August 23, 2019

How long can this rapid rise in the dollar
In September, can USD dollar rise or fall
in the short and long term?
How should we take position as a trader?
In this section, I’ll talk to you USD dollar
within 5 important point.
I start without giving investment advice.
Hi guys, I’m Eren Caner.
I’m trying to help you as much as I can.
Let me get you started.
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Guys you know me, the political side
is not my field.
We’ll just get in there as long as we can.
In the first article, I will talk about a
general issue
that might affect both September
and much more, ie the cheap labor event.
Please look at this screen very carefully,
you see,
according to Eurostat data, scattered
income tax and social security contributions of countries
in the form of minimum wage figures in euro terms.
I’ll add the link below, and you can look
at these graphs.
See some of Turkey’s Euro gentle rise in the
minimum wage until 2016, but then again.
decline along with the dollar and euro shock.
Now I have added some European Union countries to this data.
Belgium, Germany, England. For example, the minimum wage is 422 euros.
1050 euro in Spain, 1524 euro in the UK, 1557
in Germany and 1593 euro in Belgium.
If you want to evaluate these results, let’s
make empathy first.
Now you’re the employer, don’t you want cheap labor?
Let me make it cheaper, you want to keep more profit in my pocket.
Today, even if Apple is making production
in China, the biggest reason for these graphics.
So rather than pay 1050 euros to go to Spain
as a location which is very close to Europe
come to Turkey to pay 422 euro for most, if
not all do from time to time may make more sense.
Anyway, there are experts who are the only
ones in the field, their reviews may be even
more critical, but I think it can have two
short and long term effects.
but because it is cheap and attracts investment
but also can convert Turkey into the cheap labor market.
It can transform into a Chinese shape in the backyard of Europe. This, of course, is good for Europe.
It turns this place into a cheap production
paradise for its own profit and gains itself again.
So in this first article, I’m going to tie
this to this.
Europe, the euro and the dollar in Turkey
do its utmost to bring up whether to be more
valuable, so he could reach the cheap production
These are of course an analysis, a guess,
saying the second item in the dollar with
your permission, and if you want to come to
this article, let’s talk about the technical
analysis of the dollar in the simplest form
without confusing friends.
We may be seeing a cup handle on the dollar
right now.
Even if you say formation, it is the pattern
that is seen in graphs of all kinds of currencies, friends. Mold movements.
Now, we have reached the bottom of the downtrend
which started as august 30 August 2018 a year
ago with 5.13 as of 31 January 2019.
Now, as I said, the movements are similar
to the cup-handle formation.
If this continues, we can come to our first
point of resistance, around 6.20, in which
we rise and touch and return, in the short
or medium term.
It’s a little tied to the general market,
we’ll talk to it, but it doesn’t go 100% according
to technical analysis, if it were gone, everyone
would be rich, we’re trying to put a point
of view here, but in the long run, technical
analysis tells us that if the inner depth
of the dish is up In the long run, maybe we
can see 7.27.
Don’t call it dear, for example, as I said
in my previous dollar video.
Sometimes because in order to look at the
overall picture, you have to look at the monthly
and yearly, not the daily, weekly train, for
example, the monthly chart you see on the
I’m not saying anything big, you know?
I say that the dollar can come up to the red
line on the top, it can make a similar movement
in the long term but of course it is not only
done according to technical analysis.
If you say that the other side of the coin,
let’s talk about it, do you know where the
dollar might fall from here again?
Already there, more than 12 days ago, the
dollar had dropped to 5.44 ‘s bottom point.
Now, 5.66 level is our first support, first
stop level.
If we break it, the 5.62 level is again a
Then the levels of 5.59, 5.55 and 55.50 can
serve as support for us, but none of them
are very, very extreme support.
As you can see, we have a dollar that can
increase by 30 cents in two weeks.
Let’s say we are already used to it for a
few years because of Bitcoin, but in traditional
markets, the best thing for the health of
countries is the stability of the dollar,
saying that in the third clause, let’s continue
to raise or lower the dollar.
This item e already very hot bi agenda.
You know we’re out of the holiday, markets
closed during the feast and the central bank
had no chance to intervene in the exchange
rate as I follow.
This may have made the market open to foreign
interventions and led to an increase in quantity.
For example, let’s talk about an event that
takes the dollar from the 5.60 level up to
5.74 in the fourth article.
But what I’m going to tell you in the future
is nothing like a long-term fuel.
Friends, the central bank to encourage banks
to give more credit to the banks to invest
in the mandatory collateral has decided to
This, of course, on the one hand, created
a wave of rise on the one hand, which I have
already read, as I researched, is an event
that will benefit public banks.
The fifth article also covers the trade wars
between China and America.
US President Trump imposed an additional 10
percent customs duty on Chinese goods.
Hearing this, China also devalued its official
currency, the Yuan, as a counter-attack.
So he said you made it difficult for me to
sell products to the United States by imposing
additional customs duties on my goods.
I’m reducing the value of my products in dollars.
In fact, there is a reverse event.
Trump imposes additional customs duties on
its own companies, as companies buying products
from China will now have to pay 10% more.
While China is devaluating the yuan, it is
easing the hand of its buyers in America.
The bride says we still have the prices you
Anyway, as these trade wars get more heated,
money does not usually stop in developing
countries, but passes into the world’s reference
currency, such as the dollar.
The investor does not want to take unnecessary
risks in an uncertain environment, friends.
As a result, if there is no investment advice,
but generally worries about not being able
to grow all over the world, in the short term,
the dollar may remain between these levels
for a while unless there is an event that
will bounce the dollar upward in the short term.
In the short term, events such as the loan
decision of the central bank that we just
talked about, the S400 issue, and the UK’s
exit from the European Union have reached
a certain maturity and do not give the old
excitement to raise the dollar unless there
are critical new developments.
Because the investor’s reaction there is less
of a subject.
They’re probably getting used to it.
Other than that, it may be short term, the
holiday season is over, the holidaymakers
brought abroad from the hot dollar draws some
water then we can see a rise again.
In the long run, I agree with what I said
in the previous video in the monthly and yearly periods.
In the long run, the dollar may continue to
That’s exactly what we mentioned in the technical
analysis section.
We can see an upward trend on the dollar.
Moreover, the rise of this dollar can even
be done consciously.
Like the devaluation of China we just talked
Now, why do you devalue as a country?
Until that day, you have imported from abroad
as a country, but the export is out of sales
is weak.
It makes it difficult
to buy products from abroad for a while, making
sales easier and thus increasing the amount
of dollars in the country.
These are always options on the table.
So the US economy is already recovering from
what we have read, researched, analyzed.
So why would they want to stop the rise of
the dollar all over the world.
When the American economy shows a down, then the spread of cheap dollars, called monetary
expansion, may come up.
Perhaps one of the most beautiful indicators
of whether the dollar could fall or rise is
the state of the American economy, let’s now
come to the bonus information of this video.
Guys, do you know that there are paper coins
or you know that paper coins that are used
in daily life are not made of paper contrary
to popular belief?
It is made from a special substance created
with a mixture of cotton and linen.
Probably because they look very similar to
paper forms, we call these coins paper money.
If you would like to thank me for this section,
if you would like to participate in the Crypto
Dictionary gift box draw, don’t forget to
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See you.

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