s about to be a wrap. Okay leggo All right you guys I woke up Okay, feel a real fresh about to go to the shop take off the do-rag and proceed through the process Let’s go All right guys, it’s time to see What I’m looking like Not too bad not too bad looking a little rough at the edges but not too bad overall not too bad All right, so let’s get a slight brush session with this brush right here Listen this brush right here is not cutting it. So, let’s see if this one will work All right in the moment of truth, all right, I’m about to put this dollar store Indian him in my hair I just don’t know the outcome But I’m about to put that what is that do a little small little comb? Session and I my so on this do-rag just do rag right here. I Never heard of it. So let’s go Alright I’m officially done with everything I’m gonna put this do we’re gone and I’ll show you guys the results when I get home What is this is this There aren’t you guys I’ll see you at home Alright you guys let me show you let me show you the results man, I’m anxious anxious Anxious ain’t juice. I guess I’m saying right anxious to see the results. Okay? I’m gonna keep it straight real with you guys. I keeps it real I’m gonna keep it one punch My hair feels dry my hair feels like it feels like it has grease in it But it just doesn’t feel that silky that I’m looking for you know, that means the do-rag in itself is like a Silky kind of material but then you can tell it’s really not this cheap material But what can you expect from getting all your products from the dollar store? I really feel as though that this messed up my Not as far as my waves or anything like my ways is cool its intact but I feel like it Damaged like my I don’t know It just doesn’t give off the moist type of feel that I’m used to it just feels so dry. I don’t know You know how you get your hair feel is dry, but it has grease in your hair. I don’t know It’s a weird feeling. All right Listen, if you guys want to take up on this challenge, okay? I challenge you make sure you go over to a ponds and watch his version of this challenge Okay, his link will be in the description below. Otherwise, you guys can follow me on Instagram and Twitter All right. My Instagram is 360 GZ and my Twitter 360 Jesus, but it’s your boy 360 GZ

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